Lexi Walkthrough And Guide

Lexi Walkthrough And Guide

Our Lexi Walkthrough And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Lexi. Let us look at the Lexi Walkthrough And Guide so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, Villain and Hero routes.


Lexi Walkthrough And Guide – Day 1

  • Go to room
  • Call Parker
  • Answer Phone
  • Ask her (to open the Chelsea route)
  • Lets Go > Scene (Requires Chelsea route)
  • Bathroom (Requires Chelsea route)
  • It’s over with Laura (to keep Chelsea route open.
  • Go To Bed

Lexi Walkthrough And Guide – Day 2

  • Wake Up and Shower
  • What did the Police say
  • How are the letters addressed
  • What about an ex-boyfriend
  • I understand
  • What do they say?
  • Lexi’s age?
  • Is Lexi scared?
  • Tell the truth
  • Yes
  • Door Bell
  • Granny Panties, Thong, or Commando.
  • Why the master bedroom?
  • Husband’s job
  • Meet Lexi
  • Look
  • Sarcastic Response
  • Listen In
  • Tell her off
  • You’re a big girl
  • Take responsibility
  • Tease Her
  • Stay with her
  • Make her smile
  • Reassure her

Lexi Walkthrough And Guide – Day 3

  • Wake Up
  • It looks good on you
  • I don’t think so
  • Tease her
  • Are you sure you want to hear this?
  • I fixed a fight
  • Lets try that again
  • Help Her
  • Waist
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Treat her normal
  • Talk with Lainey
  • No Thanks
  • Help Lexi, or Help Kaylee
    • If Help Lexi:
      – Close the door
      – Keep looking
      – Stop
      – Compliment Her
      – Pink and Peach, or Pink and Black
      – Pay for it
    • If Help Kaylee:
      – Close the door
      – Just a little peek
      – Stop
      – Pink and Sweater, or Sweater and Stripes
      – Pay for it
  • Hug her

Lexi Walkthrough And Guide – Day 4

  • Go to kitchen
  • Compliment her
  • You’re on
  • Bet $50 and loose the game > look 3 times
  • I love it when she teases
  • Who’s (MC’s name) Nash?
  • She’s cute
  • Straw Dogs or Gone With The Wind
  • They’ve been great or Lexi got someone fired to get points with Sarah.
  • I think I’ll sit with Lexi, or I’ll sit with Kaylee (better extras)
    • Sitting with Kaylee:
      – Let her continue.
      – C*m
  • Check on her
  • I better check it out
  • Get a glass and join her
  • Wanna talk about it?

Day 5

  • What about Lexi’s security?
  • Break the tension
    – I think I’m gonna cry (requires sit with Lexi Day 4) or Kiss her (requires sit with Kaylee Day 4)
  • Use your key
  • Lets get back together > for the Laura Path
    • Joe’s Diner > Not in the Laura Path > $100
    • Nourriture Chere if you plan > for the Laura Path > $300
  • Be Nice
  • Give her $800 if on the Laura path or Give her $500 if not
  • Tell me about Samantha
  • Talk about Mrs Robinson
  • Tell me about the mean boy
  • Nice
  • Read her a story
  • Stay for a while > for the Laura’s path
  • Me too > for the Laura’s path for an extra animation
  • Give her 200
  • I want Chelsea, I want Laura, I want both, or Neither > for the Laura’s path If you choose “I want Laura, or Neither, most scenes with Chelsea will be skipped.

Day 6

  • Take a shower
  • She’s gorgeous
  • Feel her ass
  • Ask her on a date
  • Who’s Fauna
  • Tell me about the Prophet
  • You look beautiful
  • Defend Chelsea
  • Ok
  • Talk about Chloe
  • Talk about Laura
  • Lets talk about you
  • Invite her up to your room
  • Take her dress off
  • Move to bed
  • Kiss her lips x2 and her neck x2, do as you want, but make her c*m at least once
  • Stay the night

Day 7

  • How beautiful you are > Shower scene
  • Tell Sarah you care about her
  • Fu*k it > look closer > Well in that case > nice > tease > push
  • it was an accident
  • Upstairs > Kaylee’s room


Now that you have the Lexi Walkthrough And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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