Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Invincible Dodge Tank Build [Any Mythic]

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Invincible Dodge Tank Build [Any Mythic]

With a whopping 9 classes this super dip heavy build can achieve saving throw and AC values beyond the bounds of what is reasonable. With some of hints and tips included alongside the build that really make it shine you will find yourself never getting hit and succeeding on every saving throw.

The Build

The core of the build is posted below in table format for anyone who wants a quick overview before we get into the specifics of why we pick what we pick and why we do it in this order.


RaceHalf-Elf [Kindred-Raised]

Charisma         21 [+2/+2]


LevelClassImportant Class FeatureFeat Choice
1Oracle 1Nature – Nature’s WhispersWolf-Scarred CurseCombat Expertise
2Scaled Fist 1Bonus Feat – Dodge 
3Stigmatised Witch 1Lizard FamiliarIceplant HexCrane Style
4Paladin 1Smite Evil 
5Paladin 2Divine GraceLightning Reflexes
6Scaled Fist 2Bonus Feat – Blind Fight 
7Instinctual Warrior 1Focussed RageImproved Lightning Reflexes
8Instinctual Warrior 2Cunning Elusion 
9Arcane Enforcer 1Wooden Flesh Arcanist ExploitCrane Wing
10Vivisectionist 1Strength Mutagen 
11Vivisectionist 2Cognatogen – CharismaCrame Riposte
12Hellknight 1Smite Chaos 
13Sword Saint 1Chosen Weapon – BiteDazzling Display
14Sword Saint 2  
15Sword Saint 3Arcane Accuracy OR Wand wielderShatter Defenses
16Sword Saint 4  
17Sword Saint 5Magus Bonus Feat – Power AttackDreadful Carnage
18Sword Saint 6Prescient Attack 
19Instinctual Warrior 3 [Free slot]
20Instinctual Warrior 4Guarded Stance 


Nature’s Whispers Oracle gives charisma to AC (replaces dexterity)

Scaled fist gives charisma to AC again meaning you get double charisma to AC and evasion (no damage if you reflex save on fireball and similar spells)

Stigmatised Witch gives +5 AC with the iceplant ring in act 1 and provides a second bite attack, great universal dip

Paladin gives you charisma to saves and smite evil

Instinctual Warrior gives wisdom to AC and rage [requires you to become non-lawful at the level up screen]

Vivisectionist 2 cognatogen gives +4 charisma and +2 AC which is great given how powerful charisma has become with this build

Wooden Flesh exploit gives you mind affecting immunity and +2 AC while active

Hell Knight gives you smite chaos which stacks with smite evil on the same target

Sword saint with chosen weapon bite is active no matter what you equip because of the wolf-scarred curse and gives +6 AC with 22 intelligence (achievable with buffs). Prescient attack lets you target flat footed AC vs annoyingly tanky enemies

In the end you can easily end up with AC values above 100 and will be nearly untouchable. Saving throws will also be extremely high. Double smite (chaos and evil) allows you to destroy nearly any boss by leveraging your charisma into even more AB, AC and saving throw buffs against that target.

By Bavarian Bionicle


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