DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide

DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide

Our DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play DayZ. Let us look at the DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide so that you can craft different items in the game.


DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide – How to Craft?

Have the ingredients in your inventory, open the inventory and drag one of them over the others

DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide – Crafting Resources

Burlap Strips Burlap Sack + Knife
Improvised Rope 1 x6 Rags + x6 Rags
Improvised Rope 2 Pile of Guts + Knife
Small Stone Stone + Pickaxe
Tanned Leather Deer Pelt + Garden Lime

DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide – Clothing & Backpacks

Gorka E Helmet w/ Visor Gorka E Helmet + Gorka Visor
Smerch Vest w/ Backpack Smersh Vest + Smersh Backpack
Plate Carrier w/ Pouches Plate Carrier + Pouches
Plate Carrier w/ Pouches and Gun Holster Plate Carriet w/ Pouches + Gun Holster
Improvised Courier Bag Burlap Bag + Rope
Leather Courier Bag Wild Boar Pelt + Rope
Improvised Backpack Improvised Courier Bag + Sticks
Improvised Leather Backpack Leather Courier Bag + Sticks
Leather Sack Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Ghillie Hood x2 Burlap Stips + x1 Netting
Ghillie Bushrag x4 Burlap Strips + x2 Netting
Leather Hat Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Ghillie Suit x10 Burlap Strips + x4 Netting
Ghillie Top x6 Burlap Stips + x3 Netting
Leather Jacket x5 Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Ghillie Gun Wrap x2 Burlap Stips x1 Netting
Colored Armband Raincoat + Knife
Leather Storage Vest x2 Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Leather Pants x3Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Armband Rags + Knife
Leather Moccasins x4 Tanned Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Green Zsh3 Helmet Zsh3 Helmet + Green Paint
Black Zsh4 Helmet Zsh3 Helmet + Black Paint

DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide – Weapons & Ammo

Mosin Green Green Paint + Mosin
Mosin Black Black Paint + Mosin
Camo Mosin Black Mosin + Green Paint Or also Green Mosin + Black Paint
Green 75rnd Mag 75rnd Mag + Green Paint
Black Wooden AK Buttstock AK Buttstock + Black Paint
Camo AK Buttstock Black AK Buttstock + Green Paint
Green Fireaxe Fireaxe + Green Paint
Black Fireaxe Fireaxe + Black Paint
IZH-18 Sawed-Off IZH-18 + Hacksaw
IZH-43 Sawed-Off IZH-43 + Hacksaw
Mosin 9130 Sawed-Off Mosin 9130 + Hacksaw
Spiked Baseball Bat Baseball Bat + x13Nails
Improvised Suppressor PET Bottle + Ductape
Improvised Bow Long Stick + Rope
Shapenend Stick Stick + Knife
Wood Arrow Stick + Knife
Bone Arrow Wood Arrow + Bone

Medical Recipes

Splint Rag + Stick or Ductape + Stick, or also Bandage + Stick
Saline Bag Saline Bag + IV Start Kit
Bloodbag Bloodbag + IV Start Kit

Survival items Recipes

Water Container (Leather Water Pouch) Leather + Leather Sewing Kit
Fireplace Stick + Rag or Stick + Bandage, or Stick + Paper, or Stick + Book, or Stick + Oak Bark, or also Stick + Birch Bark
Barrel With Holes Barrel + Knife
Gas Stove Gas Canister + Portable Stove
Gas Lamp Gas Canister + Portable Lamp
Hand Drill Kit Oak Bark + Stick
Stone Knife Stone + Stony Ground
Torch Stick + Rag, or Stick + Bandage, or Stick + Animal Lard, or Sharpened Stick + Rag, or Sharpened Stick + Bandage, or also Sharpened Stick + Animal Lard
Small Fish Trap PET Bottle + Knife
Fish Trap Netting + Wire
Rabbit Snare Stick + Wire
Tripwire Stick + Wire
Improvised Fishing Rod Rope + Long Wood Stick
Bone Fishing Hook Bones + Knife
Fertilizer (Garden Lime) 10% Guts + 10%Plant Materia
Tanned Leather Stick + Knife
Shapenend Stick Deer Pelt + 10% – 30%


Now that you have the DayZ Crafting Recipes Guide, use it to get different items in the game. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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