Discord Keybinds Keyboard Shortcuts

Discord Keybinds Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you looking for Discord Keybinds Keyboard Shortcuts? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Discord Keybinds Keyboard Shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you will easily do navigation, joining and creating servers. Also you will get shortcuts for messaging, voice, popout and more.


Discord Keybinds – Messages

Below is the list of Messages keybinds and Keyboard shortcuts.

Edit Message E
Delete Message Backspace
Pin Message P
Add reaction +
Reply R
Copy Text CTRL + C
Mark Unread Alt + Enter
Focus text area Escape
Edit last message Up Arrow

Discord Keybinds – Navigation

Below is the list of Navigation keybinds And Keyboard shortcuts. By using these keybinds you can easily navigate between channels and servers.

Navigate between servers Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down
Navigate betwen channels in a server Alt + Up/Down
Toggle between DMs and last server Ctrl + Alt + Right
Navigate between unread channels Alt + Shift + Up/Down
Navigate between unread channels with mentionsmentions Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up/Down
Toggle quickswitcher Ctrl + K
Navigate forward and backward in page history Alt + left/right
Create or join a server Ctrl + Shift + N

Discord Keybinds – Voice and Video

Below is the list of Voice & Video keybinds & Keyboard shortcuts.

  • Toggle mute: Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Toggle Deafen: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Answer incoming call: Ctrl + Enter
  • Decline incoming call: Esc
  • Start call in DMs or DM group: Ctrl + ‘

Discord Keybinds – Chat

Below is the list of Chat keybinds & Keyboard shortcuts.

Mark server as read Shift + Esc
Mark channel as read Esc
Create private DM group Ctrl + Shift + T
Toggle pins popout Ctrl + P
Toggle inbox popout Ctrl + I
Mark top inbox channel read Ctrl + Shift + E
Toggle channel member list Ctrl + U
Scroll chat up or down Page Up or Page Down
Toggle Emoji picker Ctrl + E
Toggle Gif picker Ctrl + G
Jump to oldes unread message Shift 6 Page up
Focus Text Area Any Key
Upload a file Ctrl + Shift + U

Discord Keyboard shortcuts – Channel

Below is the list of Channel keybinds & Keyboard shortcuts. By using these keybinds you can open Jump to oldest unread message, Search, and Scroll chat.

Scroll chat Page Up/Page Down
Jump to oldest unread message Shift + Page Up
Search Ctrl + F

Discord Keyboard shortcuts – Miscellaneous

Below is the list of Miscellaneous menus keybinds and Keyboard shortcuts. By using these keybinds you can open the keybinds menu, help option and Raging Demond.

Help Ctrl + Shift + H
Search Ctrl + F
Raging Demon Open the keybinds menu and > H, H, RIGHT, N, K


Now that you have the Discord Keybinds Keyboard Shortcuts. If you need shortcuts for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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