Henri Stickmin Medals Guide

Henri Stickmin Medals Guide

Our Henri Stickmin Medals Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Henri Stickmin. Let us look at the Henri Stickmin Medals Guide so that you can unlock all medals and the process of how to get each medal.


Henri Stickmin Medals – Breaking the Bank

Below are the medals of Breaking the Bank. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

The Story Begins medal Beat the game by selecting the Disguise.
Bank Account medal Get every characters bio in the game.
Pentafail medal Get all 5 fails.
Chirp Chirp medal After selecting the Shovel, a gas explosion is triggered causing a car alarm to go off. Click on the black car to stop the alarm and get the achievement.

Henri Stickmin Medals – Escaping the Prison

Below are the medals of Escaping the Prison. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

Lawyered Up / Lame / Legal medal Get the Lawyered Up ending. Use the Cellphone. Henry will then call his lawyer Felix White. It then skips to Henry’s Trial. Present the Disguise.
Badass Bust Out / Badass medal Get the Badass Bust Out ending. Use the drill then the crowbar. Click the left arrow then Click the up button. Click when it says click very fast, although you really only have to click once.
Sneaky Escapist  medal Get the Sneaky Escapist ending. Use the file. Use the file on the Cell Door. Then, click the alarms very fast. Henry will hide in the door. Use the chair and go right. Use the plungers.
Brawl Reference medal Do the Badass ending, but at the second part of dodging the cops, go right
Donut Want medal Collect all the donuts and bagels hidden across the game (you can collect one 5 times)
BRRAAGGHHH medal In the credits of the sneaky ending, click the sun to find a hidden Shoop da Whoop
Prisoneer / Lots of effort medal Get all of the 18 unique fails in “Escaping the Prison”.

Mobile version exclusive medals

  • Wanted medal: Click the wanted board in the jail lobby after drinking the NrG drink.

The Henry Stickmin Collection exclusive medals

It’s a Joke medal “I’m not dumb, ok”  Henry seems baffled as if he understood the joke or not! From the cell, choose these options in the order- Drill > Opacitator > Word Opaque (misspelled)
Prisoner Log medal Gather all of the bios within Escaping the Prison

Henri Stickmin Medals – Stealing the Diamond

Below are the medals of Stealing the Diamond. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

Intruder on a Scooter / Aggresive medal Win the game through the Intruder on a Scooter/Aggressive ending
Unseen Burglar / Undetected medal Win the game through the Unseen Burglar/Undetected ending.
Just Plain Epic / Epic medal Win the game through the Just Plain Epic/Epic ending
Fail Champion / Failsterpiece medal Get all 40 unique fails.
Like a D6 medal Loose 6 points (Jumble Hoppers 3 times in a row)
tl;dr medal In the fail screen for the Wormhole Rifle read the long description and click on “here”.
BUNP medal In the final choice screen for Unseen Burglar, choose the Snap Neck option
01100010 medal During the fail screen for the Goodball (Pokeball), close as many of the error windows as you can

Original version exclusive medals

Failtastic medal Fail a total of 55 times (more than once)
It’s a joke Guys medal Click the misspelled word on the Liquidificator’s instruction sheet > mipselled
Obscure medal medal Click on all the portraits of the museum > Zeus-Rage, LOL wut pear, Angry Hitler, Pyramids, No U Luigi, munas 561 A.D., Leonidas IV 672 A.D

The Henry Stickmin Collection exclusive medals

The Ledger medal Get the bios for all 27 characters in the game
Connoisseur medal steal all the paintings in the museum (30)

Henri Stickmin Medals – Infiltrating the Airship

Below are the medals of Infiltrating the Airship. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

Rank GSPI medal Win the game through the Government Supported Private Investigator pathway
Rank RPE medal Win the game through the Rapidly Promoted Executive pathway
Master of Fails / Frequent Failer medal Get all 60 unique fails
Rank PBT medal Win the game through the Pure Blooded Thief pathway
Rank RBH medal Win the game through the Relentless Bounty Hunter pathway
Biggoron’s Sword / Biggol Sword medal Check this link, is quite long
Bound to the Earth medal In Henry’s fight with the Right Hand Man, choose “Yo-Yo”, then “Goods”
The Last Fantasy / Last Reverie medal same battle as above, Dirk & “Tools”
Famous Movie Line medal The fail screen for Ninja Star > click M-U-L-A-N
Braaagghh.. medal click the moon during the credits of Relentless Bounty Hunter
BEEEEEEEE medal click the Team Fortress 2 logo during the credits of Rapidly Promoted Executive
Buttery Shack medal fail screen for the Parachute, click > Butterfingers
Barnyard Bitz medal When hiding in the ventilation duct with the electrical defense > Make animal noise
Gold medal Click Banana in the Banana Bomb fail screen.
LOLOLOL!!11 medal Choose the hack option in the “Pure Blooded Thief” ending, and click on the four puns in the fail screen
You win medal Achieve the fake rank of Lightning Quick Larcenist

Original version exclusive medals

Failpocalypse medal Fail a total of 100 times
Kredit 2 Team medal Watch the credits of 1 ending without skipping
Music Enthusiast medal Click on a music link during the credits of one ending

The Henry Stickmin Collection exclusive medals

Membership medal Find all 58 original character bios

Henri Stickmin Medals – Fleeing the Complex

Below are the medals of Fleeing the Complex. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

Rank GI medal Win the game through the Ghost Inmate pathway
Rank PD medal Win the game through the Presumed Dead pathway
Golden Boy / Notorious Failster medal Get all 60 unique fail animations
Rank IRD medal Win the game through the International Rescue Operative pathway
Rank CA medal Win the game through the Convict Allies pathway
Rise’n Shine medal Find all five appearances of Gary Mann (a man with a briefcase), and click on him each time
Rank TB medal Win the game through the The Betrayed pathway
bruUGHNO medal Find the three hidden Shoop da Whoop faces in the game
Nailed It medal Get perfect landings-When entering the security office after Power Jump ,When reaching the docks after using Helium.After using the Leaf and transforming back.
Waldo / Waldorf medal Find Waldorf (Convict Allies pathway > final choice screen >behind a rock
xXn00bslayerXx medal After Henry killing Ellie /Convict Allies) click on “instant replay”
Spooked medal During the “Presumed Dead” pathway, while in the yard, choose to enter Freddy’s building and get spooked by Freddy Fazbear.
Easy Medal medal In “The Betrayed”, after failing to reach the Airship with the Slingshot, click here fail screen), then keep clicking the buttons and wait a few seconds after the “Don’t click this button” window

Original version exclusive medals

Kredit 2 Team medal Watch the entire end credits for one ending
Patron of Tunes medal lick on a music link during the credits of one ending
Master of the wall medal Get an achievement  > click the text in the description
101 Failmations medal atch the entire end credits for one ending
Kredit 2 Tam medal Fail 101 times

The Henry Stickmin Collection exclusive medals

Roll Cat medal Find all 75 original character bios

Henri Stickmin Medals – Completing the Mission

Below are the medals of Completing the Mission. We gave also listed the process to get each medal.

Completing the Mission Endings Medals

TK Ending Toppat King
CeO Ending Cleaned ‘ em Out
SSR Ending Stickmin Space Resort
LNE Ending Litthe Nest Egg
SBO Ending Special Brovert Ops
JB Ending Jewel Baron
VH Ending Valiant Hero
FM Ending Free Man
R Ending Revenged
TCW Ending Toppat Civil Warfare
PP Ending Pardoned Pals
TR Ending Toppat Recruits
CG Ending Capital Gains
T4L Ending Toppat King
TK Ending Toppat 4 Life
TT Ending Triple Threat

Completing the Mission Among Us Medal

You need to find 12 hidden Among us crew mates.

  • Master Bounty Hunter: afer using Convert > warehouse > next to a cabinet (Red crewmate)
  • Cleaned ’em Out:
    • Henry jumps off the Toppat train >  on a crate
    • Henry is in the rocket and uses Leafmöde > on a crate (Blue crewmate)
  • Toppat 4 Life, if Ellias Bahtchin orders Phantom to nuke the military camp > next to Phantom (Green crewmate)
  • Toppat Civil Warfare: Midnight Surprise plan > ventilation duct with the electrical defense (Pink crewmate)
  • Capital Gains: Empty the money cart of the wrecked Toppat train > among the gold (Orange crewmate)
  • Revenged: At the start of the story > next to his bed (Black crewmate)
  • Free Man: When Henry uses the Remote > floating in space (White crewmate)
  • Jewel Baron: vault of the Toppat Orbital Station > teleport inside (Purple crewmate)
  • Triple Threat: If Henry and Ellie use Parasols to land on the control tower > inside the tower (right) (Brown crewmate)
  • Valiant Hero: final choice screen > Luxury escape pod (Light Blue crewmate)
  • Stickmin Space Resort: Switching hats > open truck to the right  (Light Green crewmate)

Completing the Mission Rest of the Medals

Lockpick Pro medal 2nd choice screen for “Free Man”, keep using the Lockpick (6 times)
Speedrun Stats medal Toppat 4 Life > chosing the Walkthrough fail, end it quick
Play of the Game medal Revenged > fail message for Absorb > Play of the Game option
Respects medal Cleaned ’em Out > Mannequin fails, press F  (while on the fail screen)
BRRYYESS! medal End credits for Capital Gains > click the setting sun
This is Fun! medal Triple Threat pathway > 2nd choice screen > Swap option 6 times in a row
Greasy Delight medal Valiant Hero > lose the Hot Knife > click on Butterfingers (fail screen)
Multiverse Correction medal Multiverse Correction ending.
The Story Ends medal Get all 164 unique fails
Allies and Enemies medal Find all 222 bios


Now that you have the Henri Stickmin Medals Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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