House Flipper Dragon Ball Locations

House Flipper Dragon Ball Locations

Our House Flipper Dragon Ball Locations is useful for all the gamers who want to play House Flipper. Let us look at the House Flipper Dragon Ball Locations so that you can collect all the 7 dragon balls. Using these balls you can unlock the easter egg of the Kame House DLC.

House Flipper Dragon Ball – 7 Locations

Below are the locations of all the dragon balls.

  • 1st dragon ball: Living Room > Under the table (Press C to Crouch)
  • 2nd dragon ball: Kitchen > Inside one of the cupboards (Press C to Crouch)
  • 3rd dragon ball: Bathroom > Behind the door
  • 4th dragon ball: Basement > Under the leftmost bed (Requires to move the bed)
  • 5th dragon ball: Outside > Lower right area of the island > Between the rocks
  • 6th dragon ball: Outside > Below the window near the TV
  • 7th dragon ball: Outside > Very close to the previous one > Between the rocks

Video Guide

If you face any problem in finding the dragon balls, use the below video guide by TmarTn2 to find them.


Now that you have the House Flipper Dragon Ball Locations, use it to find the dragon balls. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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