New World: Performance Fixing

New World: Performance Fixing

Few tweaks and fixes for New World.


As you might of heard, New World is killing GPUs yet again, let’s try to stop a bit of death.

Download a software called: MSI Afterburner.

What you want to do is lower the power draw from 100% to 90%.

Put your fans on max, for best temps.

Now onto main game.

For the most stability, low settings on everthing has stopped crashes in high density mob areas.

– Effects detail: very high

– Lighting details: high

– Object details: very high

– Post processing: high

– Shadow details: low

– Terrain effects: medium

– Texture effects: high

– Water effects: very high

– V-Sync: off

– Player Nameplate: 2

– Dynamic resolution scaling: off

– Analytics reporting: off (found in Preferences)

These should be a good baseline for pretty much every card, from 1660 to 3090s.

As an extra: New World Server status + Queues.

Good luck, if anymore fixes and tricks are found they will be updated.


Turn off Nvidia Instant Replay

To turn off Nvidia Instant Replay:

1. Press Alt+Z

2. Click on the Instant Replay block

3. Set it to OFF

Turn Off Windows Background Recording

To turn off Background Recording:

1. Go to your Windows 10 settings menu

2. Select Gaming

3. Select Captures from the left

4. Turn of Background Recording from there

– By MommySciku


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