Hellish Quart Controls

Hellish Quart Controls

Our Hellish Quart Controls is useful for all the gamers who want to play Hellish Quart. Let us look at the Hellish Quart Controls so that you can play the game better.

Hellish Quart Controls – Basic Controls

Below are the standard controls. You can change the controls as per your needs.

Movelist F1
Switch enemy between Ai and human player (will restart combat) F2
Show Endurance F3
Show Damage floarts F4
Slowmo Mode (breaks some inputs, resets after enemy is defeat) F5
Move Forward /Back D / A
Move Left / Right WS
High Swing Right Attack T
High Swing Left Attack Y
Low Swing Right Attack G
Low Swing Left Attack H
High Right Attack L
High Left Attack I
Low Right Attack J
Low Left Attack K
Long Guard (or another alternative moves, special attack) Space
Grapple 1 E
Push Q
Pause/Menu Esc

Special Attacks

If you want to perform special attacks, use the below control combinations.

Shove Y + T
Head Grab T + G
Body Grab Y + H

Hellish Quart Controls – Special Guards

Special guards.

High Guard: Walk up & hold space Great defense against low attacks
Long Guard: Hold Space To keep enemies at distance
Iron Gate: Hold down & hold space to interrupt enemies advance


Now that you have the Hellish Quart Controls, use it to enjoy your game. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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