Logic Roblox ID Codes – November 2021


Our LOGIC Roblox ID have roblox song ids of all the hit songs that you might be looking to play in Roblox games. These Roblox music codes make your gaming journey more fun and interesting.

Here in this article we are going to see a few of the music Id’s that you can use. We will also tell you how you can apply them in the game.

Best LOGIC Roblox ID Codes

Below are all the music id codes for LOGIC that you can find in Roblox.

SongRoblox ID
1800-Logic Full songπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯1330686628
Danimal Cannon & Zef – Logic Gatekeeper (REUPLOAD)2237242791
Logic – Gang Related207354583
Logic – All I Do259753145
On The Low – Logic262883110
Logic – Perfect5429265934
Logic – Spotlight257858032
Logic – Ballin806445724
Logic – Ballin (B Boosted) (Instrumental) 200?373138168
Logic – Under Pressure [200+]239291595
Logic- Common Logic/Midnight Marauder278860004
Tech N9ne – Sriracha (Ft. Logic & Joyner Lucas)546091748
Logic – 5AM (Better)346742133
Logic – Mind of Logic (Clean)1389950935
5AM – Logic (CLEAN)253491467
925 – Logic282034248
Logic 1-800 Minecraft parody1073355504
Under Pressure [Clean] – Logic767952817
Logic Man Of The Year396962235
Logic – Ballin142142989
Logic – Young Sinatra III655294390
Logic x Young Jedi😈373333358
[8Bit] Logic – 1-8002295625331
– Roll Call – Logic –277851884
Logic – Walk On By413763627
Logic – Do Ya Like1096378175
Logic – Gang Related1448231940
Logic Part – ISIES3246764878
Logic & Marshmello – Everyday4558718330
Identity V Logic Points Theme2584284138
LOGIC – #### Minecraft Parody1183295820
sick logic – broke (longer version)154132611
Logic – Break It Down (Clean)241778640
Logic – Inception (Clean)239609588
Logic – Bounce (Clean Edit)335695167
Big Gigantic – All Of Me (ft. Logic & Rozes)492243805
Logic – 44 More (Instrumental)2057994722
Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)4534693799
Ghiaccio’s logic rant.4815867220
Logic – Keanu Reeves4617239185
Initialize (Drop Logic) [Initial-D OST]1317729957
Logic – Young Sinatra II672377047
Nightcore Logic1542356817
Logic- Man of The Year248092385
Logic – Prime (Cleansed by. Sucid)561041784
Logic – 1-800 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid (Not Full)4500770517
BUD VIRGIN LOGIC Γ—ζ—‹εΎ‹ Schlehit Melodie556894492
– Let Me Go – Logic –277864812
Dangan Ronpa 2 – Logic Dive182627707
– Inception – Logic –287893143
Logic – No Biggie (Clean)511804220
Logic – 5am (Instrumental)617165679
Logic – Bounce FULL876782199
Logic – The Come Up929307920
Dual Destinies – Logic Trinity142607162
Under Pressure – Logic191417658
Luck & Logic english version: Natewantstobattle587652197
Logic & Khalid, Al es si a Cara1066303846
No Logic – Luka Megurine345914334
Logic x Young ####### Type Beat4653776402
Logic – 5 AM (Instrumental)370195483
Kill Me Baby+Samurai Logic.263606886
Logic – Worthy (Clean)1975221515
The High Life – Logic271824403
Logic – Just Another Day (Clean)1425590374
Killing Spree Logic (CLEAN & FULL!!)1039945191
P-MODEL – 論理空軍(Logic Airforce)2638301476
Logic – All I Do Instrumental835875626
Logic – Keanu Reeves2899595582
[MAYU] Love Logic990924690
Logic – We Get H (Instrumental)407453076
Logic – Dead Presidents III775909019
Logic – Open Mic/Aquarius III5630841555
Jvnko & Harmful Logic – Tragic Angel6449856269
😯Logic – Soul Food ✌️ πŸ™‚5432597321
Logic Radio: The longest audio in Roblox History5947297366
γ€”γ‚Œγ‚’γ‚‹γ€•γ€Œγƒ­γ‚Έγƒƒγ‚―γ‚¨γƒΌγ‚Έγ‚§γƒ³γƒˆγ€Logic Agent296019318
Logic – man i is5630843008
logic – as i am254752997
β€œCOLOUR” Logic Type Beat I Ft ####### ############5142228494
– As I Am – Logic –277885776
Pac Logic1124117333
Nathan Goshen – Limits of logic ❀345389707
Its logic and kermittext πŸ˜‰6777184911
Logic – Back and Forth (Clean)5030938518
Logic – Growing Pains 2 (Clean)492476840
– Top Ten – Logic –303657973
Roll Call – Logic (Clean)271765050
Logic – Stain In The Game (YBI)4950640972
Logic – Growing Pains IIl [FULL]1773363029
Upchurch – joy ner Lucas ft. Logic remix3290893416
Logic – State Of Emergency ft. 2 Chainz2700865131
Logic – Tic Tac Toe706839922
The Come Up – Logic (INSTRUMENTAL)587950018
Logic – Young, Broke & Infamous (Clean)1530496220
Mama/Show Love – Logic (Instrumental)4578313454
Count It Up – Logic344222223
Logic beats1903702039
Logic – Ballin / Made By zJhonas5545222429
Logic – Icy ft. Gucci Mane6504812125
Logic – Numbers (Clean)1399329892
Logic – Night Goes On (Snippet)1489801064
all i do by logic4657946250
Logic – What You Want (Chorus)1277944731
Logic – Floating [Clean]6212681655
The Simpsons Hit & Run – Ketchup Logic258453441
Joyxner Lucas x Logic – ####4676196807
Logic Trinity179034613
Visionary Logic1837210146
Logic Freestyle6938301239
Capsule – Samurai Logic.244584258
Apollo Justice: Trance Logic6746126160
sick logic – broke LONGER VERSION IN DESCRIPTION137945172
come and catch this vibe- logic6567870037
AAI: ME – Logic ~ Way To The Truth4637124711
l o g i c roblox.com/games\1800 logic5374721139
🧠Logic -Man I Is😁5432595059
Rage Logic – dont step on my suede shoes w Manatee605956512
Dust in the Wind Logic Pro X Project437429972
Logic – All I Do Instrumental672537566
AAI2: ME – Logic Chess ~ Opening4637024992
Logic – Dead Presidents III [Undeniable]1813724389
Logic – Ordinary Day (Outro)2496061169
Logic Paths1844378375
Sequential Logic (b)1846992648
Probe Logic (A) Sting1840578573
Sequential Logic (a)1846992655
Random Logic (A)1840873746
Twisted Logic (A)1840912404
Twisted Logic (B)1840911382
Probe Logic1840599841
Psycho Logic (30s)1838680613
Probe Logic (B) Sting1840578604
Probe Logic (C) Sting1840578607
Twisted Logic (B) Sting (A)1840912432
Steel Logic 2 291836325170
Twisted Logic (B) Sting (B)1840912436
Steel Logic 1 291836325174
Twisted Logic (A)1840912194
Twisted Logic1836256838
Logic Paths1837582919
Psycho Logic (Light Vs)1838680648
Logic Control OL1839202125
Steel Logic 11836324689
Psycho Logic (No Piano)1838680662
Twisted Logic (B)1840912217
(logic x gorillaz) feel great inc927199835
Design Logic (A)1840919137
Design Logic (B)1840919148
Steel Logic 21836324720
Design Logic (A)1840920178
Probe Logic 301840578164
Probe Logic 601840577916
Design Logic (A)1840921213
Design Logic (C)1840919170
Fuzzy Logic1838121860
Steel Logic 1 591836325000
Design Logic (E)1840921229
Design Logic (D)1840919190
Twisted Logic (A)1840911001
Steel Logic 2 591836325018
Market Logic1837195674
Twisted Logic (A)1840911782
Nausea – Tech.No.Logic.Kill.1291157951
Logic – A15612584901
Logic Deduction1837342663
Dry Kill Logic – Feel The Break804651977
Psycho Logic1838680273
Logic 881844688341
Logic Control1839211229
Logic Paths1837601758
In logic, the symbolic dream1358088672
Harmful Logic Dance Of Death6515250665
Logic 881844659948
Foals – Spanish Sahara (Logic Pro X Instrumental)6773338862
Have some Logic1073188337
Random Logic (B)1840873717
AAI2: ME – Logic Chess ~ Endgame4637044471

What are Roblox Music ID Codes?

Roblox Music ID codes are a ten-digit numerical codes that you can use to play sound effects, soundtrack, or narration in your roblox game. These codes are a unique way to blend music with gaming.


The first thing that you need to integrate music with roblox is a boombox. Without boombox you cannot play your favorite music in roblox. There are many options of boomboxes that you can go for depending on your budget.

The most cost effective boombox is the Beat Up Super Jank Boombox. You will have to spend $250 to get this boombox. If you are willing to spend more, go for Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox. However it will cost you $1,000 dollars.

Just follow the below steps to use the music ids.

  • Enter the game. Look for the boombox or the Radio feature.
  • Copy the Music ID code from the above list and paste it.
  • Now your music will start playing.


The above steps and instructions are common to most of the Roblox games. Each and every Roblox game is created by a different developer. Therefore, it depends on game developers how the music will play.

Boombox are a thing of past and do not work well in 2021. Most of the games do not have the option of purchasing Boombox. You might need to purchase a Gamepass using Robux to use the Radio in the game.


Now that you have the Roblox ID’s, use them to play songs in Roblox games. If you want Roblox music codes for any other song, do let us know in the comment section.


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