Hades Weapons Guide (Infernal Arms)

Hades Weapons Guide

Are you looking for Hades Weapons Guide? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Hades Weapons Guide. This list will help you to get the best of weapons.


Hades Weapons Guide (Weapons)

This is the list of in game weapons from best to worst.

Hades Weapons Guide – Stygian Blade

How to unlock: unlocked by default

Stygian Blade Statistics

Strike (Attack button) 20 Damage
Combo (x3 Attack Button) 25 Damage, also Knockback effect
Dash Strike (Dashing + Attack) 30 Damage, also Knockback effect
Nova Smash (Press Special) 50 Damage, also Backstab Knockback effect

Stygian Blade Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) +Bonus Attack Speed and also Move Speed
Aspect of Nemesis (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Bonus Critical Chance
Aspects of Poseidon (Cost 16 Titan Blod) +Bonus Cast Damage
Aspect of Arthur (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Aura Damage Reduction

Stygian Blade Upgrades

Breaching Slash +300% Damage to Armor
Cruel Thrust +200% Damage and also +40% Critical Chance
Cursed Slash Every attack restores 2 health, but -60 Health
Dash Nova Special makes you lunge ahead, then become Sturdy for 0.8 Sec
Double Edge Dash Strike hits x2 and also +20% damage
Double Nova Special hits x2
Flurry Slash Hold attack to strike (25 dmg per hit)
Hoarding Slash +damage = 5% of current Obols
Piercing Wave Wave attack (30 damage)
Shadow Slash +200% damage when striking from behind
Super Nova Special has bigger area and also +20% damage
World Splitter Big chop replaces the attack (90 base damage)
Greater Consecration +45% Excalibur aura, also foes +10 slower

Hades Weapons Guide – Eternal Spear

How to unlock: 4 Chthonic Keys

Eternal Spear Statistics

Strike (Attack button) 25 Damage
Combo (x3 Attack Button) 25/30/30 Damage
Dash Strike (Dashing + Attack) 20 Damage
Spin Attack (Hold Attack & Release) 30/50/100 Damage, also AOE
Throw (Special + Special or Special + Attack) 25+25 Damage (Range 850m)

Eternal Spear Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) Special Damage, Range, and also Speed
Aspect of Achiles (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Post-Rush Bonus Damage
Aspects of Hades (Cost 16 Titan Blod) +Punishing Bonus Damage
Aspect of Arthur (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Life Total & Life Gain

Eternal Spear Upgrades

Extending Jab + attack range, also +40% damage
Chain Skewer Special up to 7 foes, also +30% damage
Breaking Skewer +400% damage to armor with special
Vicious Skewer Special +50% damage, also +50% critical chance
Exploding launcher shot with 50 aoe damage replaces special
Massive spin +125% damage and also larger area for the spin attack
Quick spin spin attack charges & recovers faster
Flurry Jab Hold attack to strike faster
Charged Skewer Hold special up to 200% base dmg
Serrated Point Dash strike hits x3 but -25% range
Flaring Spin Charging your Spin Attack makes you Sturdy and pulse 40 damage.
Triple Jab Attack strikes x3
Winged Serpent Frost Fair Blade Spin Attack travels for +80% longer

Hades Weapons Guide – Shield of Chaos

How to unlock: 3 Chthonic Keys

Shield of Chaos Statistics

Bash (Attack button) 25 Damage, also Knockback effect
Bull Rush (Hold attack to defende & release to bull rush) 40 Damage (max charge)
Throw (Special) 15 Damage

Shield of Chaos Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) Attack and also Dash-Strike
Aspect of Chaos (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Bonus Shields Thrown
Aspects of Zeus (Cost 16 Titan Blod) +Blitz Disc Base Damage per Hit
Aspect of Beowulf (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Dragon Rush Bonus Damage & Area

Shield of Chaos Upgrades

Dread Fight Special strike up to +4 foes
Sudden Rush Faster Bul Rush
Pulverizing Blow Attack hits x2
Dashing Wallop Dash attack +50% damage and also larger area
Explosive return When you catch special 50 dmg to nearby foes
Minotaur rush Bull rush but +500% damage
Breaching rush Bull rush +400% dmg to armor
Charged shot piercing shot with 80 base damage instead of bull rush
Charged Flight Hold special, up to 200% damage
Empowering Flight +80% dmg 2 attacks after especial
Dashing Flight While dashing special +200% damage, also faster
Ferocious Guard Block a foe to get +20% dmg, also +speed
Unyielding defense After using your Naegling’s Board Cast, you are Sturdy for 3 Sec.

Hades Weapons Guide – Heart Seeking Bow

How to unlock: 1 Chthonic Key

Heart Seeking Bow Statistics

Fire (Attack button) 20-60 Damage, also Pierce effect
Dash Attack (Attack after dash) 20-40 Damage, faster also Pierce effect
Volley fire (Special) 10×9 Damage
Power shot (Release Attack while flashing to Power Shot.) 70 Damage, also Pierce effect

Heart Seeking Bow Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) + Critical attack chance
Aspect of Chiron (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Max Shots per Special
Aspects of Hera (Cost 16 Titan Blod) -Ammo Drop Time
Aspect of Rama (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Shared Suffering Damage

Heart Seeking Bow Upgrades

Twin Shot Attack fires x2, but – range
Sniper shot +200% damage to distant foes
Explosive shot +300% base AOE damage
Flurry shot Hold Attack to shoot rapidly
Piercing Volley Special pierces foes +400% dmg to armor
Perfect shot Power shot +150% damage, also easier to execute
Relentless Volley Special +4 shoots
Triple shot attack x3 shots
Charged Volley Hold Special to +350% Base damage, but – min range
Chain Shot Your Attack bounces to up to 3 foes, dealing +15% damage for each.
Point Blank Shot +150% dmg nearby foes with attack
Concentrated Volley Your Special deals +3 base damage for each consecutive hit to a foe.
Repulse shot Your Celestial Sharanga Attack creates a Blast Wave around you.

Hades Weapons Guide – Twin Fists of Malphon

How to unlock: 8 Chthonic Keys (requires 4 weapons unlocked)

Twin Fists of Malphon Statistics

Pummel (Hold attack) 15 Damage each
Rising Cutter (Special) 30 damage each
Dash strike (Attack while dashing) 25 damage
Dash Upper (Special while dashing) 40 damage

Twin Fists of Malphon Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) + Dodge Chance
Aspect of Talos (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus
Aspects of Demeter (Cost 16 Titan Blod) +Bonus Special Hits
Aspect of Gilgamesh (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Maim Damage

Twin Fists of Malphon Upgrades

Breaching Cross Your Dash-Strike pierces foes and deals +900% damage to Armor
Rolling Knuckle your Dash-Strike deals +60% damage; added to Attack sequence
Long Knuckle Attack +10 damage, also +range
Draining Cutter Whenever your Special slays foes, restore 2% life
Concentrated Knuckle Your Attack deals +5 base damage for each uninterrupted hit
Explosive Upper Dash upper +100% AOE damage
Flying Cutter Hold special + Range, also +100% base damage
Rush Kick Advancing kick (40 base damage) replaces special
Quake Cutter use special & 90 AOE damage where you land
Kinetic Launcher Charged ranged attack (50 base damage) replaces special
Heavy Knuckle Your Attack becomes a slower 3-hit sequence, each deals 40 base damage.
Colossus Knuckle While using your Attack or Special, you are Sturdy
Rending Claws Maim-afflicted foes take +25% damage, also move 30% slower

Hades Weapons Guide – Adamant Rail

How to unlock: 8 Chthonic Keys (requires all weapons unlocked)

Adamant Rail Statistics

Fire (Attack) 10 damage, also 710 range
Dash attack (attack after dash) 10 damage
Reload (Right stick/R) 
Bombard (Special) 60 damage (radius = 400)

Adamant Rail Aspects

Aspect of Zagreus (Cost 5 Titan Blod) +Bonus Max Ammo
Aspect of Eris (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Bonus Damage
Aspects of Hestia (Cost 16 Titan Blod) +Empowered Shot Base Damage
Aspect of Lucifer (Cost 15 Titan Blod) +Hellfire Blast Damage

Adamant Rail Upgrades

Flurry Fire Attack faster, + accurate, also +6 ammo capacity
Ricochet Fire attack bounces +1 foe
Spread fire Your Attack becomes a short spread that deals 40 base damage; lose -6 ammo capacity.
Explosive fire Attack AOE and also slows foes
Delta Chamber Your Attack is a 3-round burst; you never have to Reload.
Piercing Fire Your Attack pierces foes and deals +50% damage to Armor
Triple Bomb Special x3 times
Rocket Bomb Rocket with 80 base damage replaces special
Targeting System Foes targeted by your Special move slower and take +30% damage.
Hazard Bomb Special +300% base AOE damage, but can hurt you also
Cluster Bomb Your Special fires a spread of 5 bombs, but each deals -30% damage.
Concentrated Fire Attack deals +2 base damage for each uninterrupted hit to a foe
Seeking Fire Attack seeks the nearest foe and deals +10% damage.
Concentrated Beam  Igneus Eden Attack damage to a foe ramps up +100% faster
Flash Fire Igneus Eden Attack starts firing and fires +50% faster with +15% range
Triple Beam Igneus Eden Attack fires 3 beams in a spread pattern.
Eternal Chamber Igneus Eden has infinite ammo
Greater Inferno  Igneus Eden Hellfire radiates +250% damage in a larger area


Now that you have the Hades Weapons Guide, use it to select the best characters in the game. If you need Tier list for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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