Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List | Weapons And Class

Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List

Are you looking for Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List that has all the weapons and class ranking.

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Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List | Class

This is the list of class.

Class Tier A

Ranger  Role: DPS & Support | Job: Hunter | Weapon: Throwing Blade and also Handgun
Spellsword  Role: DPS | Job: Warrior | Weapon: Greatsword and also Rod

Class Tier S

Enchanter  Role: Healer & Support | Job: Cleric | Weapon: Book and also Throwing Blade
Gladiator  Role: DPS | Job: Warrior | Weapon: Greatsword and also Shield
Gun Knight  Role: DPS & Support | Job: Gunner | Weapon: Handgun and also Shield
Gunslinger  Role: DPS & Support | Job: Gunner | Weapon: Handgun and also Throwing Blade
Paladin  Role: Tank | Job: Knight | Weapon: Shield and also Book
Rogue  Role: DPS | Job: Hunter | Weapon: Greatsword and also Throwing Blade

Class Tier A

Cleric  Role: Healer & DPS | Job: Cleric | Weapon: Book and also Rod
Guardian  Role: Tank & DPS | Job: Knight | Weapon: Shield and also GreatSword
Spellcaster  Role: DPS | Job: Wizard | Weapon: Rod and also Book
Warlock  Role: DPS & Healer | Job: Wizard | Weapon: Rod and also Book

Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List | Weapon

This is the list of weapons.

Weapon Tier SS

Civil Cannon  Type: Handgun
Courage Forsa  Type: Greatsword
Crystal Book  Type: Book
Gambanteinn  Type: Rod
Heil Ribe  Type: Throwing Blade
Infinity Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Metro Noah Book  Type: Book
Metro Noah Shield  Type: Shield
Valheit Book  Type: Book
Valheit Shield  Type: Shield

Weapon Tier S

Chaos Break  Type: Greatsword
Estray Cannon  Type: Handgun
Haley Veil  Type: Book
Len’s Keyboard Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Thanatos Cannon  Type: Handgun
Valheit Rod  Type: Rod
Welt Knight  Type: Shield

Weapon Tier C

Gravita  Type: Throwing Blade
Hazyism Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Infinity Blade  Type: Greatsword

Weapon Tier B

Ancient Sword  Type: Greatsword
Argent Cannon  Type: Handgun
Crystal Shield  Type: Shield
Estreia Blade  Type: Greatsword
Fiorel Cannon  Type: Handgun
Hatsune Miku Megaphone Sword  Type: Greatsword
Hell Flare Shield  Type: Shield
Infinity Rod  Type: Rod
Mechanical Life  Type: Handgun
Mobile Shield Special  Type: Shield
Mobile Throwing Blade Special  Type: Throwing Blade
Sacred Rod  Type: Rod

Weapon Tier A

Aqua Aura Blade  Type: Greatsword
Argent Blade  Type: Greatsword
Electron Rod  Type: Rod
Ellis Shield  Type: Shield
Fiorel Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Granada Heart Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Hell Flare Blade  Type: Greatsword
Kaito Drum Shield  Type: Shield
Land Grease Blade  Type: Greatsword
Land Grease Rod  Type: Rod
Lindworm Fang  Type: Throwing Blade
Metrono Cannon  Type: Handgun
Picatrix  Type: Book
Sacred Edge  Type: Throwing Blade
Solital Ein  Type: Book


Now that you have the Magatsu Wahrheit Tier List, use it to customize your inventory.


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