Life Changing Choices Walkthrough And Guide – November 2021

Life Changing Choices Walkthrough

Our Life Changing Choices Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Life Changing Choices. Let us look at the Life Changing Choices Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes and levels. We have listed only one choice so that you can earn maximum points.


Life Changing Choices Walkthrough – Episode 1

Below is the best choice to get maximum points with Nicole, Eliza, Shina, Zoey, and also Yuna.

  1. Sure (Nicole +1 point)
  2. We actually are (Eliza +1 point)
  3. Thanks (Shina +1 point)
  4. Thanks. I’ll take it (Zoey +1 point)
  5. Continue
  6. Inside (Yuna +1 point)
  7. You (Nicole +1 point)

Life Changing Choices Walkthrough – Episode 2

Below is the best choice to get maximum points with Nicole, Zoey, Kana and also Shina

  1. Sure (Nicole +1 point)
  2. Kiss her (Zoey’s event)
  3. Tell her she’s better (Zoey +1 point)
  4. Alright (Kana +1 point)
  5. Sure (Kana +1 point)
  6. Sure! (Shina +1 point)
  7. Third dress (Shina+3)
  8. I accept it

Episode 3

Below is the best choice to get maximum points in Episode 3 with Alice, Ken, Yuna, Aurora, and also Zoey

  1. Mention her glasses (Alice +1 point) > I can’t choose (Alice +1 point)
  2. I agree (Ken +1 point)
  3. Yes (Yuna +1 point)
  4. Your prettier (Alice +1 point)
  5. Sure. I’ll be there
  6. Yes (Aurora +1 point)
  7. Greet her (Nicole +1 point) > Hug her (Nicole +1 point)
  8. Ask her some questions
  9. Not at all (Alice +1 point)
  10. Ask her all three questions ( You can’t miss any)
  11. Mention it (Alice +1 point)
  12. Once a year (Zoey +1 point)
  13. Let’s do it
  14. Kiss her

Episode 4

Below is the best choice to get maximum points with Charlotte, Zoey, and also Aurora

  1. Agree
  2. Compliment (Charlotte +1 point)
  3. Tell her the truth (Zoey +1 point)
  4. Insist > Kiss her back (Zoey +1 point)
  5. That’s good to hear (Charlotte +1 point)
  6. Alright
  7. Greet her (Aurora +1 point)
  8. Be direct to her (Aurora +1 point)
  9. I like it here too (Charlotte +1 point)

Make sure to ask her 3 questions to unlock another question for Charlotte ( You can’t miss any)


Now that you have the Life Changing Choices Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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