Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes – October 2021

Fortnite Murder Mystery codes

Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes are a great and simple way to explore the world of Fortnite. So to make your journey of Fornite fun and interesting, we are listing Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes.

Fortnite Murder Mystery

The Fortnite Creative mode allows players to create a number of amazing maps for various custom modes, such as Murder Mystery.

The Murder Mystery mode selects one player from the lobby to be the murderer. He kills all other players until the appointed sheriff locates them and takes them out.

The remaining players are innocent people who need to live until the murderer can be removed by the sheriff. Although that’s the basis for the mode, there are numerous modifications that developers have made to fit their map themes.

If you have a team of friends who are interested in playing together then this is a perfect mode. 

Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes

Murder Swap: 5893-2263-5834

Minecraft Murder Mystery: 1892-1509-8081

Gaming House: 9850-2841-2309

Mansion – Murder Mystery: 9850-2841-2309

Gamerz’s Aquarium!: 6132-9723-4875

Flashlight Murder Mystery: 3569-6269-9820

Bloody Mines: 9300-7920-6878

Let us look at these Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes one by one.

1. Murder Swap

Murder Swap is an imaginative twist of Murder Mystery! After each player dies, there will be a switch around of positions of killer and sheriff. This will continue until only two players are left.

These two will fight until one becomes a winner. This is a fantastic Murder Mystery map. There are all the normal roles: the innocent, the sheriff, the killer. However, the sheriff or murderer is taken out. One of the innocent players is substituted for that role. 

It takes the game to a whole new level. You may have trusted a player once but you might not be able to believe them now once the swap occurs!

So, this one is going to keep you pretty much on your toes and offer more players a chance to play interesting roles.

Code: 5893-2263-5834

2. Minecraft Murder Mystery

If you love Minecraft and Fortnite too, then this blends them into one amazing map. This is another mystery of murder in which you can earn coins by finishing different tasks. 

The tasks are very interesting. Some of them are mining and collecting things from the auto farm. You need to be aware and stay safe.

To protect yourself from a killer, use coins to buy some weapons!

Code: 1892-1509-8081

3. Gaming House

This map is pretty dim, so you’re going to need your torch. To go in the right direction you need to see where you’re going. If you want to try your luck in an RGB-lit gaming house to find the killer, then this is the map for you. 

Some people can be hiding. If you don’t want to get caught, be careful. It supports five players on this map. This is one problem and adds a bit of stress. But this is what makes it so interesting.

Code: 9850-2841-2309

4. Mansion Murder Mystery

You will pass through different floors of a lavish home in this big Murder Mystery Mansion. In this game, one of the players will be a killer.

You should bring in 4 -16 players so that you can work together. Work with the detective to find out who the killer is!

Code: 9850-2841-2309

5. Gamerz’s Aquarium

For both the Murder Mystery and Gun Game modes, the Aquarium is a very impressive map.

Some of the tanks are accessible by the player to hide or to collect coins. This is to win a sword for themselves. The building looks exactly like the inside of an aquarium.

Like other Murder Mystery maps, Aquarium motivates players to live and collect coins before they can recognize the murderer. 

It’s a superb concept to have a murder mystery set in an aquarium! Not just that, there is a bit of an extra twist to this one. On the map, you can gain coins while surviving.

This means you’re going to finally be able to afford yourself a gun for which to protect yourself.  You’ll get 100 gold when you survive a kill, and you’ll get 50 gold when you live for a minute.

You can use a revolver, flint-knock, harpoon, sniper rifle, impulse bomb, and slurp fish with these coins! Clearly. These are very helpful for escaping and getting the killer out.

Code: 6132-9723-4875

6. Flashlight Murder Mystery

If you want to bring some terror into your murder mystery games, then this flashlight map will do it for you gladly. Play this one only if you are not scared of the darkness because those darkened corners are extremely scary!

This is a super dark map that allows you to see what’s going on by using a flashlight.  This makes it especially spooky.

In order to find out who the murderer is going to be, you will have to depend on sound and a sharp eye.    

Code: 3569-6269-9820

7. Bloody Mines

Although this one is not particularly scary, it occurs at every turn in a closed-in mine that has risk!

Some of the walls have lava flowing down, and there are close-quarters everywhere you go. On this map, you should try not to get lost.

Watch that you don’t get stuck to a dead end. Overall, the look and feel are great. The design of this map is amazing. Trying to escape the murderer is quite enjoyable.

Code: 9300-7920-6878


Now that you have the Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes, use them to explore the beautiful world of Fortnite.


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