New World: “Lag detected” fix

New World:

There are many who have problems with the “lag dectected”, where the message comes up and you get disconected and sent back into the long queue. From what we have found so far is that all of us who have the problem have one common denominator and that is our network provider. In Sweden those providers are Ownit/Telenor. I imagine this there is others whith this issue in other countries also.

I tried all the other methods where you Open ports, restart routher, verify game files etc. All of them, none worked.

Until the devs fix this issue with the different internet providers the only work around for me was using a VPN. Fot some only torrented VPNs work, however for me “Nord VPN” worked just fine.

Im not encouraging anyone to torrentt or use Nord VPN over any other. Im just informing you this worked for me.

Have fun out there

By G†sus


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