Project Zomboid Traits Guide

Project Zomboid Traits Guide

Our Project Zomboid Traits Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Project Zomboid. Let us look at the Project Zomboid Traits Guide so that you can have a look at all the traits and rewards.


Project Zomboid Traits – Positive Traits

Adrenaline JunkieDesensitized  8: You move faster when panicked
Athletic Overweight -10: You can run faster and also for longer
Brave Cowardly -4: You won’t become as panicked as usual
Cats Eyes2: Better vision at night
Dextrous All Thumbs -2: -50% Item transfer time
Eagle Eyed Short Sighted -6: You can see further, also wider view
Fast Healer Slow Healer -6: +20% faster injury recover time
Fast Learner Slow Learner -6: +30% more xp gains
Fit Athletic -6: +2 Fitness (not speed)
Fast reader Slow Reader -2: +30% faster book reading time
Graceful Clumsy -4: You can get closer (-60% noise)
Inconspicuos conspicuos -4: -50% chance to be spotted
Iron Gut Weak Stomach -3: -50% chance of food illness
Keen Hearing Hard of Hearing -6: You can hear from farther
Light Eater Hearty Appetite -4: You will need less food (-25%)
Low Thirst High Thirst -4: You will need less Water (-50%)
Lucky Unlucky -4: You will find more rare objects, also harder to get hit
Organized Disorganized -6: +30% capacity for all containers
Outdoorsman2: weather effects don’t affect you, also better orienteering
Resilient Prone to Illness -4: You will resist disease, also zombification better (70%)
Speed Demon Sunday Driver -1: More speed for vehicles
Stout Feble, Weak -6: You Push stronger (+2 melee), also +25% Carry capacity
Strong Feble, Weak -10: You Push stronger (+4 melee), also +40% Carry capacity

Project Zomboid Traits – Occupation Traits

Amateur Mechanic mechanic: Can repair all vehicle types without having to read any recipe magazines
Axe Man lumberjack:  Faster axe swing, also x2 speed breaking through doors
Burglar burglar: Can hotwire vehicles and has less chance of breaking the lock of a window
Cook Chef /burguer flipper: Knows how to cook
Desensitized Veteran: Immune to panic
Night Owl Security Guard: Requires little sleep. Stays extra alert when sleeping
Nutritionist Fitness Instructor: Allows the player to see the nutritional values of any food, even those that aren’t packaged

Project Zomboid Traits – Hobby Traits

Sewer (-4) +1 Tailoring
Self Defense Class (-6) +1 Blunt, also +1 Blade Guard
Runner (-4) +1 Aiming, +1 Sneaking, also +1 Trapping
Hunter (-8) +1 Sprinting
Hiker (-6) +1 Foraging, also +1 Trapping
Herbalist (-6) Gains the ability to find medicinal herbs, make poultices from them and identify poisonous berries and mushrooms
Handy (-8) +1 Blunt, +1 Blade Maintenance, +1 Carpentry, +100hp to all constructions, also Increases building speed 11%
Gymnast (-5) +1 Lightfooted, +1 Nimble
Gardener (-4) +1 Farming
Former Scout (-6) +1 First Aid, also +1 Foraging
First Aider (-4) +1 First Aid
Cook (-6) +2 Cooking, knows all the cooking recipes without having to read
Brawler (-6) +1 Blunt accuracy, +1 Blade accuracy
Baseball Player (-4) +1 Blunt Accuracy
Angler (-4) +1 Fishing
Amateur Mechanic (-5) +1 Mechanics, can repair standard and heavy-duty vehicles 

Project Zomboid Traits – Negative Traits

Negative traits 1/2

Agoraphobic Desensitized +4  You will get panicked when outdoors
All Thumbs Dextrous +4  +400% item transfer time
Asthmatic+5: 40% increase in running endurance loss, also 30% increase in swing endurance lost.
ClaustrophobicDesensitized +4- You will get panicked when indoors
Clumsy Graceful +2: Zombies can hear you from farther (+60% noise)
Conspicuous Inconspicuous +4: +100% Chance of being spotted
Cowardly Brave +2: You will become panicked easier
Deaf Hard/Keen Hearing +12: Can’t hear sound
Disorganized Organized +4: -30% capacity for all containers
Emaciated Low strength, low endurance and prone to injury
Feeble Stout & Strong +6: You Push stronger (-2 melee), also -25% Carry capacity
Hard of Hearing Keen Hearing +2: Smaller perception radius and hearing range
Hearty appetite Light eater +4: You need to eat more (150%)
Hemophobic Desensitized +3: Panic when performing first aid on self, cannot perform first aid on others, gets stressed when bloody
High Thirst Low Thirst +6: +200% water consumption
Hypochondriac +2 You can develop infection symptoms without beeing infected
Illiterate Fast Reader/Slow Reade +8: Can’t read books

Negative traits 2/2

Out of Shape Athletic +6: -2 Fitness
Obese Athletic +10: Reduced running speed, very low endurance and also prone to injury
Overweight Athletic +6: Reduced running speed, low endurance and also prone to injury
Pacifist +4 Less effective with weapons (-25%)
Prone to Illness Resilient +4: You will resist disease, also zombification, worse
Restless Sleeper +6 Slow loss of tiredness while sleeping
Short Sighted Eagle Eyed +2: Smaller view distance, also narrwer view
Sleepyhead Wakeful +4: 30% more sleep required
Smoker +4 Stress and unhappiness decrease after smoking tobacco
Slow Healer Fast Healer +6: Recovers slowly from injuries and illness
Slow Learner Fast Learner +6: Character gains 30% less Xp
Sunday driver Speed Demon +1: The very slow driver
Slow Reader Fast Reader +2: Read books 30% slower
Thin-skinned Thick Skinned +6: Carries heightened risk of infection
Underweight Obese +6: Low strength, low endurance and prone to injury
Unfit Athletic +10: Very low endurance, very low endurance regeneration (-4 Fitness)
Thin-skinned Thick Skinned +6: Carries heightened risk of infection
Thin-skinned Thick Skinned +6: Carries heightened risk of infection
Unlucky Lucky +4: You will find less rare objects, also easier to get hit
Very Underweight Obese +10: Very low strength, very low endurance and prone to injury
Weak Stout & Strong +10: You Push stronger (-5 melee), also -40% Carry capacity
Weak Stomach Iron Gut +3: Higher chance (100%) to have food illness


Now that you have the Project Zomboid Traits Guide, use it find all the traits and related rewards. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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