Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough

This Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Hakuoki Kyoto WindsHakuoki Kyoto Winds is an adventure game but romantic game.

In the game you get the chance to fall in love with 12 handsome warriors and the samurai of the Shinsengum. Along your journey you unravel the secrets and mysteries of all these warriors. You also get to find and face the devil within.

For each character in the game there are exclusive storylines and more than 30 endings. This walkthrough guide will help you to complete the storyline and endings of Shinpachi Nagakura in the best way possible. So let us begin.

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough – Happy Ending


  1. Attempt to explain my situation.
  2. Decided to tell them why I’d come to Kyoto
  3. Search the compound.
  4. No, I can’t
  5. Quietly return to my room.
  6. Join them on their rounds.
  7. No, I’m not.


  1. Leave and search for my father.
  2. Scope things out.
  3. Need to take care of Nagakura.
  4. No, show me your hand right now
  5. … want to come.
  6. To Mount Ten’nou.
  7. Fight as well.
  8. I’m not sure I agree
  9. Left him alone


  1. Return to my room.
  2. Go back to my room.
  3. Am glad he’s alive, though
  4. Stay.
  5. Didn’t move.
  6. Tell him to watch out.
  7. Yes, please.
  8. It’s not any of my business.
  9. Their interest in me.
  10. We shouldn’t
  11. Sen
  12. … think I understand what you mean


  1. The soldiers.
  2. Someone close to the people who were leaving.
  3. I don’t think so
  4. Yes
  5. Stay in my room.
  6. Run away from the room.
  7. Call for help.
  8. Please don’t push yourself
  9. Can I be one too?
  10. Still wanted to help.
  11. I’ll do anything.
  12. Run after Nagakura
  13. I’ll stay here


  1. Okay, I understand
  2. Do you have to go?
  3. It’s not over yet

Normal Ending

Tragic Love end: Chapter 5 > Romance Low

  1. You’ll come back, right?
  2. Save 1
  3. It’s not over yet
  4. Bad End
  5. Load Save 1
  6. That’s unfortunate


Now that you have the Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Shinpachi Nagakura Walkthrough, unravel the fantastic world of magic, adventure and love.


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