Guardian Tales Tier List – Best Heroes – October 2021

Guardian Tales Tier List

Are you looking for Guardian Tales Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Guardian Tales Tier List. This list will help you to get the best of heroes.

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Guardian Tales Tier List (Heroes)

This is the list of in game heroes from best to worst.

Tier S – Best Characters

Swindler Magician Dolf  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Helios
Movie Star Eugene  type: Warrior & also Weapon: Brave Heart
Grand Admiral Marina  type: Tank & also Weapon:
Flower Girl Bari  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Mayreel
Executive Red Hood Arabelle  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Genocide
Eight Tailed Fox Nari  type: Tank & also Weapon: Genocide
Dancing Archer Tinia  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Genocide

Tier A

Succubus Adventurer Yuze  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Sniper Hetake  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Scrivener Lahn  type: Warrior & also Weapon: Pure Mind
Scientist Sohee  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Red Hood Elvira  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Pirate Rachel  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Blue Rose
Noble Succubus Bianca  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Ice Witch Lupina  type: Warrior & also Weapon: Amarok
Goddess of War Plitvice  type: Warrior & also Weapon: Prominence
Dragon Avatar Vishuvac  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Dimension Traveler Catherine  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Desert Mercenary Marvin  type: Warrior & also Weapon:

Guardian Tales Tier List – Tier B

Vampire Girl Karina  type: Support & also Weapon:
Twin Fighter Lavi  type: Tank & also Weapon:
Princess Aisha  type: Support & also Weapon:
Idol Captain Eva  type: Support & also Weapon: Idol voice
Engineer Marianne  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Dragon Knight Shapira  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Aspiring Warrior Craig  type: Tank & also Weapon:

Guardian Tales Tier List – Tier C

The worst heroes.

White Beast  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Twin Healer Favi  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Swordsman Akayuki  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Swindler Magician Dolf  type: Ranger & also Weapon: Helios
Male Knight  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Mad Scientist Gremory  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Leaf Fairy Aoba  type: Support & also Weapon:
Kung Fu Master Mei  type: Warrior & also Weapon:
Knight Lady Lapice  type: Warrior & also Weapon: Innocent
Knight Captain Eva  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Innuit Girl Coco  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Innkeeper Loraine  type: Support & also Weapon:
Fire Dragon Girgas  type: Ranger & also Weapon:
Dual Personality Maid Amy  type: Warrior & also Weapon:


Now that you have the Guardian Tales Tier List, use it to select the best heroes in the game. If you need Tier list for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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