AE Mysteries Picture Perfect Walkthrough

AE Mysteries Picture Perfect Walkthrough Solution – Chapter 1 to 8

Our AE Mysteries Picture Perfect Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play AE Mysteries Picture Perfect. Let us look at the AE Mysteries Picture Perfect Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.


Chapter 1

  • Cut the roses (scissors) and get the plastic groom and also the Photograph. Talk to Grandma to get  2 clues (they met in 2015 > aisle 7 > tomato soup). Finally talk to the woman (2 layers of mocha fudge + 2 layers of classic vanilla)
  • Downstairs > terrace > talk to chef Julio, take the 2 photos and also examine the table
  • Find the ring box under the pillow, but you need a key, also notice the notebook on the couch
  • Gift Bag Puzzle to get a bottle opener:
  • Give the black marker and also the wooden heart to Grandma to get the signed wooden heart, so you can palce it with the others
  • Locked ring box: Key in the keyhole, left hearts puzzle (5476) and aso select the buttons (right) where you see black framed photos (photo board) = 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th & 12th
  • Next room: take 3 photos, find a clue to open the camera case at the YouCrew bag (353) and unlock it with the code 353
  • Notebook: Years since = 5, tiers on cake = 4, aisle at grocery = 7, ice cream scoops = 6
  • Take the black marker, wooden heart, Florist’s scissors (drawer), examine the sign and also talk to the woman (cake)
  • Upstairs: Place the 6 photos with the rest and solve the Photo Board Puzzle
  • Use the can opener on the elevator control panel, press the red button and also talk to Chelsea

Chapter 2

  • 1 alcohol + 5 sweetness + 0 fizzines + 4 fruitiness
    • 1st number = 1
    • 1st: south, west, north
    • 2 alcohol + 0 sweetness + 3 fizzines + 4 fruitiness
    • 2 alcohol + 0 sweetness + 4 fizzines + 4 fruitiness
    • 2nd number = -2
    • 2nd: north, south west, east
    • 3rd number = +1
    • 3rd: north, north east, east
    • 4rth number = -1
    • 4th: east, north east, north
  • Ask the 5 guests for directions and get some tips (notebook)
  • Drink Mixing Puzzle: there are 3 recipes
  • Gardens: go right and take a path with roses > then left > left again > go straight > go left > go right >Tap the footprints, grab the wallet and also the iron bar, then push the bench aside
  • Get from the body:  cracked phone, scratched arm, lipstick (cheek),  and the thread (hand)
  • Give basket + 4 flowers to flower girl and also add the 3 bottles to the rest
  • Give the drinks (2) to the 2 people facing you
  • Helicopter’s frecuency: 125.5
  • Load the body onto the scretcher
  • Open the bag, the the body bag and also the radio, then put the body in the body bag
  • Open the gate: complete the sequences with the arrows
  • Remove the loose brick with the iron bar (clue inside) > then tap on the signs (left) and take the appetizer and also the cigarette butt
  • Take the 4 closest rocks, the stick, and use the stick to get the 5th rock > throw the 5 rocks at the sign
  • Talk to the flower girl > find the 4 flowers, and open the right barrel to get mixer bottle + step stool > take the cork (middle barrel) and get the cork with key > notice the phone (chair) and the chalkboard
  • Tap on the control panel and for each color dot press the button in the direction of the 4th arrow
  • Trail: alternate beween tree and flower and complete it in 21 moves
  • Unlock the left barrel with the cork key (2 mixer bottler) and the step stool to get the basket
  • WiFi Password: L1O5V2E3, enter it to access Dante’s YouCrew page

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Now that you have the AE Mysteries Picture Perfect Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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