Eco Admin Commands 2021

Eco Admin Commands

Eco Admin Commands are an easy and free way to gain edge in Eco. To help you with these commands, we are giving the complete list of working commands for Eco. Not only I will provide you with the command list, but you will also learn how to enable these commands. So let’s begin!!

For latest gaming tips and tricks you can go to cheats and console commands section.

Eco Admin Commands – Console Commands

Here you will find an updated and working list of console Commands.

New commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.

/allblocks To Spawn all blocks
/allconstructed To Spawn all player constructable
/allplants To Spawn all plant blocks
/allskills To unlock all the skills
/allterrain To spawn all the diggable blocks
/allworldobjects To spawn all the objects available in the world
/atm To add atmosphere
/bhop To enable bunny hop
/buildtechtree You will have all the world objects in their building, also full of fuel
/bunnytime To spawn 100 hares
/chattest if you want to spam the chat…
/clearlaws To remove all the active laws
/day Locks the server time to noon, but better don’t
/destroymeteor To destroys the meteors
/digest Not sure
/dump Dumps all items from your inventory
/dump selected. Dumps selected items 
/dump carried Dumps carried items
/durability X Set the item durability to X
/eat To Max your calories
/exeptional To throw an exception
/fly Enables Fly mode
/give [itemname] [amount] 
/giveskillpoints [playernickname] [amount] 
/level [x] [y] [BlockType] X & Y = numbers, default blocktype = Grassblock
/massinteract To use the selected tool on surrounding blocks
/noah X To spawm X (number) animals
/noskills Resets all skills to zero
/oneshot To kill nearest animal
/ownall To own all properties
/ownnone [playernickname] That player will lose all properties
/passlaws To pass all pending laws
/poorbunnies To kill all the animals
/record Enables record mode
/repopulate Spawm Population
/setpowercost To reduce power consumption
/setreputation [playernickname] [number] 
/setspawn Your current location will be the spawn location
/shuffle [x][y] Not sure
/skillpoints X You will get X (number) skillpoints
/skillrate X To set the skill rate multiplier to X (number)
/steamsale X All the players will receive X (number) money
/tax X All the players will pay X (number) taxes
/testcontracts to create a contract board
/trample To Trample the surrounding ground
/unclaim To unclaim the plot where you are
/vomit You will vomit
/work X To spend X (number) calories

Eco Admin Commands – Spawn

Eco Admin Commands

Spawn at any place of your choice.

/spawnanimal [animalname] [number] To spawn [number] animals of the species [animal]
/spawnbuilding [BuildingType] [XYZ] [Rooftype][WindowsType] Building type is a number (0 to 5), XYZ are the coordinates,  Rooftype is a number (0 to 2), and Windows type is a number (0 or 1)
/spawneconomy to build an economy
/spawnfullstockpile to spawn a stockpile
/spawnlasers To spawn the end game lasers
/spawnmeteor To spawn a meteor
/spawnplant [plantname] [number] To spawn [number] plants of the species [plant]
/spawnspecies [speciesname] 
/spawntech To spawn a road and also 4 buildings with crafting stations
/spawnvillage [buildingtype] [number] To spawn a village with [number] of buildings of the type [buildingtype], [buildingtype] is a number from 0 to 5

Eco Admin Commands – Teleport

/teleport X Y Z X Y Z Are the coordinates
/teleportplayer [playernickname] To teleport to a player location
/teleporttarget [playernickname] XYZ To teleport a player to coordinates XYZ
/teleporttargetplayer [playernickname] [playername2] To teleport playername to playername2 location
/move [x] [y] [z] To teleport to coordinates x y z

Ban, Kick, Admins, Players info….

/admin [playernickname] To add a player as an admin
/removeadmin [playernickname] The player of your choice will lose the admin status
/ban [playernickname] [reason] To ban a player with a reason
/warn [playernickname] [message] To send a warning with the [message] of your choice to a player
/kick [playernickname] [reason] To kick a player with a reason
/leader [playernickname] To set a player as the leader
/whitelist [playernickname] to add a player to the whitelist
/whois [playernickname] To see the id of a player


So, now that you have Eco Admin Commands and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need commands for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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