Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough And Guide

Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough

Our Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play this game. Let us look at the Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough And Guide.


Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough

Take out the postcard Use the knife to open the envelope
Grab the wire From the Carnival sign go right, enter the diner and tap on the plate of food
Pick up the key Tap on the fuse box
Get 3 items in the Kitchen Bottle (table) > Shell (fish tank) > Videotape (stove)
Take the spring Head to the theater (through the alley)
Dragonfly Go to the diner, then to the gallery (right), and tap on the dragonfly, go to the Carnival sign and tap on him again
Take the tape  Go to the store (through the gallery), open the box with the key and take it
Yellow rock Find it at the train station, unlock the suitcase with the wire
Fix the wire Diner > use the tape to fix the wire located in the fuse box

Neon Arrows

 Neon Arrows outside, in front of the diner lit up (note where they point – right, left…)
Radio Inside > press the buttons in the same order as the neon arrows (right, left…), then take the green tea from the waiter
Get the knife Give the green tea to the customer
Hot dog  Note the marks of the hot dog
Carnival Sign’s door tap on the door and use the number combination from the hot dog
Upstairs (inside) take the lightbulb (bed) > use the spring on the man on the bed and note the colors
Theater’s door Use the lightbulb clue to open it
Inside the Theater Take the shovel, interact with the paper under the couch, and also grab the badge (painting)
Store Use the lightbulb with the lamp, then notice the clock (small hand = 7 and big hand = 11)
Ship ticket At the train station cut the dotted line on the notice (wall) with the knife
Clock move the hands > small hand = 7 and big hand = 11
Inside Train station tap on the asterisk on the building to see the direction of the numbers you can find on posters

Video Walkthrough

Below we are also giving the video guide by youtuber Games 24.


Now that you have the Isoland The Amusement Park Walkthrough And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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