Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough

Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough

Our Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough is useful for all the gamers who want to play Nightshade. Let us look at the Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough so that you can unlock all routes and also bad and good endings.

In the game there are two endings, good ending and the bad ending. You can unlock both the endings in the game. To do this, first select the good ending. After this, reach the chapter 4 and save the game. Now select the bad ending.


Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough – Good Ending

Reach chapter 4 using the common route. Now select Goemon Ishikawa’s route for the good ending.

  • Prologue:
    • I should make preparations
  • 1st chapter:
    • I’m glad we get to work together
  • 2nd chapter
    • You’re leaving me here?
    • Goro
    • Keep quiet
    • Main Street
    • I’ve never had such good dessert before
    • Try to resist
    • Bow deeply in silence
  • 3rd chapter:
    • Bukemachi
    • All right
  • 4th chapter:
    • I’m sorry
    • But…
  • SAVE > 1st Save

Goemon Ishikawa’s Route

  • 5th chapter:
    • I’m fine here
    • Residential District
    • Main street
    • Fushimi castle, Main gate
  • 6th chapter:
    • I don’t think I can play a good wife
  • 7th chapter:
    • I feel shy
  • 8th chapter:
    • You’ll make a wonderful husband
    • That doesn’t change the fact that it hurt
  • 9th chapter:
    • You’re coming with me
  • 10th chapter:
    • Having you stroke my head
  • 11th chapter:
    • I believe we’re destined
  • 12th chapter:
    • Meet his eyes
  • 13th chapter:
    • Is it really a pain killer?

Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough – Bad Ending

Load the Save and replay the game from chapter 4 for the bad ending

  • Load 1st Save
  • 5th chapter:
    • Let’s go to the dessert shop
    • Fushimi castle, Main gate
  • 6th chapter:
    • I don’t think we’d be convincing
  • 7th chapter:
    • Stop teasing me
  • 8th chapter:
    • You’ll be a good father
    • Don’t force yourself to laugh
  • 9th chapter:
    • That’s unlike you
  • 10th chapter:
    • Sleeping in the same room as you
  • 11th chapter:
    • I’ll be waiting
  • 12th chapter:
    • Look away
  • 13th chapter:
    • Is it poison?


Now that you have the Nightshade Goemon Ishikawa Walkthrough, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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