Katy Perry Roblox ID – November 2021


Our KATY PERRY Roblox IDs have roblox song ids of all the hit songs that you might be looking to play in Roblox games. These Roblox music codes make your gaming journey more fun and interesting.

Here in this article we are going to see a few of the music Id’s that you can use. We will also tell you how you can apply them in the game.

Best KATY PERRY Roblox ID Codes

Below are all the music id codes for KATY PERRY that you can find in Roblox.

SongRoblox ID
Katy Perry – I Met a Girl5924803889
Katy Perry – Hot N Cold5871893360
Katy Perry-The One That Got Away4838541502
Katy Perry – Firework140295950
Nightcore – i kllssed a girl (katy perry)2113477573
Katy Perry – Roar136140798
Dark Gasoline – Katy Perry vs. Halsey334726897
||φ|| katy perry – chained to the rhythm2409893088
Katy Perry – Swish Swish (ft. Nicki Minaj)5697343949
Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Trap Remix)241335018
Roar Katy Perry – Cover208511807
Katy Perry – Birthday (Goldie Remix)718105109
Plastic Bag ~Katy Perry~680769397
Katy Perry – 3652937079901
Katy Perry – Unconditionally136753871
Katy Perry – Birthday5876568392
Katy Perry – Firework6289273342
Katy Perry – Roar 🐯 [INSTRUMENTAL]297183554
Katy Perry – E.T (Dubstep Remix)286710457
[READ DESC] Katy Perry – Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)148574921
Katy Perry – Chained to The Rhythm6272483884
VIOLA | Firework – Katy Perry4627952263
LIKE AN PLASTIC BAG (Firework Katy Perry Parody)143962081
katy perry roar132357474
Katy Perry – Rise (Pitched Version)457173704
Katy Perry – HarIeys In Hawaii (Full)4610346258
Katy Perry – This Is How We Do 💄 [RAC MIX]245186521
Katy Perry – xxx365xxx3109400449
Katy Perry – The One That Got Away (Piano Ver.)192620403
Katy Perry – Birthday – Edit Audio5805501626
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry4572539167
Katy Perry – Hey Hey Hey2988407370
Nightcore: Never Really Over Katy Perry3247912345
Katy Perry – Firework (Nightcore Cover)5849502400
Dark Horse- Katy Perry (REMIX) [200+ Takes]144102392
Roar – Katy Perry (without autotune)147223524
Poopie | Birthday ~ Katy Perry4972683313
wide awake-katy perry159276224
Katy Perry – Bon Appetit (Acapella Chorus)852077258
Dark Horse – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J170053264
Katy Perry “Part Of Me”1304316595
slowed down katy perry3267985214
Katy Perry- Chained to the Rhythm Karaoke Version1801285087
Katy Perry – Trust In Me260246286
Poopie | Wide Awake ~ Katy Perry5150495293
Skrillex ft katy perry – First Of The Year – EQUIN2410964938
Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Dark Horse (SLICK Remix)159482280
Katy Perry – Bon Appetite (Fashion Famous)1229112110
Katy Perry – This Is How We Do3541402226
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream DVD (Prismatic World To1102757017
Firework – Katy Perry [MIDI]6375936066
E.T. – Katy Perry Parody288123744
Katy Perry – Rise475239563
Katy Perry- Walking on Air138157018
||φ|| katy perry – dressin’ up1113150036
Katy Perry – This Is How We Do (Levi Niha Remix)337672821
Mannequin / / Katy Perry224928383
JACK || A Girl || Katy Perry3447474558
Katy Perry – Waking Up In Vegas4900836063
Katy Perry – Roar (Official Instrumental)4625056834
Skrillex & Katy Perry – E.T. (Bugzz Equinox Remix)292741702
JACK || Bon Appetit || Katy Perry3188805202
Katy Perry – Bon Appetit [Slowverb Instru5191216503
Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sung in 20 Styles)175421920
RAWR (ROAR Katy Perry Vegan Parody)442201918
Katy Perry – International Smile, Vouge (PRISMATIC3118705610
Katy Perry – Witness (Acapella Chorus)861194508
Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)5505637657
Make Me Your Aphrodite (Dark horse – Katy Perry)5556636477
Roar by Katy Perry performed by the ########### al948403644
[HD] Katy Perry – Unconditionally [100+ SALES]138375887
Katy Perry – ROARRRRRRRR6768533554
Katy Perry – Double Rainbow4588309202
Katy Perry – Smile ( NIGHTCORE )5327214224
E.T Katy Perry6915316924
I Played Widow (Katy Perry – I ###### A Girl PAROD1330308855
Katy Perry – E-T [ Noisia Remix, Vocal DJ Edit ] (220977435
Katy Perry – Dark Horse Sung in 20 Different ways173927497
Katy Perry – That’s More Like It5149212498
Katy Perry – Long Shot5007434127
Katy Perry – Pendulum4587304092
Katy Perry – Déjà Vu4587322570
Katy Perry – Roar5552777736
Katy Perry ‘Hot n Cold’ Live in Newcastle Prismati1102759796
Katy Perry – Roar PARODIE – Dit is het Kippenhok2772559009
Katy Perry – Walking On Air (Instrumental)5407454933

What are Roblox Music ID Codes?

Roblox Music ID codes are a ten-digit numerical codes that you can use to play sound effects, soundtrack, or narration in your roblox game. These codes are a unique way to blend music with gaming.


The first thing that you need to integrate music with roblox is a boombox. Without boombox you cannot play your favorite music in roblox. There are many options of boomboxes that you can go for depending on your budget.

The most cost effective boombox is the Beat Up Super Jank Boombox. You will have to spend $250 to get this boombox. If you are willing to spend more, go for Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox. However it will cost you $1,000 dollars.

Just follow the below steps to use the music ids.

  • Enter the game. Look for the boombox or the Radio feature.
  • Copy the Music ID code from the above list and paste it.
  • Now your music will start playing.


The above steps and instructions are common to most of the Roblox games. Each and every Roblox game is created by a different developer. Therefore, it depends on game developers how the music will play.

Boombox are a thing of past and do not work well in 2021. Most of the games do not have the option of purchasing Boombox. You might need to purchase a Gamepass using Robux to use the Radio in the game.


Now that you have the Roblox ID’s, use them to play songs in Roblox games. If you want Roblox music codes for any other song, do let us know in the comment section.


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