Crosscode Bonus Codes | Full List

Crosscode Bonus Codes

Our Crosscode Bonus Codes is useful for all the gamers who want to play Crosscode. Let us look at the codes so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.

We regularly update all latest game codes. You can check them out in our PC and Mobile Game codes section.

Crosscode Bonus Codes

Enter these codes without ” “:

WoN-Boots this bonus code Gives the Sparkly Boots (*) item
Best-VA this bonus code Toggles “High-Quality” Voice acting
Holiday-Man this bonus code unlocks the Holiday Man and also the Quest Gifting for Fun!
Caramelldansen this bonus code Activates an idle animation based on this meme
Speedlines this bonus code Enables in-game speedlines
Regular-Trees” this bonus code Makes some trees more regular

What Items You Get From these Codes?

  • Sparkly Boots
  • Holiday Man and the Quest Gifting for Fun give you the below two codes.
Holiday Boots Makes Lea emit snowflake sparkles and holiday bell sound effects when she runs/jumps. (Complete Quest Gifting for Fun!, obtain all 4 elements and the Holiday Man will give this gift to you)
Holiday Hat Gives Lea a Santa Hat in the overworld and main menu. (Complete Quest Gifting for Fun! and the Holiday Man will give this gift to you)

How to Use Bonus Codes?

Enter the game and on the main menu screen enter the bonus codes.


Now that you have the Bonus Codes, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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