HuniePop Audrey Guide | Preferences, Schedule, Answers

HuniePop Audrey

Let us look at HuniePop Audrey Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers. All these things make your gaming journey more easy and exciting so that you unlock all puzzles and scenes. You will also learn about Audrey in this guide.


Audrey Character Overview

Let us learn a few basic stuff about Audrey.

Last Name Belrose
Age 21
Education In College
Height 5,2″
Weight 102 lbs
Occupation Student
Cup size B
Birthday Apr 6
Hobby Shopping
Favourite color Velvet Red
Favourite Season Spring
Fav Hangout Nightclub

HuniePop Audrey – Preferences

Below are the preferences of Audrey in the game.

Most desired trait Flirtation
Least Desired Trait Romance
Loves Gift Type Rave
Unique Gift Type Narcotics
Likes Gift Types Toys, also Aquarium
Likes Food Types Junk Food, also Fruit
Favorite Drink Daiquiri
Alcohol Tolerance High

HuniePop Audrey – Schedule

Below is the schedule of Audrey. These are the things that Audrey does from Monday to Tuesday.

Monday Morning – —, Afternoon – Campus, Evening – Mall, also Night – Nightclub
Tuesday Morning – —, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Nightclub
Wednesday Morning – —, Afternoon – Campus, Evening – Mall, also Night – Night
Thursday Morning — Gym, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Nightclub
Friday Morning – —, Afternoon – Campus, Evening – Mall, also Night – Night
Saturday Morning – —, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Bar
Sunday Morning – -, Afternoon – Beach, Evening – Beach, also Night – Bar

HuniePop Audrey – Questions And Answers

We have complied the list of all the Audrey questions and correct answers.

1° Question …work out? / answer “I was born perfect. I don’t need to work out.”
2° Question …girls that shave their / answer “Yeah, public hair is gross”
3° Question …still talk to any of the girls… / answer “Hell no!”
4° Question …vent when somebody pisses you off? / answer “I scream in their face about it.”
5° Question …saw me with another guy / answer “I’d break his ♥♥♥♥ing face.”
6° Question go to position? / answer “I like to give it from behind.”
7° Question …going to university? / answer “School is nothing but a waste of time and money.”
8° Question …you are on? / answer “I like to get high every now and again.”
9° Question ..How many times a day / answer “As many times as it takes.”
10° Question …when you’re bored? / answer “You get ♥♥♥♥ed up on drugs, duh.”
11° Question …hate most about a dating? / answer “Pretty much everything.”
12° Question …biggest turn on? Huh? / answer “Broads who don’t know how to let lose and have fun.”
13° Question …hate to even look at? / answer “I can’t stand fake ♥♥♥ hoes”
14° Question …stolen anything? / answer “Of course, It’s too easy to get away with.”


Now that you have HuniePop Tiffany Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers, use them to explore the game.


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