Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List April 2021

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List

Are you looking for Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List. This list will help you to get the best of characters.

Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List (Characters)

This is the list of in game characters from best to worst.

Tier S

Barnyard DawgAttackerFarmS
Captain BlighDefenderTasmaniaS
Devil DogDefenderAvalooneyS
Foghorn LeghornDefenderFarmS
Friar PorkyDefenderAvalooneyS
Hippety HopperAttackerTasmaniaS
Monster FoghornDefenderWB StudiosS
Mountie ElmerDefenderSummitS
Referee FoghornSupportTownS
Sam SheepdogDefenderFarmS
Yeti GossamerDefenderSummitS

Tier A

Yokai TazAttackerForestA
Witchdoctor HazelDefenderTasmaniaA
Tweety the TwueSupportAvalooneyA
Samurai SheepdogDefenderForestA
Porky PigSupportTownA
Petunia PigSupportTownA
Pepe Le PewAttackerTownA
Penelope CoutureDefenderCityA
Mr. BugsDefenderWB StudiosA
Matador BugsDefenderWB StudiosA
Lunar PetuniaSupportAvalooneyA
Holiday Bugs BunnyDefenderWB StudiosA
Farmer HectorDefenderFarmA
Desperado DawgDefenderDesertA
Bugs BunnyAttackerForestA
Bellboy GossamerDefenderTasmaniaA
Barkeep SheepdogSupportDesertA

Tier B

Yodel Le PewAttackerSummitB
Witch LezahSupportSpaceB
Witch HazelAttackerAvalooneyB
Winter BugsAttackerSummitB
Waiter ElmerSupportCityB
Tasmanian She-DevilDefenderTasmaniaB
Sylvester Jr.SupportCityB
Siegfried ElmerDefenderAvalooneyB
Sea Goin’ SamAttackerTasmaniaB
Scout Leader GrannySupportForestB
Scout FoghornDefenderForestB
Ronin CanastaAttackerForestB
Prizefighter DaffyDefenderTownB
Police Dog HectorDefenderTownB
Photographer SylvesterAttackerTownB
Outlaw FoghornAttackerDesertB
Outback DawgAttackerTasmaniaB
Nasty CanastaAttackerDesertB
Mr. SamDefenderCityB
Monster TweetyDefenderAvalooneyB
Kitty KettySupportWB StudiosB
Henery HawkAttackerFarmB
Gridiron GossamerDefenderTownB
Farmer PorkySupportFarmB
Elmer the SureAttackerAvalooneyB
Egghead the KnowingAttackerAvalooneyB
Egghead Jr.SupportFarmB
Daffy DuckAttackerForestB
Curator PorkySupportTasmaniaB
Cupid ElmerSupportForestB
Cowboy SylvesterDefenderWB StudiosB
Chef PorkySupportTownB
Chauffeur PorkySupportCityB
Chamberlain PorkySupportAvalooneyB
Cannoneer CanastaDefenderTasmaniaB
Bugs the BraveDefenderAvalooneyB
Baseball BugsAttackerTownB
Archon ElmerDefenderSpaceB

Tier C

Yosemite SamAttackerDesertC
Wile E. CoyoteAttackerDesertC
Road RunnerSupportDesertC
Ralph WolfAttackerFarmC
Raider LolaAttackerTasmaniaC
Officer YosemiteSupportTownC
Miss PrissyAttackerFarmC
Lola FrostbaneSupportSummitC
King Bugs BunnyAttackerAvalooneyC
Jester BugsAttackerAvalooneyC
Foghorn the InvincibleDefenderAvalooneyC
Flamenco PrissySupportWB StudiosC
Farmer PetuniaAttackerFarmC
Elmer FuddDefenderForestC
Elf Daffy DuckSupportWB StudiosC
Cowgirl GrannySupportWB StudiosC
Barber BugsSupportTownC

Tier D

Zoot Suit DaffySupportCityD
Wildcard WolfAttackerDesertD
Western Type HeroAttackerWB StudiosD
Van WileAttackerDesertD
Valkyrie BugsSupportAvalooneyD
Treasure Hunter TweetySupportTasmaniaD
Trapper SylvesterAttackerSummitD
Tourist DaffySupportSummitD
The Flaming SuccotashAttackerCityD
Sylvester the BrashAttackerAvalooneyD
Sylvester SlaszloAttackerWB StudiosD
Starseeker LolaAttackerSpaceD
Star-Pharaoh MarvinSupportSpaceD
Speedy GonzalesAttackerDesertD
Speedskater CoyoteAttackerWB StudiosD
Space Explorer GrannyAttackerSpaceD
Space CadetSupportSpaceD
Show Biz DaffyAttackerWB StudiosD
Show Biz BugsSupportWB StudiosD
Sheriff PorkySupportDesertD
Settler GrannySupportDesertD
Scrooge Yosemite SamAttackerWB StudiosD
Scout SylvesterAttackerForestD
Scarlet PumpernickelAttackerAvalooneyD
Scarecrow SylvesterSupportFarmD
Salesduck DaffyAttackerTownD
Royal Page CoyoteSupportAvalooneyD
Rocket SylvesterSupportWB StudiosD
Rocket CoyoteAttackerWB StudiosD
Revenant Road RunnerAttackerDesertD
Reindeer Road RunnerSupportWB StudiosD
Ralph the VampireAttackerWB StudiosD
Queso BanditoSupportWB StudiosD
Professor PrissySupportTasmaniaD
Picador Sylvester Jr.AttackerWB StudiosD
Phantom Le PewAttackerCityD
Pepe Le BardSupportAvalooneyD
Outlaw SylvesterSupportDesertD
Officer PrissyAttackerTownD
Ninja RalphAttackerForestD
Mountain Man SamAttackerSummitD
Merlin SamAttackerAvalooneyD
Master SpeedyAttackerAvalooneyD
Masked AvengerAttackerDesertD
Marvin FuddAttackerForestD
Martian BugsAttackerSpaceD
Mail RunnerAttackerCityD
King DaffyAttackerAvalooneyD
K’Chutha Sa’amDefenderWB StudiosD
Joe MondayAttackerCityD
Huntsman PorkyAttackerSummitD
Hunter Yosemite SamAttackerForestD
Henery HikeAttackerTownD
Handmaiden GrannySupportAvalooneyD
Grand Duke SylvesterAttackerAvalooneyD
Fishercat Sylvester Jr.SupportForestD
Duck DodgersAttackerSpaceD
Dread Pirate PenelopeTasmaniaD
Dr. DawgsteinSupportWB StudiosD
Don HeneryDefenderCityD
Daffy HoodAttackerAvalooneyD
Cowboy BugsAttackerDesertD
Contender SylvesterDefenderTownD
Conqueror TazDefenderDesertD
Climber GrannySupportSummitD
Black Knight SamAttackerAvalooneyD
Bellboy DaffySupportTasmaniaD
Bat-Suit WileAttackerCityD
Astronaut SylvesterDefenderSpaceD
Astronaut HectorAttackerSpaceD


Now that you have the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem Tier List, use it to select the best characters in the game. If you need Tier list for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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