Factorio Oil Refinery Recipes – 2021

Factorio Oil Refinery Recipes

Our Factorio Oil Refinery Recipes is useful for all the gamers who want to play Factorio. Let us look at the Factorio Oil Refinery Recipes so that you can build anything in the game.

Factorio Oil Refinery – Recipe, Raw & Stats

Normal Mode

Oil Refinery Recipe – 8 min: 10 Electronic circuit + 10 Iron gear wheel + 10 Pipe + 15 Steel plate + 10 Stone Brick

Total Raw 30.5 min: 15 Copper plate + 40 Iron plate + 15 Steel plate + 10 Stone brick

Oil refinery stats:

Health 350
Stack size 10
Dimensions 5×5
Energy consumption 420kW
Drain 14kW
Crafting speed 1
Mining time 0.2
Pollution 6/m
Module slots 3

Expensive Mode

The total raw requirements increase in the expensive mode.

Total Raw 43 min: 40 Copper plate + 80 Iron plate + 15 Steel plate + 10 Stone brick

Factorio Oil Refinery – Recipes available

You need to choose the recipe first to make the refinery work. Below are the three available recipes:

Basic Oil processing – 5 min: 100 Crude Oil = 45 Petroleum Gas

(*) Advanced Oil processing – 5 min: 100 Crude Oil + 50 Water = 25 Heavy Oil + 45 Light Oil + 55 Petroleum Gas

(**) Coal Liquefaction – 5 min: 10 Coal + 25 Heavy Oil + 50 Steam = 90 Heavy Oil + 20 Light Oil + 10 Petroleum Gas

(*) Requires the research: Advanced Oil Processing (cost = (Automation science pack + Logistic science pack + Chemical science pack) x75)

(**) Requires the research Coal Liquefaction (cost = (Automation science pack + Logistic science pack + Chemical science pack + Prodution science pack) x200)

Factorio Oil Refinery – Resources

Resources for recipes.

Crude Oil is a liquid use pumpjacks to extract from oil fields
Coal is a resource you can find on the map, or also inside huge rocks
Water is a liquid which can be infinitely extracted from water tiles using an offshore pump
Steam is a gas you can create by heating water in a boiler or heat exchanger


Now that you have the Factorio Oil Refinery Recipes, use it to build in game items. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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