15 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 (2021)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

Photo Viewer For Windows 10: The Windows Photo Viewer has many issues of its own. Double click on the image and it takes a while to load. Also, it can only process RAW and JPEG images. But you have no idea what PSD refers to.

However, there are only a few editing tools that do very well but are rarely preferred anyway. However, there are better options that outperform Microsoft’s images. This is a list of the best photo viewer for Windows 10.

How to set a default photo viewer?

Please note that installing a third-party photo viewer for Windows is not enough. To do this in Windows 10 go to the search bar and type default. Then go to the app’s default settings> Pictures. You can now select any photo viewer for Windows as the default photo viewer.

Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Below is the list of 15 best photo viewer for windows.

1. JPEDView (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

JPEdView is a fast and highly configurable image viewer and editor and editor that handles JPEG, WEBP, TGA, TIFF, and GIF images with the lowest GUI.

This image viewer has a built-in image file browser and fast editing tools like complexity, color balance, rotation, perspective, contrast, and local data. In addition, you can arrange a slide show of multiple photos in one folder.

2. ImageGlass (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

ImageGlass is an amzing small photo viewer for Windows 10. The advanced UI of the device compared to other viewing apps is mind blowing.

You can combine different photo editing software and different file formats. For example, I can merge PSD with Photoshop. So whenever you choose to edit PSD, it opens in Photoshop.

It supports almost all types of files formats. Formats such, GIF, BMP, JPG TIFF, WEBP, and others are supported by this app. You also have the option to view images as a slideshow.

3. FastStone Image Viewer (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

Faststone Image Viewer is another lightweight photo viewer with multi-language support. It has a slide show option with a lot of attractive transition effects.

Above all, it has video and audio playback. It supports a multi-screen setup which would be useful if you are working with a large number of images. Alternatively, you can use the mobile version that works without installing the mobile version. This tool also has a black theme to support Windows black theme.

You can share your work with emails. The files formats supported by this app are TIFF, ICO, MP3, RAW, etc.. However the navigation speed of this tool is slow. Also, thumbnails do not generate that fast.

4. Phototheca (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

Phototheca is a complete computer program for organizing, editing, and sharing photos. This will make it easy to view, sort, and edit all the photos and videos you find on your computer.

It provides a lot of tools that allow you to optimize your photos and images with minimal effort. The program includes face recognition using artificial intelligence technology to facilitate image management and can also arrange smart albums for you.

Searching for images based on keywords, names, dates, notes, years, Saturdays, etc. makes it a powerful and easy-to-use search. It can detect and remove any duplicates on your computer automatically to save valuable space.

5. XNView (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

With previous support only for Unix, XNView is now also available as a Windows 10 Photo Viewer. It is not only a photo viewer but also a photo editor and administrator. XnView is a powerful program that supports different languages.

XnView supports scripts to rename files in one jump. Aditionally, you can use basic editing tools to resize, crop, rotate, and add tons of effects. You can also edit bitmap images, which is a rare feature. XNView has a very big file format base. Format like BMP, PNG, and JPG are supported by this tool.

6. IrfanView (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

IrfanView is our favorite of the best Windows 10 Image Viewer. The program is completely lightweight and supports a large base of graphics file formats.

IrfanView is suitable for better performance. In addition to viewing photos, it also contains some additional tools. For example, it has OCR that supports “reading” text in an image and exporting it in an editable format.

In this tool you can color correct images and add watermarks and some different filters. Files for mats such as Tiff, Jpeg, JP2, PPM, OGG, PBM and others are supported by this tool. This image viewer can easily edit RAW images.

However the user interface of this tool is not that easy to use. Also, surfing folders van be time consuming.

7. FocusOn Image Viewer (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

The only prominent feature in Focus On Photo Viewer is the built-in editor. If you have used Adobe LiteRoom 2015, the editor format is the same. It has a graph with different sliders to adjust brightness, RGB, values, contrast, evolution, etc.

You can also view and delete EXIF ​​data and rename files in batches using the standard filename format. It also has a built-in photo editor. Using this image viewer you can share your images on different social media platforms. You can also share your images via email.

8. Freshview (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

FreshView is a program that allows you to keep everything as simple as possible. There are many benefits to using such a program. For example, FreshView supports approximately 86 different file formats, including audio and video formats.

Freshview allows you to listen music, watch and edit movies and view photos in the form of a slideshow.

9. JPEGView (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

The main feature of this image viewer tool is the fast editing option. Therefore, the bottom portion is loaded with a preview bar with sliders to adjust brightness, color, and contrast.

It has a built-in image file browser. Extensive editing tools are easily accessible on the preview page. You can also arrange a slide show of multiple photos in one folder. This image viewer also has many editing tools. However it does not support EXIF data and the print button is not present.

10. HoneyView (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

HoneyView is an amazing image viewer for Windows 10. This image viewer is very simple to use. This Windows Photo Viewer is similar in features and functionality to Honey wave, but it does support some additional image formats, such as GIF and more.

You can easily resize your images with this image viewer. You can easily edit photos by attaching a link to Photoshop. This image viewer supports file formats such as GIF, PSD, JPG, and more. However there are no inbuilt editing tools in this image viewer.

11. 123 Photo Viewer (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

123 Photo Viewer is a fast and easy-to-use app that can help you view and manage motion pictures. You will be able to view and manage images without having to manage a complex user interface.

As such, it will allow you to perform basic photo editing tasks and includes many filters that you can use to make quick and easy adjustments.

12. Apowersoft (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

Apowersoft is more beautiful than other programs that you can get for free.
In fact, it aims to provide a light, smooth, and fast experience that does not overwork the processor.

For those without the most powerful computer setup on the market, an image viewer designed to increase the light on your processor may require you to edit and view existing photos.

The program also makes it easy to take screenshots of what you are editing or watching, allowing you to easily share photos with friends, family, and subscribers.

13. Fast Picture Viewer Pro (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

Fast Picture Viewer Pro fully supports 4K and 5K screens and automatically reaches the correct resolution. It provides the ability to use full-screen format and works better to delete your photos in its class for faster and more efficient deletion.

Fast Picture Viewer Pro is also able to work on low-spec devices because it effectively uses the 64-bit power nature of your computer to display the next picture online.

So, when you go to the next image, this image will appear on the right side of the screen. It is the ideal plugin for Adobe Light room and many other similar systems because it allows you to quickly preview images before importing and editing them.

14. ACDSee Ultimate (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

With ACDSee Ultimate, you can easily view photos and quickly access the tasks needed to edit them. You can use the mouse or keyboard command to move, rotate, enlarge, and enlarge the photos.

What makes ACDSee Ultimate one of the best image viewer in Windows 10 is that it allows you to view files in zip archives without having to extract them. You can use it to make some basic photo adjustments, like exposure, color, contrast, and red-eye improvement.

15. Windows Photo Viewer (Photo Viewer for Windows 10)

image viewer for windows 10
image viewer for windows 10

Previously known as Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, it was later named Windows Photo Viewer. Regarding Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced it with an updated version of Photos worldwide.

However, the developers have not deleted it from the system. However, for this to work, you will need to modify registry keys. I don’t recommend replacing them manually.

The user interface of this app is very simple. But editing photos in this app may reduce quality of images. Also this app does not support GIFs. This app supports file formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP.

Bottom Line

That is it. We have tried our level best to give you best photo viewer for Windows 10. Do let us know in the comment section your favorite photo viewer for Windows 10.


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