Milfy City Linda Walkthrough And Guide

Milfy City Linda Walkthrough And Guide

Our Milfy City Linda Walkthrough And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Milfy City Linda. Let us look at the Milfy City Linda Walkthrough And Guide so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.


Milfy City Linda – First Steps

Morning Find her in the Living room
Afternoon Ask Bob for money 3 times (different days), you will unlock working with Linda
Night Find her in her bedroom
Morning Find her in the Living room, then go to her bedroom and interact with the book (Shelve)
Evening Use the spy cam on bathroom
Night Go to her bedroom
Morning Find her in the Living room
Morning Go to the Kitchen (you will unlock Liza’s House & Liza & Yazmin Route)
Next morning Go to her bedroom and sneak on her
Afternoon Do the cleaning job at her office
Morning Go to her bedroom
Afternoon Go to her office
Night She will be in your room, click on her
Morning Go to her bedroom and tell her to came again (do it several times until you unlock all the scenes)
Evening Find her in the kitchen
Night Go to her bedroom
Morning Talk to her about last night fight
Afternoon Go to her office
Night Go to her bedroom
Morning Talk to her (her bedroom)
Evening Go to her bedroom again
Afternoon Go to her office, if she is still busy keep trying. Do the cleaning job, click on the car and choose what ever you want
Morning Talk to her (her bedroom)

Bob’s office

Morning Go to Bob’s office > meet zuri > meet bob > ask for a job > ask for the magnetic card > ask zuri for the magnetic card > Bob cabin > red jaguar > car keys > Open the car and take the red diary > put back the car key
Afternoon Go to Bob’s office > click the bookcase (near the headless statue) > use the red diary > find something on the 2nd shelve (gap) > Sit on his chair > diary on the tabe > Click the number (Doc Left corner 4 times) > Ask bob for money = You have unlocked work at Bob’s office
Morning Ask Zuri about Bob trip (Unlock Zuri & Suri Path)
Morning Talk to Linda about the trip and buy red wine
Friday Click on bed > Weekend event > Linda weekend event > up to you
Night; Her bedroom, choose Wake 
Morning Go to her bedroom
Afternoon Talk to Bob in his bedroom, and repeat it every day until you run out of options
Evening Meet her and Sata in the Kitchen
Morning Talk to Bob and also to Linda
Morning Meet her in her bedroom 2 days in a row
Afternoon Work for Linda
Morning Talk to Zudy
Morning Talk to the principal (2) and click on the door
Afternoon Talk to Bob (trip)

Milfy City Linda – Endings

Night Go to sleep to start the Linda Event

Linda Event – Beach

BeachBag = 38$Cliff jumpingBuy an ice cream at the beach shop and give it yo herMassageClick on her, at night go to her bedroom and click on the chair(You need 2 secret cards > Secret Cards Locations)Living room > Bedroom > Bed > bathroom > Living room > (morning) Living room > Bathroom (click Linda) > Living room (clik Linda)  
Morning Go to her bedroom
Afternoon your bedroom
Night Her bedroom
Morning Her bedroom
Night Go to sleep to get the last scene


Now that you have the Milfy City Linda Walkthrough And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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