HuniePop Lola Guide | Preferences, Schedule, Answers

HuniePop Lola Guide

Let us look at HuniePop Lola Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers. All these things make your gaming journey more easy and exciting so that you unlock all puzzles and scenes. You will also learn about Lola in this guide.


Lola Character Overview

Let us learn a few basic stuff about Lola.

Last Name Rembrite
Age 24
Education College (4yr)
Height 5,7″
Weight 122 lbs
Occupation Stewardess
Cup size D
Birthday Feb 23
Hobby Tennis
Favourite color Baby blue
Favourite Season Spring
Fav Hangout Cafe

HuniePop Lola – Preferences

Below are the preferences of Lola in the game.

Most desired trait Romance
Least Desired Trait Talent
Loves Gift Type Sports
Unique Gift Type Travel
Likes Gift Types Baking, also Scuba
Likes Food Types Breakfast, also Fruit
Favorite Drink Cocktail
Alcohol Tolerance Normal

HuniePop Lola – Schedule

Below is the schedule of Lola. These are the things that Lola does from Monday to Tuesday.

Monday Out of Town
Tuesday Out of Town
Wednesday Morning – Cafe, Afternoon – Park, Evening – Beach, also Night – Bar
Thursday Morning – Cafe, Afternoon – Gym, Evening – Mall, also Night – Nightclub
Friday Morning – Cafe, Afternoon – Park, Evening – Beach, also Night – Bar
Saturday Morning – Cafe, Afternoon – Gym, Evening – Mall, also Night – Nightclub
Sunday Out of Town

HuniePop Lola – Questions And Answers

We have complied the list of all the Lola questions and correct answers.

1° Question …sports? / answer “But yeah, I’m pretty much the best of all time”
2° Question …drinking coffee? / answer “or you could say I’m a coffee addict.”
3° Question …longest relationship? / answer “Several years, it was pretty serious.”
4° Question …Fifteen years? / answer “Still working my ♥♥♥ off to get what I want”
5° Question …trait to have in a girlfriend? / answer “An ambitious and independent woman, A real go-getter..”
6° Question perfect date look like / answer “Something outdoorsy and adventurous; a new experience.”
7° Question …made you approach me / answer “Probably that form fitting uniform of yours”
8° Question …books do you like? / answer “You can usually find me in self-help section”
9° Question ..get up in the morning? / answer “The goals that I haven’t achieved yet.”
10° Question …wake up in the morning? / answer “How am I going to make the most out of this day?”
11° Question …biggest goal in life? / answer “To discover new things to learn and explore”
12° Question …greatest weakness? / answer “Weakness? I don’t know the meaning of the word.”
13° Question …definition of success? / answer “Accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, whatever they might be.”
14° Question …outdoorsy type? / answer “Definitely, I can’t stand being cooped up inside all day.”


Now that you have HuniePop Tiffany Guide Preferences, Schedule, Answers, use them to explore the game.


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