CK2 Console Commands And Cheats | Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands

CK2 Console Commands And Cheats are an easy and free way to gain edge in Crusader Kings 2. To help you with these cheats and console commands, we are giving the complete list of working cheats and console commands for Crusader Kings 2. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

CK2 Console Commands And Cheats

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats & console Commands.

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.

How To Enable CK2 Console Commands And Cheats

  • Enter the game.
  • Press the “`” (to the left of key 1) key on your keyboard. This will open the console.
  • Copy the cheat code from our list and paste it.
  • Do not use the ironman to use the cheats.

How To Open Console?

Just hit the “`” (to the left of key 1) key while playing to open or enable the console, then use any of the cheats & console commands we are going to provide you

But if you want to use cheats make sure you are not playing in Ironman

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Character

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Character Console Commands & Cheats:

  • validate_lieges [character id]: Validates lieges of a character
  • validate_laws [character id]: Validates laws of a character
  • validate_government [character id]: Validates government of a character
  • usurp [title id] [character id]: Sets a title to be usurped by a character
  • titleowner [title id]: Reports or sets the holder of a title
  • techpoints: Adds 1000 techpoints of each type to the player
  • society_rank_up [amount]: Ranks player up in society
  • society_rank_down [amount]: Ranks player down in society
  • society_currency [amount]: Adds society currency to the player
  • show_all_societies: Shows all societies
  • set_society_grandmaster [character id]: Sets the grandmaster of the society
  • set_government [Government id] [character id]: Changes government
  • set_char_flag [flag id] [character id]: Sets a flag from a character
  • secret_religion [character id] [secret_religion id]: Sets a character’s secret religion
  • score [amount]: Adds score to the player
  • run [filename]: Executes script commands from a text file
  • remove_trait [traitt id]: Removes an artifact to the character
  • remove_modifier [modifier id]: removes a modifier to the character
  • religion [character id] [religion id]: Sets a character’s religion
  • recalc_succ [character id]: Recalculate the succession for a character
  • quickbuild: constructions are finished immediately
  • prestige [amount]: Adds prestige to the player
  • piety [amount]: Adds piety to the player
  • nickname [nickname] [character id]: Gives a character a nickname
  • neg_opinion [character id] [character id]: Adds a negative opinion between two characters
  • move [character id] [character id]: Moves a character to a character’s court
  • max_tech [province id]: Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in specified province
  • log_missing_adjectives: Logs any title that has no adjective loc key defined
  • liege_enforce_peace: Enforces peace in the player’s liege realm
  • leave_society [society id]: Leave a society
  • kill_yourself: Suicide
  • kill [character id]: Kills a character
  • join_society [society id]: Join a society
  • infamy: Modifies the player character’s threat
  • imprison [character id] [character id]: Imprisons a character by another character
  • give_title [title id] [character id]: Gives a title to a character
  • give_birth [character id]: Forces a pregnant character to instantly give birt
  • gfx_culture [Character ID]: Sets a character’s gfx culture
  • get_all_artifacts: Adds all artifacts to the character
  • favor_grant [character id]: Grants a favor from character id
  • favor_get [character id]: Get a favor from character id
  • event [event id]: Executes an event
  • enforce_peace: Enforces peace in the player’s realm
  • enable_ambition: Allows a character to pick a new ambition
  • die: Suicide
  • destroy_artifact [artifact id]: Removes an artifact from the character
  • decision [decision id]: Executes a decision
  • decadence: Modifies the Decadence of the player’s Dynasty
  • culture [culture id]: Sets a character’s culture
  • council_positions [character id or title id]: Shows the ai scores of each council position
  • coalition [character id] [character id]: [character id1] starts/joins/leaves a coalition against [character id2]
  • clr_moved_capital [character id]: Clears the moved capital-flag of a character
  • clr_focus: Clears the focus
  • clr_char_flag [flag id] [character id]: Clears a flag from a character
  • cash [amount]: Adds gold to the player
  • capital [province id]: Moves player capital to province
  • banish [character id]: Banishes a character
  • age [character id]: Modifies a character’s age
  • add_trait [trait id]: Adds a trait to the character
  • add_stewardship: Adds stewardship to the character
  • add_offmap_currency [Offmap Power] [amount]: Gives the player currency with the specified offmap power
  • add_modifier [modifier id]: Adds a modifier to the character
  • add_martial: Adds Martialy to the character
  • add_learning: Adds learning to the character
  • add_intrigue: Adds intrigue to the character
  • add_diplomacy: Adds diplomacy to the character
  • add_artifact [artifact id]: Adds an artifact to the character

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Global

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Global Console Commands & Cheats:

  • validate_cultural_names: Validates cultural title names
  • succ [Succession id]: Changes the succession type
  • spawn_disease [disease id] [province id]: Spawn specified disease in chosen province
  • set_offmap_status [Offmap Power] [status]: sets the status of the specified offmap power
  • set_offmap_policy [Offmap Power] [policy]: Sets the policy of the specified offmap power
  • set_flag [flag id]: Sets a global flag
  • revolt [province id]: Starts a Revolt in a province
  • remove_rival [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = rival 1 & id2 = rival 2
  • remove_friend [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = lover 1 & id2 = lover 2
  • reload_succession_voting: Reloads succession voting patterns
  • recalc_council: recalc the council positions of each council member
  • real_fathers: Shows the true fathers in the family tree
  • province_religion [Province ID] [Religion]: Sets a province’s religion
  • population [amount]: Adds nomadic population to a nomad player character
  • pollinate [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = mother & id2 = father
  • plots_known: all plots always known
  • outbreak [disease id]: Starts specified disease outbreak in a random province
  • nextsong: Changes sountrack
  • neg_diplo: diplomatic messagest will be refused
  • murder [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = murderer & id2 = victim
  • morehumans [amount]: Adds more humans
  • marry_anyone: You can
  • manpower [amount]: Adds nomadic manpower to a nomad player character
  • listsongs: Check the list of songs
  • kill_offmap_ruler [Offmap Power]: Kills the ruler specified offmap power
  • kill_offmap_dynasty [Offmap Power]: Kills the ruler specified offmap power, also changes dynasty
  • get_offmap_holder [Offmap Power]: Displays the name and character id of the current holder of an offmap power
  • game_speed [Speed]: Sets the game speed, from 0 to 4
  • game_paused [True or False]: Pauses game or not
  • fow [province id]: Turns off fog of war
  • flip_mapmodes: Cycles to the next map mode each day
  • dynasty_stats: Displays dynasty’s stats
  • discover_plots: auto plot discovery
  • destroy_settlement [title id]: Destroys a holding. Takes a barony title (b_<name>) or destroys the capital of a county title (c_<name>)
  • de_jure_counties: de jure counties map mode
  • cuckoo [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = mother & id2 = father (unknown)
  • clr_flag [flag id]: Clears a global flag
  • charinfo [character id]: debugging information to character & Reveals your spouse’s lovers
  • character_stats: Displays character’s stats
  • allow_laws: change laws freely
  • add_rival [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = rival 1 & id2 = rival 2
  • add_lover [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = lover 1 & id2 = lover 2
  • add_friend [character id1] [character id2]: id1 = friend 1 & id2 = friend 2
  • activate_artifacts: All artifacts are always active

CK2 Console Commands & Cheats – Debug

These are all the available CK2 or Crusader Kings 2 Debug Console Commands & Cheats:

  • timer_stop: Stops debug timing
  • timer_start: Starts debug timing
  • timer_restart: Restarts debug timing
  • timer_reset: Resets debug timing
  • timer_dump: Dumps debug timing info
  • testevent [event id]: Tests an event
  • spawnactor [actor name]
  • save_without_ironman
  • run_commands_from_file [file name]: Reads a file
  • reloadtexture
  • reloadpositions
  • reloadloc
  • reloadinterface
  • reloadgovernmentflavor
  • reloadfx: Reloads the shader
  • reloadevents: event database
  • reload: Reloads the gui or lua file
  • refresh_portraits:  all character portraits to be refreshed
  • observe: observer mode or, and also off
  • numcoas: used coat of arms
  • noai: AI or, and also off
  • help [command]: Print out all console commands or a specific command description
  • hello: character screen or title screen or, and also off
  • guibounds: GUI bounds or, and also off
  • fullscreen: fullscreen or, and also off
  • eventinfo: Prints the number of running events
  • debug_zoom: Zoom or, and also off
  • debug_yesmen: yesmen or, and also off
  • debug_wireframe: forced wireframe or, and also off
  • debug_water: Water or, and also off
  • debug_volume: music volume
  • debug_triggerassert: Force game to throw an assert
  • debug_trees: Trees or, and also off
  • debug_tooltip: Toggles Tooltips or, and also off
  • debug_ti: Terra Incognita or, and also off
  • debug_textures: Texture info to application debug log
  • debug_terrain: Terrain or, and also off
  • debug_smooth: framesmoothing or, and also off
  • debug_sky: Sky or, and also off
  • debug_rivers: Rivers or, and also off
  • debug_postfx: PostFX or, and also off
  • debug_nomouse: mouse scrollwheel or, and also off
  • debug_nomen: Nomen or, and also off
  • debug_nogui: GUI or, and also off
  • debug_name: names for provinces
  • debug_lockcamera: Camera locked or, and also off
  • debug_lines: Debug lines
  • debug_info: Debug info
  • debug_hires: Terrain Hires mode or, and also off
  • debug_events: Start Counting events
  • debug_dumpevents: Dump Event data
  • debug_crash: Forces crash
  • debug_citysprawl: Citysprawl or, and also off
  • debug_borders: Borders or, and also off
  • debug_bloom: Bloom or, and also off
  • debug_assert: asserts or, and also off
  • debug_aistrength: AI Strength data
  • debug_ai [character id]: displays AI strategy for a character
  • ct: Puts timer info in clipboard
  • clear: Clears the console


So, now that you have CK2 Console Commands And Cheats and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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