Best Rhyperior Moveset In Pokemon Go

best Rhyperior Moveset in Pokemon Go

Hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon Go. In this article, we are going to have a look at the best Rhyperior Moveset in Pokemon Go. We will also cover basic stats such as type, weakness, resistance, CP, and more. Let us begin!!

What Are The Best Moveset In Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a big world within. There are many different pokemon here. Now you need to take part in battles to acquire new pokemon. Also, in the game you are regularly challenged by the members of Team Go Rocket for duels.

Sometimes, you need to take on different raid battles to acquire rare Pokemon. To build your supremacy in the game, you might have to even challenge guard and guard gyms.

Above things are not possible if you do not know the skill sets and best movesets of your pokemon. This is the reason why we are providing you the best movesets for Rhyperior.

These movesets will surely help to perform better in the Pokemon battles. We have taken into consideration aspects such as average stats for damage and success to prepare this list of moves.

Best Rhyperior Moveset

Below is the list of best movesets of Rhyperior in Pokemon Go.

  1. #1 Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
  2. #1 Charge Attack: Rock Wrecker

Best Attacks Of Rhyperior

Below are the best attacks depending on DPS (damage per second).

  1. #1
    1. DPS: 16.82
    2. Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
    3. Charge Attack: Rock Wrecker
  2. #2
    1. DPS: 16.48
    2. Fast Attack: Smack Down
    3. Charge Attack: Rock Wrecker
  3. #3
    1. DPS: 15.89
    2. Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
    3. Charge Attack: Earthquake
  4. #4
    1. DPS: 15.73
    2. Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
    3. Charge Attack: Stone Edge
  5. #5
    1. DPS: 15.69
    2. Fast Attack: Smack Down
    3. Charge Attack: Earthquake
  6. #6
    1. DPS: 14.95
    2. Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
    3. Charge Attack: Surf
  7. #7
    1. DPS: 14.90
    2. Fast Attack: Smack Down
    3. Charge Attack: Surf
  8. #8
    1. DPS: 14.79
    2. Fast Attack: Smack Down
    3. Charge Attack: Stone Edge
  9. #9
    1. DPS: 14.79
    2. Fast Attack: Mud-Slap
    3. Charge Attack: Skull Bash
  10. #10
    1. DPS: 14.55
    2. Fast Attack: Smack Down
    3. Charge Attack: Skull Bash

Types of Attacks

Every Pokémon has a specific skill set and attacks in Pokémon Go. Knowing about these attack types becomes necessary to perform well in the battles. So let us have a look at these attacks.

  1. Water-type Attacks
    1. Rhyperior ‘s Moves
      • Surf
    2. Super Effective Against: Fire, Ground, Rock
    3. Not Very Effective Against: Dragon, Grass, Water
  2. Rock-type Attacks
    1. Rhyperior ‘s Moves
      • Rock Wrecker
      • Smack Down
      • Stone Edge
    2. Super Effective Against: Bug, Flying, Fire, Ice
    3. Not Very Effective Against: Fighting, Ground, Steel
  3. Ground-type Attacks
    1. Rhyperior ‘s Moves
      • Mud-Slap
      • Earthquake
    2. Super Effective Against: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
    3. Not Very Effective Against: Bug, Flying, Grass
  5. Normal-type Attacks
    1. Rhyperior ‘s Moves
      • Skull Bash
    2. Super Effective Against: None
    3. Not Very Effective Against: Ghost, Rock, Steel

Basic Stats

Info of basic stats helps you to choose the best fitted pokemon for the battle. So do have a look at the basic stats for Rhyperior.

  1. Type(s): Ground, Rock
  2. Heavy Weakness(es): Grass, Water
  3. Weakness(es): Fighting, Ground, Ice, Steel
  4. Resistance(s): Fire, Flying, Normal, Rock
  5. Strong Resistance(s): Electric, Poison
  6. Boosted By: Sunny and Partly Cloudy Weather
  7. Max CP: 4221
  8. Attack | Defense | Stamina: 241 | 190 | 251


Now that you have the best movesets for your pokemon, use them to win all the duels and battles. If you need movesets for any other pokemon in Pokemon Go, do let us know in the comment section.


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