Mythic Manor Jessa Walkthrough (v 0.16)

Mythic Manor Jessa Walkthrough – v 0.16

Our Mythic Manor Jessa Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Mythic Manor Jessa. Let us look at the Mythic Manor Jessa Walkthrough so that you can unlock all scenes, levels, Villain and Hero routes.

Level Up

  1. Pre Levels (steps required to start Jessa’s route):
    1. 1st: MooMoo Acres Outside (Morning/Afternoon) – Knock door
    1. 2nd: Garden (Afternoon) – Ask Esther about MooMoo Acres
    1. 3rd: Garden (Afternoon) – Talk Esther > Go MooMoo Acres with her
    1. 4th: MooMoo Acres Outside (Afternoon) – Talk Olive
    1. 5th: MooMoo Acres Outside (Morning) – Enter the door
  2. 1st Level: MooMoo Acres Barn (Afternoon) – Talk to her > Interested in Job
  3. 2nd Level: Servix (Night) – Enter Servix
  4. 3rd Level: MooMoo Acres outside right (Morning) – Talk Jessa
  5. 4th Level: MooMoo Acres Barn (Afternoon) – Enter the door

Extra Content

  1. Milk > Cassidy (MooMoo Acres – Morning – Requires lvl1): Just talk to her and click start
  2. Milk > Jessa (MooMoo Acres – Morning/Afternoon – Requires lvl5): Just talk to her and click start
  3. Pre Pregnant (MooMoo Acres – Morning/Afternoon – Requires lvl5 & Not Pregnant): Do it
  4. Pregnant (MooMoo Acres – Morning/Afternoon – Requires lvl5 & Pregnant =  yes): Do it


All the extra content actions = scenes


Now that you have the Mythic Manor Jessa Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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