Lords Mobile Codes – August 2021

Lords Mobile Codes

Lords Mobile Codes are an easy and free way to gain rewards. To help you with these codes, we are giving the complete list of working Codes for Lords Mobile. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to use and redeem these codes step by step. So let’s begin!!

We regularly update all latest game codes. You can check them out in our PC and Mobile Game codes section.

What are Lords Mobile Codes?

Lords Mobile Codes are a set of promo codes released from time to time by the game developers. These codes make your gaming journey fun and interesting. When you redeem the codes you get  materials, boosts, gold, vip points, incinerator, shields, and braveheart as rewards.

Using these rewards you can purchase different items. You can easily upgrade your game character and level up your game skills. As a result, you can survive for a longer time in the game and can score higher to reach the top of the leader board.

Lords Mobile Codes 2021 [ACTIVE+EXPIRED]

Here you will find an updated and working list of codes to get free rewards. Our list includes both active and expired codes. Expired codes will make sure that you don’t have to waste your precious time trying them in the game.

If you find that any of the codes are not working, do let us know in the comment section so that I can add them to the list of expired codes.

Active Codes

Vx888Redeem this code and get the reward

Redeem this code and get x2 Speed Up Training(3 h), x2 50,000 Gold
LM001 Apply this code and get x10 Incinerator Medals, x6 Braveheart, x3 100 VIP Points, x10 Speed Up(10 m), x10 Speed Up Research(10 m), x10 Food(150K), x10 Stone(50K), x10 Ore(50K), x10 Timber(50K), x10 Gold(500K) (New players only)

Expired Codes

There are tons of expired codes, but you don’t need them because you can’t redeem them. So we are not going to list them here

VERGEWAYRedeem this code and get x5 Speed Up Training (3h), x1 [Rare]Material Chest, x5 Speed Up Research (3h), x1 50,000 Gold, x1 150,000 Ore, x1 150,000 Timber, x1 150,000 Stones, x1 500,000 Food, x1 Relocator, x1 Speed Up (3h), x1 2,000 Energy, x5 100 VIP Points (Valid until June 30th, 2021 (GMT-5))
gcwwsuRedeem this code and get the reward
YfwpqpRedeem this code and get the reward
IGG15THRedeem this code and get x1 Speed Up Research (15h), x1 Speed Up Training (15h), x3 Speed Up (15h) (Valid Until June 7th, 2021)
SAINTSEIYARedeem this code and get the reward (Valid until May 31st, 2021 (GMT-5))
CHADRA5Redeem this code and get x1 Speed Up Training (15h), x500 VIP Points, x2,000 Gems, x1 Speed Up (24h)
ALICE5Apply this code and get the reward
SHANE5 Apply this code and get x2000 Gems, x500 Vip Points, Army DEF boost (50%)
JOAN5 Apply this code and get x2,000 Gem, x1 500 VIP Points, Army ATK boost
WESLEY5 Apply this code and get 2,000 Gems, 500 VIP Points, x1 Speed Up(15 h)
ZDU3G7A6 Apply this code and get the reward
LM648 Apply this code and get x10 Shield(8 h), x3 Speed Up Training(8 h)
LM101  Apply this code and get x1000 Gem, x1 Braveheart, Guild Quest Scroll, Admin Quest Scroll, Shield(8h), Anti Scout(8h), x10 Speed Up Research(10m), x10 Speed Up Construction(10m)
SHWPC7WB  Apply this code and get the reward
VSVUUBYS  Apply this code and get x1 Speed Up Training(15 h), x1 Training boost(10%), x1 Shield(8 h)
3N7YUXV6  Apply this code and get x1 Speed Up Research(15h), x1 Research boost(10%), x1 Shield(8h) (Valid until November 13th, 2020)
EARN717656  Apply this code and get x10 Incinerator, x1 Braveheart, x3 100 VIP Points, x10 Speed Up(10 mins), x10 Speed Up Research(10 mins), x10 Food(150K), x10 Stones(50K), x10 Ore(50K), x10 Timber(50K), x10 Gold(500K)
14567823  Apply this code and get x1 Shield(8 h), x3 Speed Up Training(8 h)
JPF5EJ  Apply this code and get the reward
2ER92T8Y  Apply this code and get the reward
R9QZSS  Apply this code and get the reward
Z3PQ5Z  Apply this code and get the reward
2DWECS4D  Apply this code and get the reward
6XEK34RJ  Apply this code and get x1 Shield(8h), x1 Speed Up(15h), x1 Build Boost(10%) (Valid until November 7th, 2020)
VCDV33  Apply this code and get the reward

New codes will be added to the list as soon as developers release new codes. So keep visiting this post to get new codes regularly.

How To Redeem Codes To Get Rewards?

You have to redeem the codes to get the rewards. But for that, you need to know how to redeem these codes. The game developers have not provided the process to redeem codes. So, just follow the below steps to redeem codes in Lords Mobile.

Step 1: Go to https://lordsmobile.igg.com/gifts/

Step 2: Just enter your Igg id or your player name.

Lords Mobile Codes

Step 3: Copy the code from the above list and paste it in the box. You can also type the code manually.

Step 4: Just click on the redeem button and then on send code to receive rewards. You will get your reward in a few seconds and will be displayed on your screen.

Note: Sometimes the codes are case sensitive. So make sure to enter the codes as they are listed. Otherwise, you will not get the reward.

Game Description

The true Emperor has fallen. We need a real hero, a true Lord who can unite the Kingdoms. Recruit heroes from various backgrounds, from dwarves and mermaids to dark elves and steampunk robots, and assemble your army in this magical world! Fight and conquer to establish your empire!
※Game Features※
◆Build Your Own Kingdom◆
Upgrade buildings, conduct research, train your troops, level your Heroes and lead your Kingdom well to prosper!
◆Utilize Troop Formations◆
4 different troop types, and 6 different troop formations for you to choose from! Plan your lineups, take advantage of the counter system, and pair your troops with the right Heroes! Perfect your strategy to defeat your enemies!
◆Powerful Heroes Await◆
Create a strong team of 5 Heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign! Let them lead your kingdom to glory as war generals!
◆Forge Alliances◆
Join a guild to fight alongside your allies! Ride into war together to conquer various exhilarating events: Guild Wars, Kingdom Versus Kingdom battles, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars, Darknest Invasions, and much more!
◆Clash Online with Global Players◆
Brawl with millions of players from all over the world, and defeat those who stand in your way! Seize the throne and rule over all!
◆Animated Battles◆
Experience the thrill of war as your armies clash in beautiful 3D graphics! Watch as your Heroes unleash their skills and harness their mystical power!


So, now that you have codes and the process to redeem them, use the codes to get free and exciting rewards. These codes lists have all the active and expired codes for you to try.

Codes are released by the game developers for every new season. We will add them to the code list as soon as they are available. If you need codes for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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