Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide

Dual Family Walkthrough

Our Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Dual Family. Let us look at the Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.


Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide – Intro

You can play as The Father or as The Son, so we will provide you both walkthroughs.

There are also Secret items to find and gallery scenes to unlock:

Secret items You have to click on certain items/places during the walkthrough
Gallery scenes Require certain actions during the walkthrough

Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide – The Father

  1. Master Bedroom: Secret item (light switch – left side) & Submit
  2. Hallway: Knock & Enter
  3. Daughter’s bedroom: Side with her > Gallery scene (touch her face – not leg) > Hug your daughter
  4. Hallway: Check on daughter > Look for wife > Head Downstairs > Follow your wife > Gallery scene (compromise with her) > head downstairs
  5. Kitchen: Gallery scene (make coffee – black & bitter) > Cream & Sugar
  6. Table: Secret item (click on cofffee cup as soon as you sit down) > Ask about her day:
    1. Outside: Better for daughter route
    1. Stay in date: Balanced choice
    1. Cancel: Better for wife route
  7. Table: Say nothing > Talk about yourself > Bring up earlier encounter > Follow daughter to her bedroom
  8. Daughter’s bedroom: Sympathize
  9. Guest bedroom: Charm her > Enjoy the irde > Wife wakes you up
  10. Arboretum: Gallery scene (outside date)
  11. TV Room: Secret item (click on TV as soon as you can) > watching tv
  12. Son’s bedroom: Check all the rooms until you get to the staircase
  13. Mall: Shop & Food court & cinema
    1. Shop (clothes store): Secret item (mannequin’s head) > Wavy dress
    1. Cinema: Snackbar > Gallery scene (ask about the injury)
  14. After dinner: Wife’s room (wife scene) & Guest room (daughter scene)
  15. Guest Room: Gallery (daughter’s room+ finish the exposition sequence) > search
  16. Kitchen: Check on the girls
  17. Bathroom: Take a shower
  18. Daughter’s room: Secret item (camera – left) > Keep watching
  19. Dinner: Niece Touches you…
  20. Dream: Secret item (pink pillow – right side) > Resist
  21. Guest room > Foyer (agree with wife)

The Father walkthrough And Guide – 2nd part

Plane Seat with wife (relationship, Daughter, hold her hand & kiss her) or Seat with Karen (comfront, Refuse, Submit & Cover her leg)
Law’s house Friendly > Confront about Karen > Small talk > Current suit
Beach Secret item (left umbrella pole) > Ditch her > Swim > Cave (Connecting with daughter)
Hot tub Drink > refuse > let her continue
Law’s house Adress her feelings > Approach Karen > Gallery scene (get daughter) > Persist > Follow her > Kiss her > Refrain
Beach Help Apply > Secret item (grass)
Law’s house Meet with her > get in car > Persist > comply > Enter
Dream Noboty or you > Daughter
Law’s house Exit into Hallway > TV Room > Upstairs / Daughter’s room > Open > Knock > Kitchen
Theater Embrace > Secret item (lid) > TV Room (admit)

Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide – The Son

  1. Your bedroom: Secret item (ball) > let her continue > Blame dad > Gallery scene (comfort her) > Pick guitar > Play anything > Stop playing > Put down guitar > Phone > Reply (*) > Blow him the…
    1. If you reply you will go to a party with cousin
    1. If you ignore you will unlock a dream with sister & mother
  2. Hallway: Check on mom > enter > stay & hide > sneak across > secret item (ceiling fan bulb) > sneak out > confess truth
  3. Hallway: Check on sister > about school > about mom & dad > invite her to party (if not, scene with Karen) > Move in closer > compliment her  leave > gallery scene (insist that she stays) > head back to room
  4. Party: Talk with sister > socialize (hoodie girl) > Explore (outside balcony + approach) > leave & return > Explore > Kitchen > enter corridor > approach girl > Go upstairs (scene with karen if you didn’t invite cousin)
  5. Be a man (better if sister is at party) or Submit (better is sister is not there)
  6. Dream (only if you ignored the phone sms): Secret item (moon) > Choose the character (mom, sister or someone else) you prefer
  7. Bedroom: Explore > Kitchen > approach > move behind her > embrace > Let go
  8. Garage: Compliment > Bench & Squats > Secret scene (weight plate – left side)
  9. Night: Downstairs > refrain > gallery scene (go to sleep) > Touch & kiss & go back
  10. Bedroom. Wake her up & get out of bed > Secret item (lamp shade) > Gallery scene (leave for cousin) > leave into hall
  11. Hallway > stay & peek > Hide in master bedroom > Lift skirt > cousin touching you
  12. Bedroom: The dance > her and dad > touh her hand > agree to unock > teach her

The Son walkthrough – 2nd part

Plane Gallery scene (pull her top back up)
Car Forgive him (he will help you in the future) or Shun him (evicting him from house)
Aunt’s house Secret item (blue vase) > check hallway > move closer > peek > ask for a hug
Beach Come with sister (admit actions) or stay with the others (karen or mom & aunt) > secret item (floral towel)
Bathroom Open > Let her continue > hot tube (tak with mom)
Aunt’s house Stay silent > peek around corner
Bathroom Secret item (bottle of soap) > Drugs (more social options with girls) or Cash (better for mom route) or Her ( Aunt’s scene)
Clothing store Change in front of her > Offer to pay (only if your last choice wash “cash”)
Aunt’s house Peek
Bedroom Exit into hall > Sister’s or master bedroom (your choice)
Dream Yes or no (doesn’t matter) > cockpit > secret item (circular altitude dial) > rear
TV Room Pull her leg


Now that you have the Dual Family Walkthrough And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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