Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough

Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough

Our Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Daily Lives Of My Countryside. Let us look at the Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, and events in the game.

Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough – Raising Affection

Daisy affection

  • Eat Lunch at 12h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Help Daisy in the field at 15h or 16h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Choose Steak at the Kitchen at 17h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Eat Dinner at 18h > +1 Daisy affection
  • Wash the Dishes (Kitchen) 19h > +1 Daisy affection

Ana affection

  • Eat Lunch at 12h > +1 Ana affection
  • Talk with her at school bathroom at 6h > +2 Ana affection
  • Help her with the cows at 16h or 17h > +2 Ana affection
  • Watch her in the changing room  at 15h > +2 Ana affection
  • Eat Dinner at 18h > +1 Ana affection
  • Go class at 7h > +2 Mrs Emmi affection
  • Choose focus twice (Class) > +2 Mrs Emmi affection
  • If you chat with Theo you will lose (-1) affection

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Scenes

Daisy Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Barn: Approach her when she is there (but if Ana is there you will only see the scene once
  • Apron: Get the laundry quest (Friday 6h to 10h in the barn) > Pick up the clothes on Daisy’s bed > Place them in the laundry (if you talk to her just after -Kitchen 11h- you can increase affection) > Drop spoon during lunch
  • Massage: (Requires +20 affection & x1 chat in her bedroom) Visit her at 21h > Massage (+2 affection)
  • Sleeping: (Requires +20 affection) Her bed at 22h > Interact
  • Sleep together: (Requires x1 Massage) > Sleep with Her at 21h > If you x1 sleep with her and affection at least 30 you can Play (+3 affection)
  • Shower: 1st scene > Peep when she is there > Play with her (bed) to enter. 2nd & 3rd scene > Talk with Theo (vending machine) at 13h and enter the shower (when she is there). 4th scene: Just take a shower (when she is there) after the 3rd scene
  • Full (light) scene: Requires Daisy Stage 4 (check cellphone) > Her bedroom at 22h > Interact (A** > Adjust & Cat > Hold) > Fill up the white bar & enjoy

Ana Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Cows: Just interact with her when she is there
  • Shower: Peep (19h)
  • Sleeping: Visit her at 22h > Interact (Requires +20 affection, but better with +30 affection, and even better if you have unlocked the Cows event, the 1st one)
  • Changing room: Changing room at 15h > Keep Watching x2 (+3 affection)
  • Hide and seek: Requires Ana Stage 4 (check cellphone) > Barn Weekends 16h & 17h you can start the milking quest, complete the quest > Now you can talk to Ana and choose Let’s Play & hide and seek > Win the minigame rock, paper scissors (but save before, it’s random) > she will be on the left of the barn, interact > go inside & talk to her > go outside, interact & choose “Or…

Mrs Emmi Walkthrough Scenes & Events

  • Focus: During the class choose focus > then choose Nah
  • Look out to the window: Choose the Poke option
  • Helping hand: (Requires Mrs Betty scene, see below) don’t do your homework & go to class on friday > get out after class & interact with Mrs Emmy

Daily Lives of my Countryside Walkthrough – Side Characters

  • Mrs Betty: Pool at 13h > Interact with the left bush
  • Kate: Pool at 17h > Talk with Nina to join the swimming club (I love swimming) > Go to the bush on the right at 13h-14h, peep, and keep watching > Hide behind tree when you hear foodsteps > Repeat it (peep + keep watching + hide behind the tree to unlock the scene
  • Pink hair girl: After 1st day of school talk with the pink hair girl (front yard) > keep talking with her (next days) until you unlock the scene)
  • Mabel:
    1. Fail test on Friday (don’t do homework) twice
    2. Talk with Teo to get the quest “steal the test answers”
    3. School thursday 20h > ladder (left) > help her and go home
    4. Next thursday > School 20h > ladder (left) > enter and go to the 2nd floor > Go down as much as you can and go to the right > you will reach Mrs Emmi office where mabel is stealing the answers > Hide (right) > when she leaves, steal the answers
    5. Friday > Class > talk to Teo
    6. Repeat the 4th step and teach her a lesson
  • Christmas:
  • 24th day > talk to Daisy downstairs
  • Take the Axe (Barn)
  • South of Daisy’s farm > Cut the pine tree > place it in your bedroom
  • Talk to Daisy & Ana during the day > Eat dinner with them
  • Go to sleep> Tell her she is Santa
  • Repeat all the steps next Christmas


Now that you have the Daily Lives Of My Countryside Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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