Dont Starve Together Cheats And Console Commands


Dont Starve Together Cheats And Console Commands are an easy and free way to gain edge in Dont Starve Together. To help you with these cheats and console commands, we are giving the complete list of working cheats and console commands for Dont Starve Together. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

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How To enable Dont Starve Together Cheats And Console Commands

  • Enter the game.
  • Press the “~” (tilde) key to enable console.
  • Copy the cheat code from our list and paste it.

Dont Starve Together Cheats And Console Commands

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats & console Commands.

Dont Starve Together Console Commands – Simple Commands

Spawn prefab  c_spawn(“prefab”,amount)
Give Item c_give(“prefab”,amount)
Go Adventuring c_goadventuring()
Scenario c_doscenario(scenario)
Set Your Health  c_sethea​lth(percent)
Set Your Sanity  c_setsanit​y(percent)
Your Hunger c_sethunger(pe​rcent)
Set Your Moisture c_setmoisture(pe​rcent)
Temperature  c_settemperature(degrees)
God Mode  c_godmode()
Super God Mode  c_supergodmode()
Maintain Your Health  c_maintainhealth(ThePlayer)
Maintain Your Sanity  c_maintainsanity(ThePlayer)
Your Hunger  c_maintainhunger(ThePlayer)
Maintain Your Temperature  c_maintaintemperature(ThePlayer)
Your Moisture  c_maintainmoisture(ThePlayer)
Maintain All c_maintainall(ThePlayer)
Mob Invisibility c_makeinvisible()
Set Your Running Speed  c_speedmult(multiplier)

Dont Starve Together Console Commands – Player Commands

Action Prediction ThePlayer:EnableMovementPrediction(enable)
Creative Mode c_freecrafting() & GetPlayer().components.builder: GiveAllRecipes()
Maximum Health SetMaxHealth(value)
Max Sanity ThePlayer.components.sanity: SetMax(value)
Maximum Hunger ThePlayer.components.hunger: SetMax(value)
Pause Hunger  ThePlayer.components.hunger : Pause(true)
Change the Damage Multiplier  ThePlayer.components.combat.damagemultiplier=(value)
Werebeaver Transformations  c_setbeaverness(percentage)
List all players c_listallplayers()
Get a certain player AllPlayers[number]
Teleport another player to you  c_move(AllPlayers[number])
Kill a player AllPlayers[number]: PushEvent(‘death’)
Resurrect a player  AllPlayers[number]:PushEvent(‘respawnfromghost’)
Give creative mode to a player  AllPlayers[number].components.builder:GiveAllRecipes()
Teleport to a player  c_goto(AllPlayers[number])
Drop a player’s inventory items  AllPlayers[number].components.inventory: DropEverything()
Despawn a player’s character c_despawn(AllPlayers[number])

Dont Starve Together Console Commands – World Commands

Teleport to Prefab c_gonext(“prefab”)
Delete Item Under Mouse ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse(): Remove()
c_select()/ Remove() 
Reveal Map – Self  minimap = TheSim: FindFirstEntityWithTag(“mini­map”)
TheWorld.minimap.MiniMap/ ShowArea (0,0,0,10000) 
To the Next Day Cycle  TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_nextcycle”)
Skip Day c_skip(num)
Skip time OnUpdate(16*30*x)
Time units and update  LongUpdate(X)
Speed up simulation c_speedup()
Skip phase TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_nextphase”)
Set segments TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setclocksegs”, {day=x,dusk=y,night=z})
Set season lengths TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseasonlength”, {season=”summer”, length=15})
Start Summer  TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “summer”)
Start Winter TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_setseason”, “winter”)
Rain TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”)
Stop Rain TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_forceprecipitation”, false)
Do Lightning Strike TheWorld: PushEvent(“ms_sendlightningstrike”, ConsoleWorldPosition())
Meteor Strike c_spawn(“shadowmeteor”, 1)
Measure Distance  print(math.sqrt(ThePlayer: GetDistanceSqToInst(ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse())))

Dont Starve Together Console Commands – Admin Commands

Kick a player TheNet: Kick(userid)
Ban a player TheNet: Ban(userid)
Temporarily Ban a player TheNet: BanForTime(userid,time_in_seconds)
Connect to a server c_connect(“IP address”, port, “password”)
Reload the world c_reset()
Regenerate the world c_regenerateworld()
Regenerate a world shard c_regenerateshard()
Save the server c_save()
Shut down the server c_shutdown( true / false)
Roll back the server c_rollback(count)
Enable/Disable new player joining TheNet: SetAllowIncomingConnections( true / false )
Make a server announcement c_announce(“announcement”)
Drop a player’s inventory items AllPlayers[number].components.inventory: DropEverything()
Move another player c_move(AllPlayers[number])
Despawn a player’s character c_despawn(AllPlayers[number])
Stop a vote c_stopvote()

More Console Commands

Clear the morgue ErasePersistentString(“morgue”)
Count the number of something in the entire world ThePlayer.components.talker: Say(tostring(c_countprefabs(“prefab”)))
Count the number of something in the world c_countprefabs(“prefab”)
Spawn Wormhole worm1 = c_spawn(“wormhole”) & worm2 = c_spawn(“wormhole”) & worm1.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = worm2 & worm2.components.teleporter.targetTeleporter = worm1
Spawn a Domesticated Beefalo function spawn_beef(tendency) local beef = c_spawn(“beefalo”); beef.components.hunger: DoDelta(400); beef.components.domesticatable: DeltaTendency(tendency, 1); beef: SetTendency(); beef.components.domesticatable.domestication = 1; beef.components.domesticatable: BecomeDomesticated(); end
Teleport Items to the player c_find(“flower”).Transform: SetPosition(AllPlayers[1]: GetPosition(): Get())
Alter player sizeThePlayer.Transform: SetScale(number,number,number)
Size of prefab under mouse c_select().Transform: SetScale(number,number,number)
Alter player color/transparency ThePlayer.AnimState: SetMultColour(number,number,number,number)
Alter color/transparency of prefab under mouse  c_select().AnimState: SetMultColour(number,number,number,number)
Makes prefab under mouse pick up able _select(): AddComponent(“inventoryitem”)

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.


So, now that you have Dont Starve Together Cheats And Console Commands and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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