Age of Empires IV: Rus Multiplayer 1v1 Beginner’s Guide for Land Maps

Age of Empires IV: Rus Multiplayer 1v1 Beginner's Guide for Land Maps

A beginner’s guide for playing the Rus civilization in Multiplayer 1v1. This guide focuses on land maps only.


Rus is a strong and interesting civilization in Age of Empires 4.

Economically, hunting bounties and the ability to produce scouts from Hunting Cabins give Rus a strong start.

In terms of military units, Rus is strong throughout all the Ages:

– Age 2: Knight is a strong unit and can harass as well as defend well.

– Age 3: Knight + Horse Archer + Warrior Monk is a strong and mobile composition and allow you to decide when and where to take a fight.

– Age 4: Streltsy + Springald are very good at pitched battles, and with Horse Archer + Warrior Monk support is a very strong composition.

Thus you have a good chance to win the game at any Age 2 to 4.

The following sections will give more details throughout the Ages.

Age 1 (Dark Age)

– When the game starts, build more villagers from Town Center, put 4 villagers to sheep, 1 to build House then Lumber Camp, 1 to build Hunting Cabin, and use the scout to bring nearby sheep to the Town Center.

– Build 2 more scouts (for a total of 3) from the Hunting Cabin, and use the 3 scouts to scout, hunt deer to get gold/bounty, and bring more sheep back to Town Center.

– Build villagers non-stop and assign them mostly to food, and a few to wood.

– As soon as you have enough resources, build the Kremlin landmark to upgrade to Age 2. Position the Kremlin to protect as much resource patches (gold/stone/wood) as possible.

– Start mining gold so that you have enough gold to research Professional Scouts technology in the Hunting Cabin as soon as you reach Age 2.

Age 2 (Feudal Age)

– Research Professional Scouts technology in the Hunting Cabin and use your 3 scouts to bring hunted deer back to Town Center. Build 1 more scout for scouting.

– Build 2 stables and make Knights. Use them to harass and/or counter enemy’s forward bases or harassment forces.

– Start mining stone to build more Town Centers.

– Do economic and military upgrade. Some important economic upgrades are Wheelbarrow and Survival Techniques from the Hunting Cabin.

– Build the Abbey of the Trinity to upgrade to Age 3.

Age 3 (Castle Age)

– Build 3 – 4 archery ranges and start massing Horse Archers

– A good army composition is Knight + Horse Archer + Warrior Monk. This is strong and mobile, so it allows you to decide when and where to take a fight. Also build some Trebuchets for siege if needed.

– Continue expanding the economy. Also collect relics and build traders.

– Build Keeps at strategic locations and build Wooden Fortresses at the frontier.

– Build the High Armory to upgrade to Age 4.

Age 4 (Imperial Age)

– Max population with about 80 villagers and 120 army.

– A good army composition is Streltsy + Springald + Horse Archer. Also build some Bombards for siege and some Warrior Monks for healing/buff.

Tips & Tricks

– Build Hunting Cabins close to some trees to generate gold. You can chop the trees after the Hunting Cabin has been built. Also don’t build the Hunting Cabins too close to one another or they won’t generate gold.

– Build siege workshops close to the High Armory to get the discount on making siege engines.

– Warrior Monks with Relic are very good at mass conversion. Personally I don’t like to use this trick as I think it’s quite cheesy but if you play vs another Rus, look out for this.



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