I Love you Colonel Sanders Walkthrough And Ending

I Love you Colonel Sanders Walkthrough

Our I Love you Colonel Sanders Walkthrough And Ending is useful for all the gamers who want to play I Love you Colonel Sanders. Let us look at the I Love you Colonel Sanders Walkthrough And Ending so that you can unlock all chapters and best endings.


I Love you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Day 1

Chapter 1 – The First Bite Walkthrough

  1. Smack that clock!
  2. You need to take this seriously!
  3. Pep talk your best friend.
  4. Chicken Snack
  5. Sit by Colonel Sanders
  6. Pop Quiz:
    1. Extremely
    1. Feather
    1. A spork
    1. Anything with love, and not too much salt
    1. He is the best boy!

Chapter 2 – The Second Bite Walkthrough

  1. Focus your mind
  2. Meet Colonel Sanders outside after the meal

Chapter 3 – The Third Bite Walkthrough

  1. Be modest but thoughtful.
  2. Clank
  3. Your grandmother’s mashed potatoes and gravy.
  4. Fight the Spork Monster then spare his life.
  5. Turn to Colonel Sanders, hunk of hunks.

Chapter 4 – The Fourth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Defend
  2. Spare this wretched beast.

I Love you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Day 2

Chapter 5 – The Fifth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Make up a fake ingredient.
  2. Run to him!
  3. Compliment the craftsmanship of the horse’s shoes.
  4. Act like you’re not interested
  5. Choose the one you want, but with the dog treat you will have and extra choice

Chapter 6 – The Sixth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Step up and tell them, You’re on!
  2. Quiz:
    1. 100°C.
    1. Eleven herbs.
    1. Gratitude.
    1. A small town
    1. Silence.
  3. The choice doesn’t matter
  4. Internalize your rage.

Chapter 7 – The Seventh Bite Walkthrough

  1. Reveal it.
  2. Click on scented candle
  3. Then click on the glowing door.
  4. You fess up and tell the truth.

I Love you Colonel Sanders – Walkthrough Day 3 & Ending

Chapter 8 – The Eighth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Flatter him

Chapter 9 – The Ninth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Don’t do it after all.
  2. He must be hungry!
  3. Fess up about your practice dish.

Chapter 10 – The Tenth Bite Walkthrough

  1. Do it the hard way.
  2. You summon extra power from deep inside yourself.
  3. You can choose to adopt spork monster or not

Enjoy the best ending of the game

I Love you Colonel Sanders Ending Video

Below is the best ending in the game.


Now that you have the walkthrough and ending, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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