HuniePop Kyanna Guide | Preferences, Schedule, Answers

HuniePop Kyanna

Let us look at HuniePop Kyanna Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers. All these things make your gaming journey more easy and exciting so that you unlock all puzzles and scenes. You will also learn about Kyanna in this guide.


Kyanna Character Overview

Let us learn a few basic stuff about Kyanna.

Last Name Delrio
Age 21
Education Dropout
Height 5,6″
Weight 118 lbs
Occupation Hairdresser
Cup size DD
Birthday Mar 16
Hobby Working out
Favourite color Ocean Blue
Favourite Season Summer
Fav Hangout Gym

HuniePop Kyanna – Preferences

Below are the preferences of Kyanna in the game.

Most desired trait Talent
Least Desired Trait Romance
Loves Gift Type Fitness
Unique Gift Type Mexico
Likes Gift Types Yoga, also Dancer
Likes Food Types Veggies, also Breakfast
Favorite Drink Pina Colada
Alcohol Tolerance Low

HuniePop Kyanna – Schedule

Below is the schedule of Kyanna. These are the things that Kyanna does from Monday to Tuesday.

Monday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Asleep
Tuesday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Gym, Evening – Cafe, also Night – Nightclub
Wednesday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Asleep
Thursday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Gym, Evening – Cafe, also Night – Nightclub
Friday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Mall, Evening – Mall, also Night – Asleep
Saturday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Beach, Evening – Beach, also Night – Nightclub
Sunday Morning – Gym, Afternoon – Beach, Evening – Beach, also Night – Nightclub

HuniePop Kyanna – Questions And Answers

We have complied the list of all the Kyanna questions and correct answers.

1° Question …good with money? / answer “I would say so, I’ve always been good at saving up for important things.”
2° Question …exercise a lot or are you a major couch potato? / answer “Yeah! I hardly ever miss a day.”
3° Question …get up early in the morning or… / answer “Bright and early! Things to do, people to see”
4° Question …stability or spontaneity / answer “I prefer stability. It’s important to have an anchor down somewhere in life.”
5° Question …tell little white lies? / answer “Nope, a lie is a lie.”
6° Question responsibility for his actions? / answer “Very much so. I take pride in always seeing my commitments through.”
7° Question …last relationship end? / answer “We sort of grew apart and mutually agreed that it was the right thing.”
8° Question …girls who wear makeup? / answer “I love makeup, it makes girls look much prettier”
9° Question …about kids? / answer “I love kids, They bring so much joy into your life”
10° Question …personality that you just can’t stand? / answer “I don’t like ♥♥♥♥♥es. It’s like, holy ♥♥♥♥ chill out ♥♥♥♥♥.”
11° Question …thoughts on unplanned pregnancies? / answer “I think it should be left up to the potential mother to decide.”
12° Question …looking for in a relationship? / answer “I just want to hang out, have fun and see where it goes, You know?”
13° Question …life advice / answer “Confidence is the foundation for all success in life.”
14° Question …automatic relationship deal breaker / answer “I don’t think there’s a anything that can’t be worked”


Now that you have HuniePop Tiffany Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers, use them to explore the game.


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