Megaman Zero Cheats

Megaman Zero Cheats

Megaman Zero Cheats help you to progress in the game quickly. We are giving working cheat codes for MEGAMAN ZERO for our fellow gamers. By using these cheat codes you can get free items, rewards, and secret gifts. We will also tell you how you can redeem these cheat codes in MEGAMAN ZERO. So stay tuned and just keep reading!

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What Are Megaman Zero Cheats

Megaman Zero Cheats are a great way to boost your gaming progress. These codes help you to get rewards and secret gifts.

Using these rewards you can easily upgrade your game and character. Thus you will get a head start in the game when compared to other gamers.

Megaman Zero Cheats List

Below we are giving you the list of all cheat codes.

All Elves Unlocked:

  • 9CF4C3FB FE74884D
  • 248D848D 4D5B8468
  • 0DFD1FEC 862D7CD3
  • BF4EAF91 9998DDEA
  • F7270DC6 25FBDEE4

Unlimited Health:

  • E9BC0B64 FA33DC80
  • D387DC17 1278F15C

Maximum Speed:

  • 8D50556B 00000000
  • AFC2678B 93F66B86

Moon Jump:

  • BDA65F34 AF5A7B09
  • DE1EA88C 3A5234B2

Walk Through Walls:

  • 71ACC6D0 8EFFF437
  • 8D332A2F F1F85838

Mega Man Zero Master Code Gameshark

  • C2497B68 D5B35DA8
  • CBEEDD47 7361F305
Always S Rank BDA65F34 AF5A7B09
Have All Elements and Weapons B12FB491 4113C141
Unlimited Crystals BDA65F34 AF5A7B09
Unlimited Dash B641E5CB 34791837
Max Weapon Stats AB8F9ADC F850A2D5
Unlimited Retries 0D2BDA74 67D86A61
Max Health FEB11AAB CB1CFE41
Play Timer At 0:00 01569AE5 D8E498B4

Megaman Zero Cheats – CodeBreaker

Sub Tanks Full:

  • EDD3AEB4 20B3

Have All Weapon Skills Maxed

  • 02A9D2A1 A9CD
  • 28B9E2B4 AB85

Quick Weapon Change:

  • 693C2FB9 B388
  • 9647D34E 04F3

Press A for Moon Jump

  • 89C98422 EE67
  • BC16A17A EE22

Unlimited Fall Recovery

  • FC7469BA 7666
  • DC6449AB 746A
  • D6A058A3 7E2E
  • EC34A959 6602
  • FCB12AB3 3CAF

Freeze Enemies:

  • 7954AC39 CA4E
  • ADD82533 FD68

Bosses are Weaker

  • C9B82EB3 BFAE
  • 166790AA AE47

Press Select & R to access the Trans Server

  • C9041F4B 15B8
  • ADB064B3 7C2E

Have all Cyber Elves

  • 086D414D D5B5
  • 7D7FAFB9 A8CB

Unlimited Cyber Elves

  • FC34EBBA 2EA2
  • 57A3FEA0 2985

All Cyber Elves Fully Grown

  • ED172D38 7823
  • 7D7FAFB9 A8CB

Mega Man Zero Master Code Code Breaker

  • 9B1DF0F0 B854
  • 66B03AB3 F58C
  • 5D0CCC2D 680E
Invulnerability A6D37271 3AEF
Unlimited Health 7375FFBB 0ECB
Max Health 59A9AEA3 8F8D
Max Speed 580E890B EF08
Unlimited Retries 482609A9 F20A
Unlimited Crystal DCE10AA7 3487
Web Proof 96C3F222 2EE7
Unlimited Dash 68176B39 1A8B
Stop Task Timer ACB32397 96AB
Play Timer is set at 0-00 FC14293A FE22
Level S 42EA78A5 794C
Have Sub Tanks 524FBB2F AFC9
Have All Weapons & Elements 038BD625 A1C1


Now that you have all working cheat codes for the game just use them to get in game items. More codes will be added to the list when they are released in the future. If you need cheat codes for any other game, let us know in the comment section.


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