Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide

Disgaea 5 Evilities guide
Disgaea 5 Evilities guide

Our Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Disgaea 5 Evilities. Let us look at the Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, Villain and Hero routes.


Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide A to Bonus

Bonus Boost +10% Bonus Gauge | Location: Quest Store
Bond of Souls +3 Magichange turn limit by 3 | Location: Ability Squad (105 battles)
Bolster Spirit +1% Revenge Gauge (ally units on the map)| Location: Store
Battle of Wits Physical defense depends on RES | Location: Store
Battle Mania +stats by enemy units (2 panel x 5%) | Location: Store
Bad Trip normal attack +10% chance of poison, sleep & paralysis | Location: Store
Axe Tutor Armor Weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Armor Results Vary Quest, also Store
Axe Coach Axe Weapon Mastery grade = B | Location: Strength Is Power Quest
Auto Recovery + 5% HP at the end of turn | Location: Character World Evilty reward
Assassin’s Soul Nullify evasion | Location: Fight With Ninja Quest
Arrow in the Knee 10% SPD of target unit after an attack if bow is equiped | Location: Store
Armor Tutor Armor Weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Armor is Important Ques, also Store
Armor Coach Armor Weapon Mastery grade = B | Location: Armor Results Vary Quest
Archeologist Find rare items easier (Netherworlds) | Location: Treasure Hunt Quest
Analyzer 30% damage taken from skills that were previously used on the stage | Location: Store
Ambush +20% ATK (turn unit is dispatched | Location: Formula For Victory Quest
Ambition All units earn EXP If unit is on the map when clearing the stage | Location: Store
Agile Guy +10% HIT Growth Rate | Location: Store, and also I’m a Pro Thief Quest 
Aggression +75% ATK (normal attack) | Location: Ability Squad (15 battles)
Abandon Knowledge +30% ATK, but INT & RES = 1 | Location: Store
1 HL:Healing Fee at the hospital = 1 HL (Costs 2) | Location: Store

Disgaea 5 Evilities guide – Bow to E

Eye For Discovery +item  (if unit in the map when clearing)| Location: Store
Extreme Wise Guy +20% RES Growth Rate | Location: Moisten the Heart Quest
Extreme Tough Guy +20% HP Growth Rate | Location:  Are You Hard? Quest
Extreme Smart Guy +20% INT Growth Rate | Location:  Let’s Study Again Quest
Extreme Hyper Guy +20% SP Growth Rate | Location: Over Confident Quest This is Nice Quest
Extreme Fast Guy +20% SPD Growth Rate | Location: Over Confident Quest
Extreme Agile Guy +20% HIT Growth Rate | Location: Store Sniping It! Quest, also Let’s Fight Quest
Exteme Mean Guy +20% ATK Growth Rate | Location: I’m Strong, Meow! Quest
Enlarge +2 magic range, but uses +50% SP | Location: Store
Dynamic Vision +10% HIT  | Location: Store
Dream Invitation + chance adjacent male units surrender | Location: Store
Dragon Treasure +20% equipment effect (treasure equipped) | Location: Store
Double Bladed dual wield (main and sub weapon) | Location: Ability Squad (50 battles)
Double Bladed Plus If Double Bladed, 100% of the sub weapon’s stats | Location: Ability Squad (225 battles)
Dense Guy +10% DEF Growth Rate | Location: Store
Death Resistance No Deathblows | Location: Store
Cross Formation +2 Magichange range | Location: Ability Squad (75 battles)
Cool Body +25% water resistance
Cool and Calm +20% INT & RES (if units don’t move)| Location: Store
Cold Blessing +10% water element damage | Location: Store Tips on Water Quest, also Store
Close Combatant 20% damage taken (adjacent units)| Location: Store
Charm Vaccine Cannot be charmed | Location: Store
Casting Mastery +10% INT Aptitude| Location: Store
Bunny Ear +50% Radar Evade attacks| Location: Store
Braggart +50% ATK  (battle, Chara world &  research expeditions | Location: Quest
Bow Tutor Bow Weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Archer Beginner Quest, also Store
Bow Range+1 Attack range (bow equipped) | Location: Store

Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide F to L

Life and Death Deathblow all Charmed or Controlled units | Location: Store
Know How to Use It +100% healing item effect, also +50% attack item damage | Location: Store
Kamikaze +100% critical damage dealt ( if target unit’s SPD > yours) | Location: Store
Job Changer +40% Class Proficiency earned
Iron Body +10% DEF | Location: Store
Invalid Multiply x2 Hospital’s recovery and revival  | Location: Falling Leaf Quest
Insect Lover x5%  stats (Fairy units on the map) | Location: Homework Quest
I Love Curry +30% ATK (+3 turns After using Curry) | Location: Store
Hit Mastery +10% HIT Aptitude | Location: Store
Heart of Affliction +10% RES (using healing magic to heal units) | Location: Store
Gun Tutor Guns Weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Showdown Quest also Purchase in Store
Grappler 50% counter attacks damage taken | Location: Store
Gourmet +100% effects of recovery items used on unit
Gear Maintenance +3% all Equipment Aptitudes | Location: Store
Fusing Souls +stats of Magichange weapons (using Dual Magichange) | Location: Ability Squad (140 battles)
Fountain of Facts +10% INT | Location: Store
Forget Vaccine Cannot get amnesia | Location: Store
Fist Tutor Fists Weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Use Fist Weapons Quest also Store
Fire Blessing +10% fire element damage | Location: Store
Fatal Hit +10% Critical Rate | Location: Store
Fast Guy +10% SPD Growth Rate | Location: Nin Nin Nin Quest / Purchase in Store

Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide M to P

Punishment +100% damage  to weakened units | Location: Store
Powerof Bowls +5% stats for each Evilty cost remaining
Power Tutor ATK Monster weapons Mastery grade = C | Location: They’re All Sissies Quest also Store
Power Shot +10% ATK (Normal Attack) | Location: Physical Attacking Quest
Power Coach ATK Monster weapons Mastery grade = B. | Location: Store
Power Axe +10% damage (axe equipped) | Location: Store
Poison Vaccine Cannot be poisoned | Location: Store
Paralysis Vaccine Cannot be Paralyzed | Location: Store
Paralysis Dust 50% chance to paralysis (normal attacks) | Location: Store
One Hit Victory 10% stats if  defeating an enemy with 100% HP | Location: Store
No Critical Prevents critical attacks| Location: Stability Dreams Quest
Mystic Protection +10% RES | Location: Store
MusclePower +30% ATK (normal attack) | Location: Store
Muscle +10% ATK  | Location: Store
Muscle Mastery +10% HP Aptitude | Location: Store
Mind Mastery +10% SP Aptitude | Location: Store
Medal Tutor Monster weapons Mastery grade = C | Location: Convince My Dad! Quest, also Store
Medal Coach Monster weapons Mastery grade = B | Location: Intellifight Quest, also Store
Mean Guy +10% ATK Growth Rate | Location: Anyone Strong Quest, also Purchase in Store
Mana Lover +50% Mana earned | Location: Store
Magichange Reform Magichange stats depends on weapon it changed to | Location: Ability Squad (30 battles)
Magic Training +100% Skill EXP earned (using skills) | Location: Store
Magic Bias 50% Max HP but +100% Max SP | Location: Quest

R to S

Sword Tutor Swords weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: The First Step Quest, also Store
Sword Coach Swords weapon Mastery grade = B | Location: Let’s Go Together Quest
Study Lover +10% EXP earned | Location: Store
Status Guard Stats always >= 90% | Location: Store
Star Blessing +10% star element damage | Location: Store
Staff Tutor Staves weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Studying is a Pain Quest, also Store
Spear Tutor Spear weapon Mastery grade = C | Location: Awaken Spear User! Quest, also Store
Sonic Charge x3% Critical Rate (panels moved)
Smart Guy +10% INT Growth Rate | Location: Study Together? Quest also Purchase in Store
Sleep Vaccine Can’t be put to sleep | Location: Store
Shrink Vaccine Can’t be shrunk | Location: Store
Search Coin +HL if unit on the map| Location: Store
Revitalizing Power +25% healing magic on self | Location: Store
Reverse Harem x5% stats male ally units (not in map) | Location: Store
Retribution +2 counters | Location: Store
Retreat Technique +2 movement after an attack | Location: Store
Resist Mastery +10% RES aptitude | Location: Store
Res Arrows Damage of normal attacks depends on RES & HIT (bow equipped) | Location: Store
Reliable Ally +100% ATK during Combos | Location: Store
Reflexes +10% SPD | Location: Store
Reduction Curse +25% chance to shrink (normal attack) | Location: Store
Rabbit Lover x5% stats by Rabbit units(map) | Location: Orders Quest

T to W

Workshop Intern +10% Class Proficiency earned | Location: Prinny Squad Tour Quest, also Purchase in Store
Wise Guy +10% RES Growth Rate | Location: Heal Me… Quest, also Purchase in Store
Windy Body +25% Wind Resistance  | Location: Zap! Zap! Quest
Wind Blessing +10% wind element | Location: Tips on Wind Quest, also Purchase in Store
Weapon Fusion +25% of main weapon’s stats to Magichange weapon | Location: Ability Squad (180 battles)
Weaken Vaccine Cannot be weakened | Location: Store
Vital Arrow Reverse damage (bow equipped) | Location: Store
Vaccine 50% being afflicted with ailments | Location: Store
Unstable Power +50% stats but – 20% stats every turn | Location:  Itchy Body Quest
Unity +100% Team Attack chance | Location: Ability Squad (5 battles)
Tough Guy +10% HP Growth Rate | Location: Prideful Hardness Quest, also Purchase in Store


Now that you have the Disgaea 5 Evilities Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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