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Monster Sanctuary Blob Statue Locations

Our Monster Sanctuary Blob Statue Locations is useful for all the gamers who want to play Monster Sanctuary. Let us look at the Monster Sanctuary Blob Statue Locations so that you can get the blog key and the location of statues, blob locks, monuments, and other important game items.


Mountain Path (1-21) (138-139)(234)

1.(3x Blob)
DJ. Require Double Jump, Normal Chest[Shield]
2.(2x Blob,1x Magmapillar),(2x Magmapillar,1x Rocky)
3. Normal Chest[Cestus, Kunai], Break Wall Chest[Vital Ring], Levitates Chest[Hide]
5. Normal Chest[Bracelet, Gauntlet, 2x Copper]
6.(3x Vaera), Levitates Chest[Diadem]
7.(2x Magmapillar,1x Rocky),(2x Blob,1x Rocky), Normal Chest[Orb, Morning Star]
8. Normal Chest[Impact Ring,3x Phoenix Tear], Cut/Burn Vine Chest[Red Gem, 150 G]
9.(3x Rocky), Normal Chest[Bandana], Break Wall Chest[Skill Resetter]
10.(3x Magmapillar), Cut/Burn Vine Monster & Chest (3x Catzerker) [Walnut]
11.(2x Blob,1x Catzerker), Normal Chest[Crit Ring]
12. Normal Chest[100 G], Break Wall Path < Bottom Left >
13. Normal Chest[Helmet]
14.(2x Catzerker,1x Magmapillar)
15.(2x Yowie,1x Vaera)
16.Normal Chest[Tome,2x Potion]
17.(2x Yowie,1x Catzerker), Normal Chest[Shell,Ribbon],Double Jump + Levitates Chest[Gauntlet+3]
18. Old Buran fight.(3x Blob), \ Champion Steam Golem /
19. \ Champion Monk / ,Normal Chest[Sustain Ring]
20. Normal Chest[Ocarina, Wizard Hat], Fire Orb Chest[Pandora’s Box], Water Orb Chest[2x Potion]
21.(2x Vaera,1x Catzerker)138. Double Jump + Levitates
139.(3x Yowie), Normal Chest[Mana Ring+3]

*This place can be access from Map<5> with Double Jump + Levitates / Spawing Obstables*
234. (3x Manticorb) , Normal Chest[Harp]

Keeper’s Stronghold, Keeper’s Temple (22-35) (66)

23.Normal Chest[Staff]
24.Normal Chest[Hide+1]
27.Monster Donate
31.Fight previous Champion for 5 star.
34.Home[3x Small Potion, Brooch]
35.Normal Chest[Skill Resetter, Cape]

66. Duel Circle, Novice (LV 12 – 3x Bronze),Seeker (LV 14 – Skill Potion),Lancer (LV 18 – Skill Potion *I actually click too fast and didn’t see clearly what the reward is*) , Ranger (LV 25 – Shift Stone)
IA. Infinity Arena, can challenge when you’re Keeper Seeker.
OA. Online Arena, can access when you’re Keeper Lancer.

Blue Caves (36-64) (235)

(Monster Tanuki has 3% chance of appearing randomly in battle starting from here.)36.Will,Leonard, (2x Tengu,1x Grummy)
38.Special Chest[Blue Cave Key], Break Wall Chest[Bracelet+1], Levitates/Switch Chest[250 G]
39.(2x Grummy,1x Tengu)
40.(3x Tengu),(2x Fungi,1x Grummy), Normal Chest[Katar],Double Jump Chest[Cape+2],Double Jump/Levitates Chest[Ribbon+2], Ground Switch Chest[Corn], Normal Chest from MAP<57>[Bracelet+2]
42.(3x Fungi), Normal Chest[Vital Ring+1], Break Wall Path <43>
43. Normal Chest[Vital Ring+2]
44. Leonard, (2x Fungi,1x Tengu), Normal Chest[Red Gem, Cestus+1]
45. Levitates + Cut/Burn Vine Chest[Shell+2], Double Jump Chest[4x Copper,3x Cotton]
46.(2x Monk,1x Frosty), Normal Chest[Belt+2]
47.(2x Frosty,1x Tengu), Special Chest[Double Jump Boots] *Double Jump Chest will be refer as Normal Chest from now on*
48.Normal Chest[Hazelnut, Bronze]
49.(2x Fungi,1x Monk)
51.(2x Monk,1x Grummy), Special Chest[Blue Cave Key], Normal Chest[Green Gem]
52.Special Chest[Blue Cave Key], Normal Chest[Sustain Ring+2]
53. Alchemist, \ Champion Minitaur /
54.(3x Frosty)
55.Normal Chest[Hazelnut]
56.(2x Tengu,1x Grummy)
57. Normal Chest[Pear, Level 10 Badge], Break Wall to access MAP<40>
58. Normal Chest[Feather+2], Break Wall Chest[Fang+1]
59.(2x Frosty,1x Monk)
DR. Dark Room, either go blindly or come back with Dark Room Vision, Normal Chest[Diadem+3]
62.(2x Monk,1x Grummy), Ground Switch + Move Block Chest [Diadem+2], Swimming Chest[Shift Stone]*You get Swimming later in the game*
63.Bex, Lightning Orb Chest[3x Combo Potion], Earth Orb Chest[Tome+3]
64.\ Champion Specter /, Normal Chest[Scroll]

Talk to Will at <32>, then go to <65> at Keeper’s Tower for \ Trainer Battle /.

65. Duel Circle, Novice (LV 12 – 3x Bronze),Seeker (LV 14 – Skill Potion),Lancer (LV 18 – Skill Potion *I actually click too fast and didn’t see clearly what the reward is*)

235. Normal Chest [Crystal Shard , Shift Stone] , this area can be access with Improved Swimming. (You won’t have Improved Swimming by the time you reach here so come back later)

Stronghold Dungeon (66-98) (116-117)

67. Jail, Normal Chest[Grapes], Ground Switch Chest[Crystal Shard], Break Wall into MAP <68>
68. Normal Chest [Katana]
69.(2x Crackle Knight,1x Grummy)
70.Julia, Normal Chest(Corn)
71.(2x Nighwing,1x Crackly Knight)
72. Improved Levitates Chest [Switch Stone] (You won’t have improved levitates by the time you reach this place so come back later.)
73.(2x Crackly Knight,1x Nightwing), Normal Chest(2x Bronze)
74. Lightning Orb Chest[Mass Potion]
75. Normal Chest[500 G]
76.(2x Grummy,1x G’rulu), Break Wall Chest[Blue Gem], Move Block Chest[2x Iron]
78.(2x G’rulu,1x Grummy), Open path to Blue Caves, Normal Chest from MAP<95>
79.(2x G’rulu,1x Crackle Knight)
80.(2x Mad Eye,1x Crackly Knight), Levitates Chest[2x Iron]
81. Normal Chest[Mass Potion, Morning Star+2]
82.(2x Mad Eye,1x G’rulu)
83.(3x Mad Eye) , Dark place lead to MAP<84>
84. Normal Chest[Skill Potion]
85.(2x Toxiquus,1x Mad Eye), Normal Chest[Corn, Hazelnut, Gauntlet+2]
87. Special Chest[2x Stronghold Dungeon Key], The Blob Statue do nothing in current version.
88.(3x Toxiquus), Dark Spot Top Left Chest[Drum]
89. Operate Switch counting from the right 2`3`2`4`2`3`5`1`2`3`4, Normal Chest[Wizard Hat+2]
90. Will.
91. Normal Chest[Hazelnut]
92. \ Champion Beetloid /
94. Black spot at the right Chest [Red Gem], Break Walls into MAP <95>
95. Break Wall Chest[3x Reward Box LV 1], follow the path pass MAP<77> to get chest[Crit Ring+3] at MAP<78>.
96.(3x G’rulu), Ground Switch/Move Block Chest[Green Gem]
97.(2x Toxiquus,1x MadEye)
98. Vallalar, \ Trainer Battle /Talk to Will at <32>, then go to <99>.

116. Drop down from <115>
117.Lightning Orb to open path, Normal Chest[Skill Resetter]

Ancient Woods (99-137)

99.(Magmamoth, Druid Oak, Magma Pillar), Normal Chest[Grapes]
101.(2x Druid Oak,1x Magmamoth), Normal Chest[Green Gem]
102.Normal Chest[2x Level 10 Badge], Break Wall into MAP<103>
103.Normal Chest[Sustain Ring+3]
104.(2x Nightwing,1x Molebear), Normal Chest[Hazelnut]
105.Break Wall Chest[Corn]
107.(2x Magmamoth,1x Druid Oak),(Magmamoth,Molebear,Druid Oak), Normal Chest[Red Gem, 2x Iron]
108.(2x Magmamoth,1x Magmapillar)
109. Tree of Evolution, Name Changer, Special Chest[Ancient Woods Key]
110. Switch Order: Blue`Red`Blue`Red(Right)`Blue`Green`Blue`Red`Blue`Red(to get the chest)`Same Red(after geting the chest)`Green`Green(right)`Red`Green(right)`Blue(bottom)`Yellow`Blue`Green`Red. Special Chest[Ancient Woods Key], Normal Chest[Corn, Tome+2]
111.(3x Molebear), Cut/Burn Vine Chest[2x Wool],Levitates Chest[2x Iron],Wall Break into <112>.
112. Normal Chest[2x Mass Antidote]
114.(2x Nightwing,1x Molebear)
115.Normal Chest[2x Combo Potion]
116. Drop down from <115>
117.Lightning Orb to open path, Normal Chest[Skill Resetter]
119.(2x Molebear,1x Nightwing), Normal Chest[Cocoon]
120. Dark Room Chest[Pear]
121.(3x Druid Oak)
122.(2x Goblin Brute,1x Goblin Hood), (2x Goblin Warlock,1x Goblin Hood), Normal Chest[500 G]
123.Alchemist-Ostanes \ Trainer Battle /, (2x Goblin Hood,1x Goblin Warlock), Normal Chest access from MAP<124> [Claw+2]
124.(2x Goblin Hood,1x Goblin Brute), Lightning Orb Chest[2x Hazelnut], Top left to access MAP<123> Normal Chest.
126.Dark Room Chest[2x Bronze]
127.(2x Glowfly,1x Nightwing),(2x Glowfly,1x Molebear)
128.(3x Glowfly), Normal Chest[Blue Gem,Crystal Shard]
129.Enkindles Torches Chest[2x Potion, Skill Potion]
131.(2x Goblin Warlock,1x Goblin Brute)
132.Special Chest[Ancient Woods Key]
133.(Goblin Brute,Hood,Warlock)
134.Ostanes, \ Champion Goblin King / , Normal Chest[400 G, Cape+3]
135.(2x Goblin Brute,1x Goblin Warlock), Normal Chest[2x Smoke Bomb]
136.Fire, Water, Lightning and Earth Orb to Open Path to <137>
137. \ Champion Raduga /Talk to Eric and Ostanes in Jail <67>, go to <138> (see Mountain Path MAP)

138. Double Jump + Levitates
139.(3x Yowie), Normal Chest[Mana Ring+3]

Snowy Peaks (140-170)

140. Old Buran.
141.(2x Ice Blob,1x Yowie), Break Wall Chest[Strawberry],Normal Chest access from <142> [2x Wool], Levitates Chest access from <142> [Hide+3]
142.(2x Mogwai,1x Yowie),(2x Ice Blob,1x Mogwai), Normal Chest[Blue Gem,Red Gem,2x Hazelnut], Break Wall top right to access <141> Chest.
143.Normal Chest at the right[Corn], Break Wall Chest[Belt+3]
144.(3x Mogwai), Normal Chest[Green Gem]
145.(2x Caraglow,1x Mogwai)
146. Dark Room Chest[Skill Potion]
147.(2x Ice Blob,1x Caraglow), Levitates Chest[Almond]
148.(2x Ice Blob,1x Crystal Snail), Normal Chest[2x Iron],Break Wall Chest[Bracelet+3],Ice Orb Chest[2x Leather]
149.(2x Crystal Snail,1x Mogwai), Earth Orb Chest[Verdant Gem]
151.(3x Aurumtail), Normal Chest[Mass Antidote]
152. Mogwai Ice Orb Chest[2x Mango]
153.(2x Mogwai,1x Caraglow), Normal Chest[Bandana+3]
154.(2x Aurumtail,1x Crystal Snail)
155.(2x Caraglow,1x Aurumtail)
156. Levitates Chest[Leather], Levitates top right to <157>, when fall back down, break the wall at left chest[Crimson Gem]
157. Normal Chest[Scepter]
159.(Megataur,Caraglow,Crystal Snail), Normal Chest[Skill Resetter], Top left Levitates Chest[Azure Gem]
160.Normal Chest[Scroll+3]
161.Clothes Maker, first time she require Raw Hide which give you Warm Underwear to swim in cold water, second time she require 1 carrot to give evolution item to Minitaur.
162.(2x Megataur,1x Crystal Snail), Lightning Orb Chest[Strawberry]
163.Normal Chest[Level 15 Badge], Levitates + Break Wall Chest at right [Helmet+3]
164.(Megataur,Aurumtail,Caraglow), Levitates top right Chest[Almond], below it Chest[2x Iron], Warm Underwear Chest[Orb+3], Ground Switch open path to <165>
165.Water Orb Chest[Wizard Hat+3], Normal Chest at the top[Raw Hide], Break bottom left Wall to <166>
166.Normal Chest[Combo Potion,2x Wool,Level 15 Badge]Give Raw Hide to Clothes Maker and proceed.

167.Dark room + Levitates Chest[Claw+3, Carrot]*You need to Levitates Blindly*
168.Move Block Chest[Bronze], Swimming Monster and Chest (2x Megataur,1x Aurumtail)[Shift Stone,Skill Potion] *You get Swimming later in the game*
169.Oracle, \ Champion Akhlut / , Normal Chest[Carrot]
170.Break Wall Chest[Verdant Gem]

Sun Palace (171-199)

(Monster Tanuki has 15% chance to appear in this place instead of 3% chance)171.Caretaker,(3x Imori),(2x Blade Widow,1x Imori), Normal Chest[Verdant Gem, Azure Gem]
172.(2x Imori,1x Ninki Nanka), Levitates top right Chest[Sun Stone]
173.Bex, Mount Time Switch Chest [Coat+4]
174.Normal Chest[Skill Potion]*Can only get after 2nd raise*
175.(2x Vasuki,1x Ninki Nanka), Water Orb Time Attack Chest[Cestus+3]
176.(2x Vasuki,1x Blade Widow),(2x Ninki Nanka,1x Vasuki),Drop down from top left and use Levitates for the left switch, then use Ground Switch to access the Normal Chest[2x Almond, Crimson Gem]
177.(3x Blade Widow), Normal Chest[2x Wool]
178.(2x Vasuki,1x Blade Widow), Lightning/Earth Orb Chest[Red Gen,Green Gem,Blue Gem]
179. First Water Drain Chest[2x Iron, Level 20 Badge, Carrot, Phoenix Tear], Second Water Drain Chest[Reward Box LV 1]
181.(2x Imori,1x Ninki Nanka), Goblin Hood Fire Orb Chest[2x Leather], Mogwai Ice Orb Chest[Bandana+4]
182. I had no idea how this puzzle work, pull last switch for 1st raise and head back to <174> for 1st water drain.
183.(2x Kame,1x Vasuki)
184.(2x Kame,1x Sycophantom), Normal Chest[Level 20 Badge], Switch Time Attack require 2nd Water Drain.
185.(3x Sycophantom)
186.Switch Time Attack Chest[Crimson Gem]
187.(2x Sycophantom,1x Kame)
188. Pretty Straightforward Puzzle, make space to jump to the top, pull left/right switch and then another.
189.\ Champion Qilin /, (3x Ninki Nanka), pull switch for 2nd raise and head back <174> for 2nd water drain.
190. Normal Chest[Crystal Shard], Break Wall + Move Block Chest[Vital Ring+4], Blob Statue does nothing in the current version.
191. Move Block Chest[2x Smoke Bomb]
192.(2x Kame,1x Imori)
193.Break Wall at right to access <194>
194. Normal Chest[2x Mango, Bronze]
195. Normal Chest[Skill Resetter, Monster Bell], Swimming Chest[Switch Stone]
196.(2x Blade Widow,1x Ninki Nanka), pull the switch for final raise and back to <174>.
198. \ Trainer Battle /
199. \ Champion Kanko / , Use fire attack on the pipe.

Horizon Beach (200-233)

Horizon Beach

200. Monster Farm
201. Normal Chest [Level Badge]
202. (2x Ucan, 1x Vaero), (2x Dodo, 1x Ucan)
203. (2x Dodo, 1x Vaero) , Improve Levitates Chest [Rare Seashell] [Shift Stone]
204. Normal Chest [Reward Box lvl 2]
205. (2x Brawlish, 1x Ucan)
206. Old Man by the Sea (Memorial Ring)-[Reward Box lvl2], (2x Brawlish, 1x Toxiquus), Improve Swimming Chest [Belt+4]
207. Normal Chest[Level Badge], Improve Swimming Chest[Rare Seashell]
208. (2x Koi, 1x Thornish) , (2x Thornish, 1x Koi), Wall Break Chest [Big Potion] ,Improve Swimming Chest [Crystal Shard]
209. (2x Ucan, 1x Dodo) ,(2x SilVaero, 1x Vaero), Normal Chest [2x MonsterBell] [Crit Ring+4] can reach top by stepping on the opened gate.
210. (2x Thornish, 1x Brawlish), Improve Swimming Chest [Crimson Gem] [Skill Potion] one behind a hidden wall.
211. Swimming Time Racing Chest[Rare Seashell], Ice Skill + Push Block Chest [Azure Gem]
212. Normal Chest [Level Badge]
213. Warp Point,(2x Kongamato, 1x Dodo), Normal Chest[Verdant Gem]
214. (2x Kongamato, 1x Vaero), (2x Thornish, 1x Ucan), Wall Break Chest[1000G], Improve Levitates Chest [Shell+4], Normal Chest [Bronze] [Reward Box lvl 2] [2x Smoke Bomb]
215. (2x Kongamato, 1x Silvaero), Normal Chest [Carrot] [Gauntlet+4]
216. Nothing.
217. Bex-[Switch Stone], (2x SilVaero, 1x Kongamato), Improve Flying Chest [Skill Potion] ,Normal Chest [Silver Feather] evolve item for Vaero.
218. Fisherman(5 Rare Seashells)-[Fishing Rod], Normal Chest [Reward Box lvl 2]
219. Normal Chest [Rare Seashell] Access from <214> or Improve Swimming from <212>
220. (2x Brawlish, 1x Nautilid)
221. (2x Nautilid, 1x Toxiquus)
222. Normal Chest [Azure Gem] [Diadem+4]
223. Julia and Three Switch
224. Nothing
225. Normal Chest [Phoenix Tear]
226. (2x Ucan, 1x Brawlish)
227. Leonard(Improve Levitates), Access from <231> Chest [Moon Sword]
228. (2x Nautilid, 1x Thornish)
229. Normal Chest [Rare Seashell] , hidden wall at top which access to 231 > 227 Chest.
230. Diary, Normal Chest [Memorial Ring]
231. Nothing.
232. (3x Nautilid), Normal Chest [2x Combo Potion],
233. \ Julia Trainer Duel /-[Skill Potion], \Champion Elderjel/, Normal Chest [2000G], Special Chest [Sanctuary Token]

Magma Chamber (235 – 273)

Magma Chamber

235. Nothing
236. Goblin Trader(Shop for Skill Potion,Switch Stone and Shift Stone)
237.(2x Goblin Miner, 1x Glowdra), Normal Chest[Level Badge]
238. Diamond Blocks Chest[Grey Pearl] /You can destroy diamond block with goblin miner/
239.(1x Glowfly, 1x Goblin Miner, 1x Glowdra)
240. Runestone(Find Will at Keeper’s Library to help,Teleporter Stone next room)
241. Teleporter Stone
242. Normal Chest[Raw Hide]
243. Dark Room Vision Chest[Silver]
244. Normal Chest[Verdant Gem]
245. \ Bex Duel /-[Skorch Egg]
246. (2x Goblin Miner, 1x Salahammer), Puzzle Chest[2x Steel]
247. Nothing
248. (2x Goblin Miner, 1x Draconov)
249. Top Left Breaks Walls Chest[Skill Potion], Normal Chest[2x Mass Potion]
250. Nothing
251. (2x Glowdra, 1x Glowfly), Normal Chest[2x Almond]
252. Normal Chest[Mango]
253. Normal Chest[2x Bronze], Bridge that require Riding
254. (2x Salahammer, 1x Lava Blob)
255. (2x Draconov, 1x Glowdra),MiddleRight Improved Flying Chest[Volcanic Ash]-Evolve Item for Glowfly, BottomLeft Chest[Kunai+4]
256. Special Chest[Runestone Shard]- Bring this back to Will to unlock new path
257. Breaks Walls Chest[1000 G]
258. (3x Lava Blob)
259. (2x Draconov, 1x Dracogran),BottomRight Improved Flying Chest[Bracer+4]
260. (2x Dracogran, 1x Draconov), Special Chest[Magma Chamber Key]
261. (1x Lava Blob, 1x Salahammer, 1x Draconov),Normal Chest[Azure Gem], Bridge that require Riding
262. Diamond Block Chest[2x Silver]
263. (2x Lava Blob, 1x Salahammer), Normal Chest[Crimson Gem][Silk]
264. \ Rhazes Duel /-[Reward Box LVL 2] , Rhazes become a shop after this.
265. (1x Draconov, 1x Glowdra, 1x Dracogran)
266. Normal Chest[Silver]
267. Normal Chest[Raw Hide]
268. (2x Salahammer, 1x Lava Blob), Creates Obstacle Chest[Omni Ring],Normal Chest[2x Steel]
269. (2x Lava Blob, 1x Dracogran), Normal Chest[Needle+4]
270. Riding Chest[2x Leather]
271. (2x Dracogran, 1x Draconov)
272. Top Normal Chest[Staff+4], Bottom Normal Chest[Silk]
273. Will, \ Champion Asura / , Special Chest[Sanctuary Token]


Now that you have the Monster Sanctuary Blob Statue Locations, use it to get all in game items and location. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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