Conan Exiles Brimstone Map

Conan Exiles Brimstone Map

Our Conan Exiles Brimstone Map is useful for all the gamers who want to play Conan Exiles. Let us look at the Conan Exiles Brimstone Map so that you can locates the best places and spots to farm brimstone. Brimstone is as an ingredient to make hardened steel bar, steel bar and steelfire.

Conan Exiles Brimstone Map

Full Map

Conan Exiles Brimstone Map

Map Locations

Below are some of the best mining locations

  • Gallaman’s Tomb – Mineral node
  • Sinner’s Refuge – Mineral node
  • Executioners Entrance – Mineral node
  • Buccaneer Bay – Underwater
  • Shattered Springs – Mineral node
  • Scattered around the desert – small quantities
  • Rocknose
  • Skeleton (Serpentman)

Conan Exiles Brimstone Map – Uses

Brimstone has many uses. One special use is that you can harden iron into steel using Brimstone.

1st > x2 Tar + x1 Brimstone =  x1 Steelfire

2nd > x5 Iron Bar + x1 Steelfire =  x1 Steel Bar

3rd > x1 Steel Bar + x1 Black Ice = x1 Hardened Steel Bar

You will need Brimstone to make hardened steel.


Now that you have the map, use it to Find Brimstone. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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