Radiohead Roblox ID – September 2021

Radiohead Roblox ID

Radiohead Roblox ID are the best song codes in Roblox that you can play while you are in Roblox. These Roblox music codes make your gaming journey more fun and interesting.

In the game there are many Roblox Radiohead ID Codes that you can use to play your favorite song in background while playing Roblox. Here in this article we are going to see a few of the music Id’s that you can use. We will also tell you how you can apply them in the game.

Best Radiohead Roblox ID Codes

Below are all the music id codes for RADIOHEAD that you can find in Roblox.

SongRoblox ID
Radiohead – Creep2914498927
Radiohead – Paranoid Android4659060672
Radiohead – No Surprises2905219358
Radiohead – No Surprises5217864209
Radiohead – Creep (8bit)249930824
Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees2915407825
Radiohead – Exit Music2388315650
Radiohead – Karma Police5134482352
Radiohead – Karma Police4726171163
Radiohead – Exit Music (For A Film)2905196233
Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi2905127230
Radiohead – Creep + Vegetable5302897534
Karma Police + Fitter Happier – Radiohead2856024309
Radiohead – Street Spirit (Fade Out)2905252680
Radiohead – High and Dry5847348400
Radiohead – Paranoid Android2914421454
Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place5133288473
Radiohead – Creep (Marco Rigamonti Remix)158307949
Radiohead – Go Slowly434516619
Radiohead – Optimistic2915967080
Radiohead – Idioteque5303251177
Radiohead – My Iron Lung2915484244
Creep – Radiohead (Instrumental)2550925154
Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely3902640859
Radiohead – Sail to the Moon2914443233
Creep – Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover5132638726
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place5100442285
Radiohead – Nvde2914643728
Radiohead – Lotus Flower2916320270
Radiohead – Videotape2927716372
Radiohead – Burn the Witch5586373437
Radiohead – Daydreaming2904113492
Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls4310243677
Man of War by Radiohead4027339499
Radiohead – Identikit155437603
Radiohead – The Bends + Bones4597777014
Radiohead – Last Flowers165820548
Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien5213006747
Radiohead Just & Palo Alto3415553716
Radiohead – Pyramid Song2914628160
Radiohead – House of Cards2927980108
Radiohead – Exit Music For A Film3207250776
Talk Show Host – Radiohead4675384465
Radiohead – All I Need5845213430
Radiohead – Paranoid Android (Live)3340941147
Radiohead – 2+2=5 + Scatterbrain4520067168
Radiohead – There, There4681685145
Radiohead – Bloom4931300015
Radiohead – You + Anyone Can Play Guitar5376317368
Radiohead – Sulk + Killer Cars (Read Desc)5426084100
Radiohead – Let Down ####### Wave)4955226775
Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi6691803288
Radiohead – Electioneering + A Wolf At the Door4856691390
No you dont uderstand i love radiohead1255356611
Radiohead – Ful Stop4739711965
Radiohead – The National Anthem3979523839
Radiohead – Wonderwall (Parody)2915541021
Radiohead – Polyethylene & Meeting in the Aisle4726889279
Radiohead – The National Anthem5686374728
Radiohead – Decks Dark (Live)4597777755
Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien LIVE3536536700
Radiohead – Let Down4119355015
Radiohead – Palo Alto6253750667
Radiohead – My Iron Lungs5671146639
Radiohead – In Limbo + Like Spinning Plates4950271141
Radiohead – Bulletproof I Wish I Was + Black Star4908205527
Radiohead – Separator5282590721
Radiohead – Thinking About You + Blow Out4916537612
Radiohead – Staircase4880491038
Radiohead – Airbag + Paranoid Android Intro3698284340
Radiohead – Codex + Give Up The Ghost5128279613
Radiohead – The Amazing Sounds + The Daily Mail4812745294
Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong + Hunting Bears5252643925
Scratch – Creep Cover – Radiohead5661141135
Radiohead – Where I End and You Begin5137658772
Radiohead – Life in a Glass House (Full Length)5341524634
Jigsaw falling into place – Radiohead (WORKING)6879918251
Radiohead – Banana Co. + High and Dry5283532721
Radiohead – CREEP [Rock Cover]6742705330
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers + Prove Yourself5039262389
Radiohead – Present Tense4896403381
Radiohead – Permanent Daylight6424974578
Radiohead – Ripcord5193751298
Radiohead – Idioteque (Live)3756247043
Radiohead – Burn The Witch + True Love Waits5128899874
Radiohead – Sit Down. Stand Up. + Go To Sleep5027908645
Radiohead – I Will + A Punch Up At A W3ding4986689858
Radiohead – Bangers ‘n’ Mash + Feral5374194772
everything in it’s right place – radiohead6768378200
Radiohead – Motion Picture SoundSong (Solo)5416221535
Radiohead – Morning Bell + Motion Picture Soundtra4809000310
Radiohead – Pop is Dead5193790074
Radiohead – Videotape (Bonnaroo) + Faust Arp4666732424
Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates6253713559
Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien & Lull3572494811
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers6336153320
Radiohead-Creep (Gamper & Dadoni feat. Ember #####6498428649
Faithless The Wonder Boy – Radiohead6866469108
Radiohead – A Reminder + HIMMM (check desc plz)5537965055
Radiohead – Videotape 2006 Bonnaroo6295077919
Radiohead – The National Anthem (Live 2009)7092989471
Motion Picture SoundSong – Radiohead6866882866
Radiohead – Dollars and Cents + Fog (read desc)5432501601
Radiohead – Anyone Can Play Guitar (MTV MEME SONG)5198412925
Radiohead – Trans-Atlantic Drawl (2 min cut)5196806276
Ful Stop – Radiohead (DDEM)5157607306
Radiohead – Banana Co. + High and Dry (read desc)5258670301
Radiohead – Present Tense CR786295158013

What are Roblox Music ID Codes?

Roblox Music ID codes and Roblox song id codes are a ten-digit numerical codes that you can use to play sound effects, soundtrack, or narration in your Roblox game. These codes are a unique way to blend music with gaming.


The first thing that you need to integrate music with Roblox is a boombox. Without boombox you cannot play your favorite music in Roblox. There are many options of boomboxes that you can go for depending on your budget.

The most cost effective boombox is the Beat Up Super Jank Boombox. You will have to spend $250 to get this boombox. If you are willing to spend more, go for Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox. However it will cost you $1,000 dollars.

Just follow the below steps to use the music ids.

  • Enter the game. Look for the boombox or the Radio feature.
  • Copy the Music ID code from the above list and paste it.
  • Now your music will start playing.


The above steps and instructions are common to most of the Roblox games. Each and every Roblox game is created by a different developer. Therefore, it depends on game developers how the music will play.

Boombox are a thing of past and do not work well in 2021. Most of the games do not have the option of purchasing Boombox. You might need to purchase a Gamepass using Robux to use the Radio in the game.


Now that you have the Roblox ID’s, use them to play songs in Roblox games. If you want Roblox music codes for any other song, do let us know in the comment section.


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