Garry’s Mod: How to complete the shrum degeoun

Garry's Mod: How to complete the shrum degeoun

Tis is how to do it!

How to get the key

First you must

1: Beet the bosee

2: Complete the island

3: Pickles

4: Eat the daneil

5: The micheal whille congatulate you and tek yu

How to travel

1: Built a built

2: Buy the car

3: Travel to the micheal to ask questions

4: Buy the michael

5: Deliver the michul to the CONE

6: You may

Entering the shrum dungeon

Entering you must be level -1!!!

1: Kill the evil boys!!!

2: Kill the dungeon ground!!!

5: Do it

Killing the boss

To kill the boss you kill the boy and the man and the little little plon

– By rdgreen1022


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