Fortnite Creative Horror Map Codes

Fortnite Creative Horror Map Codes

Fortnite Creative Horror Map Codes are a great and simple way to explore the world of Fortnite. So to make your journey of Fornite fun and interesting, we are listing map codes.

Fortnite Horror Map Codes January 2021

Below is the map codes list.

The Dark World I6441-8884-3286
The Visit – Biohazard Code 6496-9997-4696
The Creekwood Tracks Code 6496-9997-4696
Shotgun Aim Course!!!!! Code 3526-8335-4329
Ultimate Edit & Aim Course Code 9368-1814-9691
Town Zone Wars Code 9299-7973-8393
Box Fight [1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4] Code 0377-0055-2829
The Best 1v1 Map Code 1588-7203-3013
Tinker’s Toystore Code 0632-6317-2480
Hauntophobia Code 6621-4642-3997
The North Pole- Deathrun Code 7773-6191-5527
Fortnite Dropper v1 Code 5818-4876-6080

Fortnite Best Horror Map Codes for 2020

Here’s our list of Fortnite’s Best Horror Map Codes:

Evil 14 Awaits Code 7710-0034-8827
Lost in the Unknown (1 – 2 Players) Code 5312-0287-8262
Oliver Japanese Horror Map Code 5279-5436-2390
Alverton Hills-Livingston Code 2951-2235-6812
Pine City- Afterlife Code 8974-6823-3966
Evil 12 Awaits Duo 4098-9975-2849
Zombie Chaser Code 9005-6202-3786
Paranoia Tantrum 3 Code 1179-8403-2990
Choices Co-Op 1st Person Code 4147-1805-2195
Carnival Escape Code 2385-3342-5568
Paranoia Tantrum 2 Code 1520-4763-6403
Halloween Stor Codey 9312-2909-8471
Quiet Place Code 3739-2232-6062
Evil Awaits Lucy Code 5706-4716-3544
ScareCrow Chapter 1 Code 5681-8991-7850
ScareCrow Chapter 2 Code 3759-4482-8202
ScareCrow Chapter 3 Code 9963-6116-5050
The Story of Oliver Whitlock Code 3896-7727-6824


Now that you have the Fortnite Creative Horror Map Codes, use them to explore the beautiful world of Fortnite.


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