Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide

Inner Growth Walkthrough

Our Inner Growth Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Inner Growth. Let us look at the Inner Growth Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, Villain and Hero routes.

You need to have 2 walkthrough Dark and Light To unlock all the scenes.


Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide – Version 1

  • Don’t worry your… (+Dark) OR I will tell her… (+Light)
  • Wake up (+Light & +Favor) OR Let him (+Filth & +Favor) OR Cut him (+Dark & -Favor)
  • Kneel (+Favor) OR Mother… (+Light) OR I smeared your.. (+ Dark)
  • Pee in the corner (+Filth)
  • Ehm Thanks (+ Light) OR Oh no you didn’t (+Dark)
  • Only if you chose “Ehm Thanks”: I want you both (+ Filth) > Your Choice
  • Sure, why not? (+ Light) OR I won’t need to eat.. (+ Dark)
  • Choose All in Order
  • Do Nothing (- Light) OR Yeet him away (+ Light) OR Hit him hard (+ Dark)

Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide – Version 2

  • Wait for selene (+ Light) OR Convince Selene (+ Dark)
  • I tag alone
  • Take her out (+ Light) OR Show her how (+ Dark)
  • Win without hurting her (+ Light) OR Win (+ Dark)
  • Keep calm and enjoy (+ Light) OR Maker Envy envy you (+ Dark)

Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide – Version 3

  • Don’t give her (+ Light) OR Inside her (+ Dark)
  • Only if Dark or Light > 7: Break cuffs > Stick in toilet > cup on sink >Plate under the bed > Stick (combine with plate) > stick plate (combine with cup) > speaker > Crap on the guard (+Light) > J.. Off (+Filth) > Can you get N > Seduce the guard (+Dark)
  • I accept the deal (+ Favor)
  • Your choice

Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide – Version 4

  • Do ask she says (+ Light) OR Risk it (+ Dark)
  • Accept the yellow punishment (+Filth)
  • Knock him out. (+ Light) OR Make use of your new toy (+ Dark)
  • Non-lethal approach (+ Light) OR Lethal approach (+ Dark)
  • Save her (+ Light) OR Leave her (+ Dark)
  • Have some fun > Your choices
  • Solve > 2nd stone from top > 5th > 3rd > 4th > 1st

Inner Growth Walkthrough And Guide – Version 5

  • Your choice (beg Selene or ask Catha)
  • Hit up Alice OR Jack off
  • Take a Piss (+ Filth)
  • Click on Bartender
  • Nice
  • Click on Girl with red dress > Man on Lounger > Girl on far right > Door behind bartender > Woman next to Brianna

Version 6 Walkthrough

  • Depending on your choice
    • Ok, lets do it: Do it
    • You know, I would…: It’s a Deal (+Filth, but – Favor) OR That sounds suspicious (+Favor)
    • No thanks (+Favor)
  • Your choice: Stay with Deva > yes they are OR Look what celine and catha…
  • Depending on your choice
    • Go check on Gloria: Let Gloria OR Do Something
    • Check out the Ebony: Play with her OR just warn her
    • Have a Drink: Smash his face (+ Dark) OR Smash his face a bit gentler (+ Light)
  • Give her Catha OR Kill Vanth (requires Dark >16) OR Save Selene (requires Light >16)

Version 7 Walkthrough

  • Choose all in order
  • Your choices


Now that you have the Inner Growth Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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