7 Best Metal Detector Apps For Android 2021

metal detector apps
metal detector apps

Metal Detector Apps: Have you ever dreamed of finding something unusual underground or on a sandy beach? I bet you’ve seen people walking on horoscopes and towers on the sea with these cool metal detectors and wondering what it looks like and what you can actually find.

If you are sure that you will love and appreciate this process, no matter what you discover, you can buy a metal detector. Don’t worry if you are new to this sport – we’ve got a list of the best metal detector apps. View all metal detector apps and choose the one that best suits your needs.

However, if you still don’t know if it is affordable for everyone, you can turn your Android phone into a metal device. Also, if you already have a catcher, your smartphone might come in handy. With the apps we’ve found and chosen, you can easily enjoy or speed up your tracking game.

Top 7 Best Metal Detector Apps

We are giving you the list of 7 best metal detector apps for android and iPhone to try on your smartphones.

1. Metal Detector App by Horizons Aviations Ltd.

This app is designed to detect iron and steel in the ground and sand. The perfect blend to spend some free hours on the beach while your friends and family want to relax and go fishing.

metal detector apps

Imagine for a second you were taken to Earl’s karmic world. It is easy to use and works like a dream. This is one of the best metal detector apps for android and iPhone.

Download Metal Detector App by Horizons Aviations Ltd

2. Metal Detector Smart tools co.

Metal Detector is an app that uses the built-in magnetic sensor on your Android phone. In general, if there are no close elements that influence the readings, then the magnetic field strength is about 49 μT (micro Tesla). Even the presence of small metal objects can increase this value.

You can use almost anything related to cables, tubes and metals. The app is very easy to use: to turn the sensors on, direct your phone to the sky and move it as if you were making a big number 8 using your phone. Help calibrate the necessary sensors and start the party.

The creators of this app also say that many ghost hunters enjoyed it.

Download Metal Detector Smart tools co.

3. Scanner For Body Apache Selection

This is one of the most easy to use metal detector apps in app store.

If you are designing and repairing parts, use our metal detectors and scanners to determine if there is a wire mark on our wall. Also, this app is perfect for travelers: you can check your metal clothes and luggage before checking in at the airport.

metal detector apps

4. Rayyan Metal detector App

There is nothing new here, this app can easily detect metals. How often are you late because you couldn’t find your keys? Just use this metal detector app and find all your tiny metal objects.

Download Rayyan Metal Detector App

5. Netigen Tools

This app has a beautiful design and interface. Again, it works with the same sensor and detects changes in the magnetic field.

All you have to do to start searching is to launch the application, move your device, and where the magic begins: you will start to see the changes in the small Teslas mini.

This special metal detector app cannot discover gold, silver, or copper coins. These metals are classified as non-ferrous metals that do not have a magnetic field. If you are looking for one of the best metal detector apps for android and iPhone, go for this app.

Download Netigen Tools

6. Gold & Metal Detector HD Appsprouch

This is one of the best metal detecting apps.

This app not only helps in finding metals but also gold. Did you lose an earring somewhere behind the sofa? Or did your engagement ring slip while cleaning the house? Don’t worry: With this app you can quickly find your lost belongings in a jiffy.

All apps use the same metal detector sensor, but there is a little bit of a secret and it also allows you to discover jewelry. Maybe you will find a treasure chest in the garden, who knows? I highly recommend this app for detecting metal.

Download Gold & Metal Detector HD Appsprouch

7. RZTech Metal Detector App

This amazing metal detector app can detect iron, gold, and silver. This is great for people who collect coins. I bet you can find foreign coins during your stay or for sightseeing.

metal detector apps

Some people use metal tools to collect coins from popular tourist sources, do you see that? However, I do not recommend taking risks unless your phone is waterproof!

Download RZtech Metal Detector App

Bottom Line

So if you have a true spy soul, finder, and collector, testing metal detector apps can be a great idea. And if you still don’t mind spending a lot of money on specific devices and real devices, all apps on this list are free. You never know until you try!

Promise to keep all these treasures safe and secure!


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