Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds

Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds

Are you looking for Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds.


Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds | General

Escape Pause Menu
Up, Down, Right & Left arrows Turn view
Numpad + Zoom in
Numpad – Zoom out
Page Up Scroll view up
Page Down Scroll view down
Home Scroll stage icons up
End Scroll stage icons down

F Menu Controls

F1 Screenshot
F2 UI visibility
F3 results screen
F4 ship labels
F5 Quicksave
Mod + F5 Make a specific, user-inputted quicksave
F6 Previous action
F7 Next action
F9 Hold Load quicksave
Mod + F9  Load a specific quicksave
F10 temperature gauges
Mod + F10 Load saved game state dialogue box
F11 temperatures overlay
F12 aerodynamic forces overlay
Mod + F12 Debug & cheat menu

Kerbal Space Program PC Controls & Keybinds – Flight

W Pitch down
S Pitch up
A Yaw left
D Yaw right
Q Roll left
E Roll right
Caps Lock precision controls
Left Shift Increase throttle
Left Control Decrease throttle
Space Launch stage
F Hold Invert SAS state
C IVA view
V camera view
` Reset camera
\ camera movement (mouse)
X Cut throttle
Z Full throttle
G landing gear
U lights
B Wheel brake
M orbital map
Tab Cycle focus in orbital map
Shift + Tab Reverse cycle focus in orbital map
Backspace Reset focus in orbital map
. Time warp increase
, Time warp decrease
Mod + . Forced time warp increase
Mod + , Forced time warp decrease
/ Stop time warp
. (numpad del) navball
Insert Default controls
Delete Docking controls
] Focus through ships
[ Cycle through ships
1-9, 0 Activate custom action group 1-10
Backspace Activate abort action group
Mod + L Lock current stage
Mod + X Reset trim
Right-click Open part info window
Mod + Right click Open multiple info windows for fuel transfer

Flight RCS Controls

H RCS translate forward
N RCS translate backwards
I RCS translate down
K RCS translate up
J RCS translate left
L RCS translate right

Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds – Docking

Below is the list of default Docking Controls & Keybinds

Space translation & rotation
W Pitch down or also Translate forward
S Pitch up or also Translate backwards
A Yaw left or also Translate left
D Yaw right or also Translate right
Q Roll left
E Roll right
Left Shift Translate up
Left Control Translate down


Below is the list of the default EVA Controls & Keybinds

W Walk or also jetpack forward
S Walk or also jetpack backwards
A Walk or also jetpack left
D Walk or also jetpack right
Q Jetpack rotate left
E Jetpack rotate right
Left Shift Jetpack up
Left Control Jetpack down
R jetpack
Space Jump
Left Shift Hold Run
Mod movement
F Use part
B Board
Space Jetpack  Reorient camera
U lights
O helmet
P Deploy parachute
Shift + (W/S/A/D) + Space Jump from ladders
Left-click and also drag left Jet counter clockwise
Left click and also drag right Jet clockwise
Left click and also drag up Pitch down by jet
Left-click and also drag down Pitch up by jet


Below is the list of default VAB & SPH Controls & Keybinds

S Rotate part up
W Rotate part down
A Rotate part left (flat)
D Rotate part right (flat)
Q Rotate part left
E Rotate part right
Shift + W/S/A/D/Q/E to rotate parts in 5°
Space Reset part rotation
` (back quote)  Search part
Delete Delete selected part
1 Place Mode
2 Offset Mode
3 Rotate Mode
4 Root Mode
FDepending on the mode Place mode: Symmetry between vessel or parent partOffset mode: absolute or load centered offsetRotate mode: absolute or relative rotation  
R Symmetry Method between mirror or radial
X Cycle symmetry settings to next
Shift + X Cycle symmetry settings to previous
C Angle Snap
Enter Reset staging list 
Ctrl + Z Undo last action
Ctrl + Y Redo last action
Mod hold Disable surface attach or alsoexclusively use node attach
Shift + Left click Move entire ship
Control + Left click Navigate to clicked part in part list
Mod + Left click Duplicate part or assembly in VAB


Now that you have the Kerbal Space Program PC Controls And Keybinds, use them to enjoy the game. If you need controls for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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