Conan Exiles Coal Map

Conan Exiles Coal Map

Our Conan Exiles Coal Map is useful for all the gamers who want to play Conan Exiles. Let us look at the Conan Exiles Coal Map so that you can make Hardened steel, tar and steelfire.

Conan Exiles Coal Map

Full Map

Use this map to find the best Coal mining locations.

Map Locations

Coal is no that difficult to find in the game. You can find coal at the sames locations where you found iron. Look for black rocks if you only need coal.

Conan Exiles Coal Map – Uses

There are many uses of coal in the game. The most important one is that you can make tar using coal.

x25 Coal = x1 Tar

This tar is further used to make hardened steel.

1st > x2 Tar + x1 Brimstone =  x1 Steelfire

2nd > x5 Iron Bar + x1 Steelfire =  x1 Steel Bar

3rd > x1 Steel Bar + x1 Black Ice = x1 Hardened Steel Bar


Now that you have the map, use it to different game items. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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